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Chapter IV

Little Creek

Ahsoka came home carrying Barriss towards her room. Ichiro had already put the kids to sleep and was now waiting for his wife to join him in bed. She changes her daughter into her pajamas and then tucks her into bed. She is glad she took her time off so she can spend Halloween with her children.

Ahsoka making sure her daughter is tucked in kisses her on the forehead and strokes her forehead. "Goodnight Barriss, I love you."

As Ahsoka heads towards the door she hears her daughter yawning and saying something. "I love you too mommy."

This made Ahsoka very happy. She hopes to spend some more time with her daughter for next year's Halloween. "I just hope Marrissa won't add anything too scary."

Before Ahsoka makes it to her bedroom she begins sensing a disturbance in the Force. She isn't sure where it's coming from, but whatever it is it's full of rage. "I better contact Isamu and Rachel to check this out."

Unknown Island

Isamu flies out of the building dodging the attack from Katalia. He uses a Kido spell to try neutralizing Katalia's power, but it just bounces off her. "Damn, those voices are right. My Kido can't get through."

"We are strong. And this body is powerful." the voices cheered.

Isamu groans out loud. "That's sort of unfair. How am I going to knock you out then?"

"Like this!" Katalia turns around and Rachel slams her to the ground with a giant boulder. "Sorry Katalia, but that was for your own good."

"Rachel, what are you doing back here and where's Hikari?"

Rachel flies towards Isamu and hugs him. "Sorry, I had to come back. You need some help to stop her and I left your sister with Hanako. She'll be safe in the Soul Society."

They see the boulder being lifted and hear a loud growl. "Something tells me we're all safe hiding out there."

"Nice try Rachel." Katalia tossed the boulder aside. It flew through the air and landed in the swimming pool, "But you'll need to do far better than that to stop us."

Flames ignited from her boots and lifted her up into the air, "Yeah, I can fly too."

Rachel's eyes begin to glow as she creates another shield. Katalia breaks through, but Isamu uses a Kido blast to send her towards the ground.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Rachel summons more boulders, but then makes them into pillars which she has lying around Katalia.

Isamu uses a Kido spell to create chains that connect from the pillar and wrap around Katalia. Rachel then sends an energy blast at Katalia hoping it's enough to knock her out.

"Think we got her?"

Isamu shrugs his shoulders. "Not sure, but I hope Mark isn't mad that part of his place got damaged."

A loud yell filled the air, "MY HOUSE!"

"Sorry Mark!" shouted Isamu. "We'll fix it up!"

Mark emerged from the building with a large security force, "What have you done to Katalia!" he shouted up at them, "Where is she?"

For an answer the rocks and chains shattered as Katalia broke free with a roar.

"Never mind." Mark swiftly moved behind his robots.

"Sheesh, she's like that hockey mask guy from that horror movie. She doesn't stop coming." Rachel turns to her husband and narrows her eyes at him. "What?"

"This isn't a movie Isamu and I would rather take on that guy than her."

Isamu nods in agreement. "Agreed."

Katalia lifted into the air and conjured a massive orb of energy, "Take this!" she threw the orb into the air.

The orb exploded and millions of purple lasers surged from the explosion and raced directly at Rachel and Isamu.

Rachel grabs Isamu and they teleported away from the attack, but the lasers manage to pierce through her arms and her legs. When they reappeared she fell to the ground writhing in pain. Isamu checks on his wife and sees she can't fight on. He looks over and sees Katalia looking for them.

"Rachel, stay here and don't move. I'm going to hold her off." Isamu knows his wife has a healing factor, but it will take time for her to recover.

"Isamu, don't fight her. Let's just get out of here and wait for her to calm down."

Isamu knew that wasn't going to work. "I can't risk it, especially if she decides to hurt our friends to lure her out." He moves down and kisses his wife on the lips. "I'll be okay, I promise."

Isamu uses his Flash step to appear near where Katalia is and gets ready to continue this fight. "You hurt my wife. That was a big mistake."

"I am sorry for that." the voices replied, "But she stood in my way. Now unless Hikari returns to pay for her crimes I will deal with you next."

Mark by this point had assembled a small army of his forces and an air force of his drones had lifted into the sky with their leader standing on a floating platform, "Katalia I mean it, cease this at once. Isamu if you harm her I will kill you." he promised.

"I'm not trying to hurt her. I'm trying to stop her from hurting anyone." Isamu turns to Katalia and tries again to get her to stop. "Listen to Mark. Stop this right now before someone gets killed."

Katalia laughed cruelly, "Over my dead body maybe. Otherwise you die." she raised a hand and fired millions of purple darts at Isamu.


Up north in the wilderness lies a large cabin home where Rowan Roth Ishida is living with her husband, Markala. She moved out from her home and has moved in with her husband away from the cities. They wanted to live a nice, quiet, and peaceful life without being bothered by anyone.

Rowan came out to the balcony where she looked out at the night's sky. She can sense something is wrong and knows it involves her family. She wishes she could do something to help, but she knows there is nothing she can do except hope it ends without anyone being killed.

She hears someone approaching her and turns around to see it's her husband. "Sorry, did I wake you?"

"No, I sensed a powerful disturbance. My ancestors have risen from their sleep." his eyes narrowed, "One of my family is trying to murder someone. Either Marrissa has gone savage again... or my mother's blood debt is being paid."

Rowan lets out a small sigh. "Is there anything we can do to stop them?"

"No." he said firmly, "If we try to interfere it will disrupt the balance. She has to have her revenge and nothing is going to stop her."

Rowan looks on concerned. "And if someone gets killed? Like my family?"

Markala pulled her into a hug, "Then I am sorry my dear. But there is nothing we can do."

Rowan begins to cry, while Markala holds her close.

Unknown Island

Isamu continues his fight with Katalia trying to stop her. He dodges the attacks as best he can and gets grazed by the lasers. Despite getting hurt he is still holding his own and tries to find a way to stop her, but most of the ideas he came up with all result in death, and he wasn't going to kill her.

"Damn, there's got to be a way to stop her without her getting killed."

"Finally figured it out Isamu?" the voices taunted, "With this body our revenge is assured. Don't worry, once your sister is dead Talsein will soon follow."

Isamu smirks at Katalia. "I'm not worried about Talsein since he can take care of himself and trust me I can take you down in so many different ways." He turns towards Mark who is with his robots. "But I gave that man my word I wouldn't harm you. So I'll just have to find another way to stop you."

"You cannot stop us!" the voice screamed, "We are strong and your race shall pay for its crimes against us!"

Mark was carefully making a call to General Maraxus, "That suit you sent Katalia, is there an off switch?"

"Hang on, let me check my blueprints... ah yes there is one way to switch it off. The person wearing it must shut it down. Apart from that, not really."

"Okay," Mark frowned, "Thanks anyway General." he hung up, "Always should have an off switch."

Katalia flew at Isamu and slashed at him with her blades.

Isamu vanishes and appears from behind grabbing her tails then he begins to swing her around and around thirty times before releasing her. She flies across the sky, but manages to stop. She lets out another loud roar and attacks him again this time sending him towards the ground.

Isamu gets up, while coughing up blood. He looks over and sees Katalia preparing to end this fight. She summons a number of darts that Isamu couldn't count since he was still writhing in pain. As the darts flew through the air a body flung itself in front of Isamu. The darts pounded into the body and it collapsed to the floor.

Screams filled the air as Katalia rushed to the body, "Mark!"

He coughed as blood flowed from his body, "Trying to save a Soul Reaper... I must be losing my mind."

Isamu rush towards Mark where he checks on his injuries. "Rachel, you okay now?"

Rachel appears and has healed from her injuries. "Barely."

"Mind helping Mark out?"

Rachel nods and begins healing Markoneous. "Hold still, this is going to take a while."

"Get away from him!" Katalia landed beside them and waved her blades furiously, "Get back or I'll kill you!"

"Katalia calm down!" shouted Rachel while still healing Mark. "If you don't let me heal his wounds now he'll die. Do you want that to happen?"

"If he dies at your hands we will add you to our debt." Katalia swore as she stepped back.

Mark groaned, "Oh come on my dear. Enough of this. Your debt is settled."

"How do you figure that?" Katalia removed her helmet.

"You injured Rachel and Isamu while Hikari fled as a coward. The blood has been paid and your enemy humiliated. Be satisfied."

In Isamu's mind he knew Hikari didn't flee like a coward, but wasn't going to correct Mark after all they went through. "Thanks Mark for your help. Still, why did you save me? I'm thankful that you did and I owe you one, but I'm just curious on why you did it."

"Two reasons." he closed his eyes, "One, because you are the only Soul Reaper I respect. Secondly because if Katalia killed you then the war would start again, only this time the entire planet would be destroyed under the Forever Empire's wrath."

"The only wrath your empire would suffer would be mine if Isamu died." Rachel finishes healing Mark and helps him up. "Thanks though for saving my husband Mark. I appreciate it."

"No trouble at all." Mark winced, "Though next time I'll wear armor."

Hikari appears in her Soul Reaper form. "All right Katalia, let's end this once and for…I missed it didn't I?"

Isamu nods his head. "Yep, sorry sis."

Hikari puts her sword away and lets out a sad sigh. "I always miss these big epic fights."

"You," Katalia growled, "Get out of my house right now."

"Fine, I'm going to another party where I the hosts don't try to kill their guests."

Rachel sighs in annoyance. "Let me just get my purse Hikari and then we'll go."

"Fine, I was going back anyways to get my prize anyways."

Hikari and Rachel took off while Isamu speaks with Katalia. "Soooo, you're not going to kill my sister, but you're still going to hate her?"

Katalia wrapped an arm around Mark, "Of course. Just because I don't plan to murder your sister doesn't mean I have to like her."

Isamu rolls his eyes. "Well, it's a start at least. Mark, sorry for the mess."

Rachel returns and wraps her arm around Isamu's arm. "In all fairness your wife caused most of the damage than we did."

"Don't worry." Mark waved a hand carelessly, "The maintenance mechs will have this place cleaned up by the morning. But I do think we should call it a night." he smiled at Katalia, "Don't worry my dear, I'm sure you'll get to kill Talsein one day."

Katalia grinned, "I look forward to it."

Isamu turns to Rachel who rolls her eyes. "Yeah, good luck with that, see ya."

"Happy Halloween you two." Rachel leads Isamu away from Mark and Katalia as they head over where Hikari is at. "I am not coming back next year to their party."

"I figured you wouldn't." They catch up to Hikari who is holding her trophy for 'Best Halloween Costume'. "You're still taking it despite the trophy being damaged."

Hikari shrugs her shoulder. "Eh, I don't care. Oh by the way your kids called. They were wondering what all that fighting going on earlier was."

Isamu lets out a small sigh before responding. "Just tell them it was nothing and we'll see them tomorrow."

"Okay and thanks again for saving my butt." Hikari hugs both her brother and Rachel.

Rachel breaks the hug and smiles at Hikari. "Just stay away from those two for a year or two until we're sure Katalia won't come after you."

Hikari nods in agreement. "Deal, happy Halloween guys!"

She takes off leaving Isamu alone with his wife. "You know Rach, Numa won't be back for a a few more hours. Do you wanna have some fun while in our costumes?"

Rachel smiles and kisses her husband on the lips. "Sounds like fun."

As the guests departed Mark fixed his tie, "Ah, well that was quite an interesting party. Now, I have work to do my dear so I shall see you in the morning."

Katalia shook her long hair back, "I'm an Amazon for tonight, which means..." her eyes gleamed dangerously.

Mark's mouth dropped as she nodded slowly, "Oh no."

"Oh yes." Katalia licked her lips, "Come to Katalia!"

"Catch me first." he grinned and jumped out the window and started running across the beach.

Katalia dived after him, "With pleasure." she purred.

Story is over and I hope everyone like how it ended. Looks like Katalia has finally calmed down and won't go after Hikari anymore, but still will go after Talsein. Will she succeed? Who knows? I hope everyone likes how this story ends and I want to thank my friend General Herbison for his help.

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