Odd one out

Written as of; Volume 1 Chapter 13

What if one moment changed in your life? What if the zero moment that made you who you are never occurred? Your entire life, turned upside down at the toss of a coin.

"End of the line Red!"

Roman Torchwick stood in his airship, brandishing a red dust crystal and laughing maniacally. Throwing the crystal, he levelled his candy cane at the girl in the red cloaked girl on the rooftop below him and pulled the trigger.

The world exploded in fire and light as the girl bought her weapon up in front of her to protect her body as best she could, hoping it would be enough.

Her hope was founded somewhat, the crimson scythe taking the brunt of the impact and shattering at the point of impact, setting off the remaining shells contained within the weapon, rupturing the remains of the once elegant weapon outwards. The girl was thrown back by the blast, bouncing to the edge of the building before lying still.

Gathering her strength, the girl attempted to stand, her wide silver eyes bright with pain. She managed to force herself valiantly up onto one knee before her head swam.

Feeling light-headed and confused, she looked down to see a steadily increasing pool of dark liquid. Collapsing back onto her side, she turned her head to look at her adversary, who had already turned back into the ship.

Taking short, ragged breaths, the girl could do nothing more than watch as the airship took off into the sky, and just as she began to slide into unconsciousness the black fingers playing at the edges of her vision, a figure in a black pencil skirt and a white business blouse appeared in front of her and she lost consciousness.

Six months later

Throughout the shadowy halls, a sharp rhythmic clacking sound was heard, accompanied by the shuffle of many feet.

Weiss stalked through the corridors of the White Castle, her head held high and a look of defiance on her face.

The butlers scurrying behind her wisely kept their distance, not in any hurry to be on the receiving end of the heiresses' sharp tongue.

Weiss Schnee was given all materialistic wants a girl could ask for, her status as the heiress to the largest and richest company in all of Vytal did not leave her short of money by any sense.

She was well versed in the ways of the upper class, of how to hold and present oneself with grace and dignity and to pay attention to what was, or more importantly, not said in conversations.

She also held command over a team of Huntresses-to-be at Beacon academy, the best school for Hunters and Huntresses in Vale.

However, the last factor of her upbringing and education held no weight this day. Weiss Schnee; heiress to the Schnee dynasty was fleeing her family home.

Weiss stormed into the area of the castle designated as the hangar. Several airships were being serviced, but the majority of the crew were clustered around one in the far right corner of the hangar.

Weiss approached the vessel, straight into a barely contained sense of panic. The pilot hurried down the steps, and upon noticing Weiss, he rushed to meet her.

"My lady…" he began in a concerned tone, but his attempt at calming the heiress was cut short by a pair of furious cyan eyes.

"Do not even try!" Weiss stated furiously;

"I am sick of being treated like some porcelain doll!" stamping her foot furiously she continued;

"What use is my training at Beacon if I am unable to use it?"

"That is a question I cannot answer" replied the pilot,

"But my main concern is getting you out of here."

Sighing in frustration, Weiss followed the pilot up the ramp of the airship as the engines began to buzz to life. The plane roared out of the hangar, taking off into the starlit sky.

With the airship in the sky, Weiss could clearly see the lines of White fang Fauna protestors lined up outside the main gates of the Castle. Weiss felt old anger rise up inside her, reinvigorating her reservations about Faunas, but then she remembered, not all…

The airship rocked sharply as it was hit by a blow of staggering force. Weiss leaned heavily against her restraints, as loud cursing erupted from the cockpit. Weiss unbuckled herself and struggled towards the pilot, who was shouting furiously into his mike.

"I just don't know, we have no idea, does ground have any clue-" his conversation was cut off even as the response came back through his earpiece.

This time, Weiss could see the attack. A bright red slice of crescent shaped energy lanced up from the ground, striking one of the engines and sending the airship into an uncontrollable spin.

Weiss stumbled against the side of the airship, barely keeping herself on her feet before turning back to the pilot.

"My lady" the pilot said, surprisingly exceedingly calm, his white-knuckled grip on the wildly bucking control yoke giving any hint as to his barely suppressed fear.

"You must leave whilst you still can" he pressed a button on his control panel, lowering the access ramp at the rear of the ship.

"No!" Weiss exclaimed in an uncharacteristic show of concern,

"What about you?"

The pilot smiled reassuringly and patted the parachute stashed in the locker above his head.

"I'll be fine, it's you they're after"

"The back-up team from Beacon will meet you here" the pilot said, presenting Weiss with a datapad with a set of coordinates.

"Just keep moving and keep out of sight and you'll be fine. Now you should leave, before we get into any more trouble."

Weiss placed her hand on his shoulder and nodded before squaring her shoulders and throwing herself out of the airship into the inky blackness below.