Annabeth walked aimlessly around Camp Half Blood. It had been a few months since her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, has gone missing and since then things have gotten crazy.

A roman demigod, Jason Grace, came to camp. He was the son of Jupiter, or Zeus, and was Thalia's sister. He had his memory wiped, but has regained all his memories. He was tall, maybe an inch taller than Percy, landing him at 6 foot, 1 inch. He had short, roman styled blonde hair, and blue eyes, just like Thalia's. He had special powers, like Percy. He could control the winds, and thus fly. He also had power over lightning and thunder.

His best friend at Camp, Leo Valdez, was the short, elfish son of Hephaestus. He, unlike his siblings, was short, had curly brown hair, brown eyes, and he had slender fingers, to go with his slender, scrawny body. He was always was making jokes, and was currently building a ship. He had control over fire, and it was pretty scary, but very cool.

Finally, there was the gorgeous daughter of Aphrodite, Piper McLean. She tried to not draw attention to herself, so she ever wore makeup and cut her brown hair in a choppy fashion, braiding parts of it. She had kaleidoscope eyes, and the power of Charmspeak, meaning she could convince people to do things. She was Jason's girlfriend, and she wasn't very confidant, which was odd for a daughter of Aphrodite.

The three of them had gone on a quest, and had come back, telling the camp that Percy was at the roman camp, and most likely had no memories.

Annabeth couldn't stand that thought. She imagined Percy, trying to find his way around camp, not knowing who he was, or who Annabeth was. What is he falls in love with a Roman girl? Aphrodite wasn't that mean? Was she?

Annabeth fingered her owl necklace, a gift from Percy. She finally realized where she was.

She looked out at the swirling blues and greens of the lake, and she thought of Percy's green eyes. She walked out on the wooden dock, and she took off her high tops. She sat on the edge, letting her feet dance in the water. Percy used to come here to clear his head, and now it is where Annabeth seemed to end up. She could imagine him sitting here with her, their fingers intertwined. Maybe a few kisses.

But now he was off doing who knows what.

All she wanted to know was how he was doing. She needed to know she was safe. Percy had a strong demi-god scent, being a child of Poseidon. Having monsters attacking him daily, and not knowing who he was?

Annabeth shuddered, throwing her blonde hair into a ponytail.

"Hey, Annabeth," called a voice, and Annabeth whipped around to see a head full of crazy, red hair. Green eyes that seemed to glow in the late afternoon sun looked at Annabeth, and she smiled. She needed a friend right now.

"Hi Rachel," she said, trying to sound happy, but not being able to. She missed Percy, and she would give anything to see him again, and Rachel could see it in her eyes. Rachel rolled up her paint splattered jeans, and took off her flip flops. She sat next to Annabeth, letting her toes play in the soft, delicate waves of the lake.

"If you close your eyes, it's like he is still here, being his irritating self," joked Rachel, elbowing Annabeth playfully. Annabeth closed her eyes, and visualized her last day with Percy, before the crumbiest goddess of all stole him.

"Percy! Let me down!" giggled Annabeth, her blonde hair falling around her shoulders. Percy had Annabeth thrown over his shoulder, and Annabeth was hitting his back lightly. He was walking away from the campfire, which had just ended, his black hair sweeping into his gorgeous eyes. His tanned and toned swimmers body walked effortlessly, as if Annabeth weighed nothing.

"Nope," he said, his voice sending Annabeth's heart into overdrive.

"Seaweed Brain, I'm serious! Let me go! Where are you taking me!?" she said, her voice trying to remain strait, but a smile cracked over her lips.

"It's a surprise, Wise Girl," Annabeth could imagine Percy smirking at himself. He knew that Annabeth hated surprises. She love to know things, and not knowing things killed her. Blame the fact that she was the daughter of Athena. Percy walked a little bit longer, and the Cabins came into view. Annabeth imagined people looking at the two, confused faces. Everyone who knew Annabeth understood her hatred for not being knowledgeable and also she hated being picked up. Percy was playing on a fine line.

Percy was lucky that Annabeth was totally in love.

Percy dropped Annabeth, who landed on her feet. She crossed her arms, her grey eyes swirling. She tapped her foot, wondering what was going on.

"Goodnight, my darling, darling Wise Girl! I will see you tomorrow, and we can run rampant through the forest and do whatever your mind wants!" Percy planted a kiss on Annabeth's lips, and he tasted like the ocean. Annabeth placed her hands in his hair, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. When they pulled apart, Annabeth studied Percy's face; from his playful grin to his green eyes, that tossed and turned like the sea.

"So why did you pick me up, to bring me here?" asked Annabeth, giving Percy a goodnight hug. He rested his chin on her head, and Annabeth pushed her head against his chest, listening to his heart.

"'Cuz I wanted to" Percy smiled down, pulling away from Annabeth. He gave her hands a squeeze, walked her to her cabin, and then jogged off to the Poseidon Cabin, his hair bouncing.

"You are going to be happy," said Rachel, closing her eyes and soaking up the last rays of sun.

"What?" said Annabeth, looking at the strange Oracle.

"Well, yeah. You want to know how Perce is, the newbies want to know about Perce, so Apollo and me cooked up an idea. It's gonna be great," she said, a smile dancing across her face.

"Apollo and I," Annabeth corrected, "and what 'idea' did you 'cook up'?"

"You'll see, in like…. I don't know, maybe in like… 3…2…"

A bright white flash erupted, and Annabeth shut her eyes. When she opened them, she saw 12 huge thrones, a 20 foot tall person sitting in each seat. Annabeth looked around at the throne room that she herself had constructed, and she studied each God and Goddess sitting in their specific throne.

"Hello Annabeth," said her mother, Athena. She had grey eyes and blonde hair, which resembled Annabeth's.

"What is going on, Mother?" asked Annabeth. She turned to her right and saw Jason, Piper, and Leo, rubbing their heads. Looking to her left she saw Rachel, who stood there, unharmed, and a few other half bloods, including Katie Gardner, Travis and Connor Stoll, Thalia Grace, and Nico DiAngelo.

"Story time!" said Apollo, smiling down at the confused Demi Gods.

"What story?" asked Thalia, walking over to Annabeth. Thalia had spiky, black hair, and piercing blue eyes. She was the daughter of Zeus, but she became a hunter of Artemis, so Annabeth rarely sees her. She didn't bother to ask Thalia what she was doing not with the hunters; she just hugged her best friend.

"The Sun of Neptune" read Apollo, a book appearing in his hands.

"Neptune?" asked Jason, who was helping Piper off the ground.

"I figured we could read select chapters, so you guys can catch up with the Roman camp and our beloved child of Uncle P; Perseus Jackson," said Apollo, flipping through the book.

"Here we go…"