Chapter 1

January 14th, 2008

"Oh shit.." Orton mumbled under his breath. What the hell was this maniac up to now? He watched the Charismatic Enigma as he climbed the titantron tower but he couldn't move. That backdrop off the stage hurt him more than he originally thought it would have. So as he laid there trying to catch his breath to where maybe he could move Jeff hit the Swanton and fuck did it hurt. Now that he thought about it maybe punting the older Hardy brother in the head wasn't a very wise decision. Randy should have known that attacking one was like attacking both. Jeff laid there on top of Orton and all he wanted to do was push the older male off but his body wouldn't comply. Refs and medics were all around them tearing down the side wall so they could get both him and Jeff onto stretchers. Randy was the first to be taken out. He woke up in time to see the curtain close behind him only to be open again by the stretcher carrying Jeff. He heard referee Mike Chioda tell him to stay still when he started to move.

"Randy you need to stay still. They're going to take you to the hospital." Randy groaned. He hated hospitals.

"Just take me to Rios." Ferdinand Rios was the onsite physician. That the medics didn't like at all. Probably because it meant that they wouldn't be the ones getting paid. It was his body though and he knew it didn't require a hospital visit. Sure he might have a few battered ribs but it wasn't hurting to breath so he figured none were fractured or broken. He started to undo the straps holding him in place but once again he was warned to stay still.

"Do you think you can stop me, Chioda?" Yeah Randy was being a world class dick right now but he had a right to be.

"Alright, it's your body on the line Orton. Let him off guys." There were plenty of protests from Medics and one even commented about it. Something about asking what it was with them. When Randy asked him to clarify he found out that Jeff had also refused to go to the hospital. Good because he really wanted to know what the hell happened out there. He would have gone to find the rainbow-haired warrior right away if Mike hadn't insisted on accompanying him to the trainer's room. As he got closer to the room though he heard that annoying southern accent. Angry he quickened his pace as much as he could with his battle worn body.

"What the fuck was that Hardy?! Why didn't you follow the script?!" Randy yelled as he entered the room. The youngest Hardy didn't even bother looking at him until Rios was finished examining him. Then with the all good he jumped off the table and came toe to toe with the bigger man.

"Maybe if you stuck to the script, I would have. You made it personal Orton. You got no one to blame but yourself." Okay well he had him there. Technically the punt to Matt's head was supposed to be 'fake' but what could he say. The older brother had always gotten on his nerves and he couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. Just as he was about to retort, his wife, his very pregnant wife came running up to him.

"Sup Sam." Jeff smiled at her when all she did was glare at him. When the younger male left the room Randy made a promise to himself. Come Royal Rumble he would punt Jeff Hardy in the head.

Royal Rumble 2008

Just hearing Jeff's music pissed him off. He watched the monitor in the back while waiting to go out to the ring himself. Sometimes he secretly wished that when Jeff jumped on to the top turnbuckle that he'd fall flat on his face. Now that would make his day. Sure he was scripted to win this match but if the Enigma pulled another stunt like he did two weeks ago then who knew what would go on. Hearing his music queue up Randy took a deep breath and pushed past the curtain.

Present Day

Orton was running around backstage like a chicken with his head cut off. He had specifically told Cena when his match was so he could watch Alanna while he was in the ring. It had been this way for all five years of the little blonde haired girls life. As soon as Sam had Alanna, Randy could tell something was wrong. She was distant even opting out of holding her in the hospital and when they were cleared to leave she served him with divorce papers and told him that he could keep their daughter. Not that he would have it any other way because Alanna Marie Orton was his life but it sure would make times like these much easier.

"Daddy I hear your music." His daughter tugged at his ear. Mumbling under his breath, he shifted his weight to his other side and started asking everyone he passed if they had seen John. Finally he was pointed in a direction and found him in no time.

"You're a lousy best friend, you know that Cena?" he asked as John's head whipped around to face him. Putting Alanna down Randy kneeled down in front of her.

"I need you to stay here with Uncle John, alright? I'll come back as soon as I'm finished." He hugged and kissed the little girl before going out to the ring.

Orton had won his match, with the help of The Shield and the first thing he did was go find his daughter and best friend. He found one of the two easily.

"Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me." He growled walking up to John who appeared to be eating…cheesecake?

"John you wanna tell me where my damn daughter is?!" Randy yelled making his friend turn around while slowly eating his food.

"She was right here man. I just looked away to get something to eat." Randy pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"Whatever. Just…help me find her." Well that sentence didn't make him sound like the worst father ever.

"Alanna!" He called out but go no answer. That meant she wasn't close by. Great, just great. He and John split up that way they could cover more ground faster. A few minutes later Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk came up to him holding something behind his back.

"Hey Orton! I think I found what you're looking for but I don't think you're gonna like who she was with." He was about to ask what he meant by that when Alanna walked out from behind the older man, her face covered in paint.

"Next time you might want to leave her with someone who doesn't get distracted easier than a five year old. I'd be happy to watch her for you." Randy absently nodded, too angry to do much else. He knew Punk was a good guy and he was lucky enough to call him a friend.

"Daddy, Mr. Jeff helped me paint my face." The little girl was absolutely giddy with excitement.

"Yeah. I see that." He didn't mean to sound so off put about it but nonetheless that's how it came out. He saw Jeff smirking out of the corner of his eye when the older man walked by to go to his match. Glaring he told Alanna to stay with Punk.

"What the hell did you think you were doing Hardy?! Don't ever touch my daughter again, understand?!" He yelled as she shoved the youngest Hardy brother.

"Dude what's your problem?" He asked like he had no idea what was going on.

"My problem is that I don't want some drugged out junkie alone with my daughter!" Okay so he had no proof that Jeff was still doing drugs but right now he was pissed. Ever since what transpired between them in 2008 they never really got along.

"Whatever man. Next time leave her with someone more capable…say maybe the state." He did not just say that. He did NOT just fucking say that! The next few moments were just a total blur. Randy went complete Viper, which people only thought was a gimmick but Orton really did have a temper like the one seen on T.V. actually worse if he was being truthful. He tacked Jeff to the ground then just started wailing on him. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as Punk took Alanna away before it started to get really bad and he was thankful for that. He couldn't let his little girl see him like this. Orton was pulled away from Jeff by not only John but Hunter who had come over at some point and helped as well. His booming voice breaking through the haze that was his mind. He ignored his 'boss' though. Instead of going to his office like he was told he went to the locker room and changed. Finding Punk he thanked the older male, took his daughter whose face was now clear of paint thanks to Phil, then left for the hotel.

Once at the hotel, where most of the roster was registered, he checked in with his now sleeping daughter in one arm and their bags in another then proceeded to take the elevator to their room. Tucking in his angel all he could think about was Jeff. That man had took it too far and Randy knew this was far from being over. Never fuck with Randy Orton.