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Regina could leave the hospital 10 weeks later. Emma was pushing her out and to her car. "I'm not of use anymore...",Regina pouted and Emma sighed. "You are, baby. We will find a way.",Emma said and kissed her softly. Regina sighed and Emma helped her into the car and put the wheelchair into the trunk. "I want to drive my Benz again...",Regina muttered. "A few days and your car is completely wheelchair-friendly.",Emma told her and Regina sighed. They drove to the diner and Regina sighed. "What are we doing here? I don't want you to carry me the stairs...",she pouted and Emma smiled. She helped Regina back into the wheelchair and they walked to the entrance. Regina gasped when she saw the ramp.

"They built that for me?",Regina asked shocked and Emma nodded. "Yes. I told you that we find a way.",Emma said and Regina rolled to a table. Emma took the chair and smiled brightly at Regina. "I love you.",Emma said and Regina leaned over to kiss her softly but got interrupted by a bone crashing hug. She wrapped her arms around Henry and kissed his head. "Hey, my little prince. How are you?",Regina asked and pulled him on her lap. He avoided her in gips covered legs and wrapped his arms around her neck. "You should see what the town did! They rebuilt every single stair to a mix with stairs and a ramp so that you can enter these buildings too.",he said amazed and Regina looked up to Emma.

"How?",she just asked and Emma smiled. "Snow called in a town meeting and told them of your situation. They were all willing to rebuilt their stairs. Your little speech in the hospital did you good.",Emma said and Regina smiled lovingly. "I thought I was going to die and I just wanted them to know why I did what I did...",she answered and Emma nodded. "I know. So don't worry. Now we eat and than we'll look around town.",Emma told her and Regina nodded. Ruby came and greeted them friendly but eyed the wheelchair a bit. She didn't trusted it. They ate before they left again and rolled or strolled over to the town hall. They entered and Regina gasped. The stairs were changed too and the elevator in it was repaired so she could use it again.

Emma led Regina into the meeting hall where the most stood and cheered when she entered the room. Regina who never received such a greeting was taken aback. "Welcome back.",Snow said and Regina pulled her into a strong hug. "Thanks for doing this for me.",she whispered and Snow nodded. "Always.",she answered and wiped Regina's tears away and stepped behind her. People came towards her and greeted her with wide smiles. Most of them shook her hand but from time to time there were also women who pulled Regina almost out of her wheelchair. She awkwardly hugged them back but soon found comfort in it.

"Your majesty?",Archie was on the mic and Regina turned her chair around and accidentally hit a man. "Oh... sorry. Still unused to it.",Regina said and placed a hand on the man's arm. "Is alright.",he answered amused and Regina turned her head to Archie. "Get over here, Regina.",Emma said and Regina slowly rolled towards them. "We have a last surprise for you.",Archie said and led her to a door behind them. "What do you want to show me in the file room?",she asked and two person opened the door. Behind it was a beautiful office with a huge window with sight over the garden and partly the street.

"Well, in case of another maniac moment of Gold we thought that you would be safer on the ground floor than first floor in case of a fire.",Leroy explained and the dwarves nodded. "We rebuilt it.",Sleepy said proudly and Regina smiled. "Thank you. It is truly beautiful. I don't know how to make that up to you...",Regina answered and looked around. The dwarves shrugged. "Maybe new clothes for us?",Leroy asked and Regina nodded. "Anything. Just ask and I look if it's possible.",she answered and he smiled. "You should drink with us from time to time.",he said and patted her shoulder rather roughly. She winced but kept quiet. "Oh shit... sorry...",he said when he saw her pain. "It's alright. It's better that we forget than dwell too much on the past. Maybe this chair is helping me to have a new start.",Regina answered and Emma walked over. She wrapped her arms around Regina and kissed her head.

"Now everything is good.",she said.

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