Soul Eater: Ana

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Chapter 1: The Snake's Pride

How long had it been now? Three, maybe four years since the defeat of the kishin. It was so hard to tell anymore.

The serpent witch sat lazily in a soft arm chair gazing at the book she held in her hands. She had grown tired, not even realizing that her eyes unconsciously drifted back and forth no longer paying any attention to the text that lie in front of her vision.

She nearly fell asleep in that position but she rose back up as soon as she felt herself nearly drop the book. She sat up and looked out t window steadily eyeing the black blood covered moon.

Was the moon smiling? Was it frowning? It was impossible to tell anymore and the laughing crescent shape no longer beamed down its light for those who lived beneath it.

Medusa sighed. What could have possibly happened all those years ago? It was driving her mad to not know what had become of her daughter. But of what means could she find out?

The hardest part of the plan was done. Medusa had made the ultimate sacrifice and allowed her own child to end her. After that she left the rest to Crona. The child was suppose to find the location of the kishin, use the black blood to absorb him, and then plunge the world into the vision that Medusa had sought after for so long.

So what went wrong? Why was the moon covered in black blood? Why had her child not returned?

All these questions and more have plagued Medusa's mind for four long years. The snake witch survived her supposed demise easily but not without pain of course. After Crona left, Medusa was just barely alive enough to send one last tiny snake to find a new host. It took about half a year for the small thing to find a vessel but it did. A young girl around the age of 19 or 20 named Jesse. Her hair was much shorter than Medusa's own but it was black like her previous body's. She had golden eyes and a voluptuous form.

Of course when she possessed this girl Medusa gained her own attire and face but the eyes and hair stayed the same. Oddly enough, this new vessel was open to Medusa taking control of her. Jesse told Medusa in her head that before Medusa found her Jesse had a very poor life style with no friends or family and barely enough money to sustain herself; she even told Medusa that suicide was a thought that entered her mind. So the young woman gladly gave herself to Medusa, granting both their wishes.

Medusa wanted more than anything to know what had happened but four years is more than enough time for the snake's mind to be distracted by...other things.

Medusa continued to stare into the lifeless moon oblivious to the tiny footsteps approaching her room. As they came closer she started to pick up their faint noise.

She turned her head to see the door of the room slowly open. Standing on the other end was a very small girl who was just barley Four of age. She had very short black hair, adorable golden eyes, and wore a tiny black dress. She was holding a green snake plushie with "x" eyes that was about as big as her (her height to its length).

The girl looked as if something had frightened her and was whimpering slightly. Medusa looked at her slightly concerned. "Ana?" she said to the girl. "What's wrong?"

The girl whimpered between words. "M-mommy...I-I...I h-had a s-scary dream..."

Medusa's eyes contorted to give a sympathetic look. She got up and walked dover to the girl named Ana and scooped her up in her arms.

Medusa walked back and sat down in the chair comforting the child. "There-There, it's okay, you're with mommy now and she'll make sure nothing scary gets you".

It was an overwhelming sight to see the snake witch act so motherly, or at least it would have been if anyone who knew her was around to see.

Ana hugged her mother tightly and closed her eyes. She rested her head against Medusa's chest and began to fall asleep as Medusa started to softly pet the child's hair.

Medusa smiled as the child lay asleep in her arms. Medusa couldn't believe it but it didn't take long for her to realize just how motherly she wanted to be. During the years she was forcing Crona to do her bidding Medusa beat down every urge she had to truly care for the child knowing that it would jeopardize the mission.

But that last hug she gave the pink haired girl and the thought that she may never see her own flesh and blood again was all it took to melt the snake's cruel stone heart into one of compassion. She wanted so bad to be a good mother to Crona now but until she could figure out what has become of Crona, this sweet little thing was what would and always would receive her love.

Medusa became pregnant with Ana buy means that she had no idea possible. She had not conceived with any man, so how could she have gotten pregnant? Medusa soon found out that the vessel she know possessed had been raped and impregnated not too long before she took control of; another reason that Jesse had thoughts of suicide.

Anyway, she swore that she would love this new child and as soon as she found Crona she would do the same.

As Medusa cradled her younger child she too found her mind drifting away and soon to sleep.

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