AN: Just a reminder, anything bold belongs to Rick Riordan, not me. Most of the sentences aren't exactly what is stated, and parts are skipped, but that is because it isn't a read aloud, they are watching it like a movie. So yeah. Enjoy!

On the screen, Frank obviously missed his bow; his face showed that.

"That guys wants his bow," Apollo said, "And he should. That's the best weapon,"

"Definitely," Artemis agreed.

"Did you too actually just agree on something!?" questioned Hermes.

"Shhhh!" they both hissed.

Frank stepped off the porch, leveling his golden spear. He held the spear awkwardly in his hands. Patches of flame still smoldered on the hillside. Franks nose scrunched up due to the acrid smoke. The withered grass crunched under his feet. The night was quiet.

"I feel like the jaws theme song should be playing," Thalia whispered to Annabeth, who rolled her eyes.

As he crept downhill, the fire appeared 20 feet ahead. He seemed to consider throwing his spear, but then realized he would be weaponless.

"Leo, if you were in that position you could just walk into the flame," Jason whispered to Leo.

"Dude, there are poisonous snakes with that fire," he whispered back.

"That is true…" Jason said.

He emerges in a clearing of burned grass and found himself face to face with a basilisk. The snake lifted its tale, and hissed, extending the white spikes around its neck. 'Little Crown', Iris had said.

"I thought basilisk's were giant, mythological things that petrified people," Leo whispered. Annabeth rolled her eyes, and Thalia giggled.

The monster stared at Frank, but didn't move.

"Why isn't it attacking!?" Ares demanded.

"Not everything needs to attack right away," Athena noted.

Frank's spear tipped towards the ground, and Frank strained against it.

"Yes!" Clarisse cheered.

"What?" Nico asked.

"It's about time this block head used the spear correctly," she huffed.

"Stop that," Frank said. As he fought against the spear, the other two basilisks slithered into the clearing. He walked straight into an ambush. Frank swept his spear back and forth. "Stay back!" his voice sounded a bit squeaky.

"How is this kid my brother?" Clarisse shouted.

"I've got um…amazing powers-an stuff," he said.

"Oh for the love of gods," Clarisse said.

"Clarisse-shut up!" Annabeth cried.

"Your idiot boyfriend isn't even in this scene,"

"So what!?" Annabeth fought back.

"Shhhhhhh! My kid's in the scene, so shut up both of you!" Ares grumbled.

The tip of Franks sword was practically on the ground, when suddenly his eyes lit up a little. He connected two dots together. The basilisks hissed in harmony. Frank let the spear tip drop. He drove the spear into the ground, resulting in a crack noise. When he lifted the spear, the tip was gone.

"Was it a fluke?" Thalia asked.

The ground started to rumble at his feet. Dirt spewed up everywhere, and a skeleton crawled out from the ground.

"Sweet," breathed Nico, while Hades nodded in agreement.

Shadows became the creature's clothes, making a muscle shirt, camo pants, and army boots. All of which were grey. The skeleton turned to Frank, the skull grinned beneath an expressionless grey face. Frank whimpered.

"He doesn't even know what he's got," Clarisse grumbled.

"Clarisse! Give the guy a break," Annabeth scolded.

"Kill the basilisks!" He yelped, "Not me!" The warrior leapt into action. He grabbed the nearest snake, and strangled it. A snake sprang at Frank, but he tossed it aside with the butt of his spear. The skeleton stomped the other snake under his boot. The snake leered at the two. Franks spear wasn't dissolving like his bow had.

"It's probably enchanted," Annabeth whispered, more to herself than others.

"That is one kick ass spear," Nico muttered.

"Told ya," Clarisse smugly stated.

The basilisk turned, and began to flee. The skeleton pulled something from his shirt and flung it into the clearing, impaling the snake. At first it looked like a knife, but it was a skeleton rib.

"That…that was gross," Frank said. The skeleton walked over to the basilisk, and pulled it's rib out of the animal. Then it used the rib to cut off the creatures head.

"Oh that is…weird and gross," Katie said.

"Oh, come on Katie. Surely you see this daily," Travis poked her arm. Katie stuck her tongue out at him.

The skeleton decapitated the other two skeletons, and started kicked their ashes around. "You're making sure they don't come back," Frank realized, "Or slowing them down, anyway," The skeleton warrior stood at attention in front of Frank. The poisoned hand and foot were mostly gone, and it's head was still burning. "What are you?" Frank asked.

"I think we all want to know-minus Clarisse," said Leo.

"Wait! I don't know what to call you! Tooth Man?"

Leo rolled his eyes "Oh gods, even I come up with better names than that," Leo said, "Right, Beauty Queen?"

"I will kill you," Piper said.

"Bones? Gray?" The face disappeared beneath the dirt, but it seemed to grin at the last name. "Gray…Okay…but…" he muttered. He examined the tip of his spear, where a new dragon tooth was already forming. There were footsteps in the background, and Frank turned around. Percy and Hazel ran into the clearing. Percy looked way better, but he had a tie-dyed man satchel from R.O.F.L.

The throne room erupted into laughter.

"Holy Hades!" Thalia cracked up, laughing into Nico's shoulder. Nico clutched his sides. The Stolls were taking pictures of the screen, which had been paused by whoever had the remote at this point.

"Oh that is horrifying," Aphrodite squealed.

"Okay, let's keep going so we aren't here for eternity," Zeus stated.

Riptide was drawn in Percy's hand, and Hazel had her spatha unsheathed.

"Are you okay!?" She asked. Percy turned in a circle.

"Iris told us you were out here battling the basilisks by yourself, and we were like, What? We came as fast as we could. What happened?"

"I'm not sure," Frank admitted. Hazel crouched next to the dirt where Gray disappeared.

"I sense death. Either my brother has been here,"

"Hey, Nico! That's you!" Thalia said.

"Shoutout!" Leo joked.

"Or the basilisks are dead," Hazel finished.

Percy stared at him in awe, "You killed them all?" Frank swallowed.

"Thanks a lot, Dad," Frank grumbled.

"You're welcome," Ares proudly stated.

"What?" Hazel asked, "Frank, are you feeling okay?"

"I'll explain later. Right now, there's a blind man in Portland we've got to see,"