Soul Eater: Ana

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Chapter 10: Luka...

It had been a few days since Medusa had returned to the weapon/mister academy and that was the last it was ever mentioned. Ana asked Medusa about it maybe once or twice after her mother came home that day, but Medusa told Ana to forget about it.

Right now the two were sitting down having lunch. Ana was happy and humming as she ate but the thoughts of where Crona might be were still swimming around in Medusa's head. She was almost wondering if Crona was even at the DWMA at all. But assuming if Crona is...still...alive...Medusa knew the DWMA would be were she is.

But then Medusa questioned if even that was possible. If Crona had survived, what was to guarantee that she wasn't insane and somewhere else.

...For once Medusa found herself hoping that Crona's "friends" came through for her. This whole situation was making her worry more and more.

"Is something wrong, mommy...?" Ana asked as she took a bite of her sandwich (which is what she was eating).

Medusa looked up at Ana and took a moment to respond. "It's nothing, Ana. Mommy just has a lot on her mind right now is all."

"Like what?" Ana asked nonchalantly in contrast to her mother's dullness.

"...Adult stuff, honey. Just...just eat your sandwich."

Ana stared at her mother. There were very few times that Ana asked Medusa something and the answer was "adult stuff". She sighed and took another bight of her sandwich. As she ate she looked back at her mother and noticed something about her that was different. It didn't take long for her to realize. "Your hair's longer, mommy."

"Hmm?" Medusa looked in a nearby conveniently placed mirror. Remember the first chapter? The Girl that Medusa had possessed had very short tomboyish hair, thus giving Medusa this appearance. But now it was getting longer. It was beginning to cover ears at least. Medusa stroked her fingers through it feeling slightly how thick it had become as well. "Hmm, so it has..."

"Are you gonna get a haircut, mommy?" Ana asked examining how her mother looked with slightly longer hair. "It looks good. Maybe you should keep it like that."

"Ya think so, huh?" Medusa responded still looking at herself in the mirror. The hair of this body would rarely grow longer and Medusa would always have it cut in fear that she would be recognized as...well...herself. But she looked at herself more carefully. Maybe she could keep a little length on it and just style it in a way that was different from the style she wore nearly five years ago.

Medusa smiled and looked back at Ana. "Yeah I think I'll let it stay like that." she brushed it to the side and let it cover one of her eyes. "That look good?" she said in a very girly voice.

Ana smiled and laughed a little. "You look like a super TV star, mommy." she said jokingly.

Medusa chuckled little nervously. "Well I don't know about that honey."

"But you could, mommy." Ana lifted up Mr. Snakey (her stuffed snake doll that I haven't mentioned in a while, whoops). "Mr. Snakey thinks so too." she said holding the toy facing Medusa.

Medusa laughed under her breath. "Well thank you, Mr. Snakey." Medusa said playing along with her daughters imagination.

Ana then looked at the stuffed snake. "What's that Mr. Snakey...?" she said as if he had said something. She brought his head up to her ear and "pretended" to listen to him. Ana gave a slight look of shock. "Oh, well I don't think mommy would do that Mr. Snakey."

Medusa made a confused face. "What did Mr. Snakey say...?" she spoke each word slowly.

"Um...nothing, he didn't say anything...hehe." Ana said nervously.

"But you just spoke to him." Medusa was surprised she just said that as if the thing was actually alive.

"Nothing, mommy. Nothing at all." Ana responded hastily. She picked up what remained of her sandwich and took a bite out of it. "Mmm, this is a good sandwich. You make good sandwiches, mommy." she said trying to change the subject.

"I didn't make that, Ana. I picked it up..."

"STILL!" she exclaimed followed by being silent.

Medusa stared at her oddly and eventually decided to disregard whatever was said. Unknown to her, what Mr. Snakey said to Ana is that Medusa should get naked...

(REMEMBER: be waiting for that snake...)

As Medusa went back to eating her lunch, she began to ask herself something. She thought to herself that waiting for Crona all this time was...stupid. She was and still is the master of eavesdropping, so why didn't she just infiltrate the DWMA, undetected, and sneak around for Crona? Maybe because she had a nearly five year old daughter that needed her constant attention...

Medusa stared at the bowl of salad (which is what she was eating) in front of her. Her eyes growing more narrow, and her hands clenching tightly. Now that she started thinking about it she wanted nothing more than to break in there and find her oldest daughter, regardless of the consequences.

She looked at Ana who was cutely pretending to feed Mr. Snakey a small piece of bread. Medusa smiled for a moment at Ana's cuteness, but soon turned away with the smile fading just as fast as her eyes re-narrowed in thought of what had entered her head. Crona...

"Fuck..." she thought to herself.

...Then she thought some more. "Fuck...fuck...fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, (what was this rated again?) fuck, fuck, fuck, DAMMIT!." she screamed inside her head.

She then stood up from her chair causing Ana to flinch and look up at her mother. Medusa's eyes were black and soulless, it actually worried Ana a little. "Mommy...?" she asked after a moment of hesitation. "Are you Okay...?"

"No more waiting..." medusa said silently to herself.

"What...?" Ana responded, not being able to hear what her mother just said.

Medusa walked up to Ana and then kneeled down in front of her, putting her hands on the small girl's shoulders. "Ana..." she began as she took a deep breath. "Mommy has to go do something very, very important. I don't like leaving you here alone, but I think I have no choice this time." she stood up. "Will you be okay here with Mr. Snakey?" she asked.

Ana just stared at Medusa blankly for a moment. She smiled and held up the snake doll playfully. "Sure mommy. I understand."

"Are you sure? I don't know when I'll be back." this was so contrasting to how Medusa felt about leaving Ana alone the first time. She was running completely on her will to find Crona and nothing was going to stop her.

Ana smiled and nodded in response. "Yep. Besides, like you said, I have Mr. Snakey." she said holding him up.

Medusa smiled to her daughter's innocence. Ana was not old enough to understand what was going on the side lines, her mother's past, or the kind of person her mother used to be and still is deep down. It was nice for Medusa to have such a young and naïve mind around her constantly. It made her...forget what she used to be.

Medusa walked over to Ana tightly. Ana responded by putting her arms around Medusa, hugging her as well. "Thank you, sweetie." she let go and stood up. "Mommy will be back soon, okay...?"

Ana nodded with a smile once again.

Medusa made her way over to the main door preparing to leave. As she did, she looked back at Ana once more. "Ana..." she began.

Ana looked at Medusa. "Yes, mommy...?"

Medusa wanted to say something but nothing came to mind.

"N...nothing." she opened the door. "I'll be back..."

As the door closed, Medusa's eyes narrowed with determination.

Medusa just stared at the tri-skulled building remembering the past and beating down painful thoughts. She sighed as she scanned the walls, doors, windows, and everything else that stood to form death/weapon/meister academy. On her way over hear, she realized that she might have a chance of getting in without consequence and still be noticed.

Perhaps if she could find Maka, she could resume her tour that she ran out on when dark thoughts entered her mind, clouding her judgment and reasoning. But there was no guarantee that Maka would answer the door. She could just ask whoever does answer the door if she could speak to "Miss. Albarn", but what if-NOPE!


Medusa raced up the stairs and to the front door. With absolutely no hesitation, she knocked on the door and waited for an answer. As she waited, she looked back and forth noting that there were no students around, though it was a Saturday.

She watched the door and stared to tap her foot eagerly. Her teeth began to grind in anticipation. Although it had only been a few seconds, Medusa had no patience right now. So she balled her hand into a fist ready to knock on the door even harder. But as her hand prepared itself, Medusa heard the creak of the door beginning to open. "Finally..." she whispered.

As the doors widened, Medusa definitely did not recognize the person opening them. Opening the doors was a tall woman with long, brilliant red hair. She wore a black long sleeve shirt, black gloves, a black skirt, boots, and had a orange sweater tied around her waist. Not recognizing her was on thing but there was something about the girl that actually frightened Medusa for a brief moment. Her eyes were gold with slit pupils similar to Medusa's original body, but the girls eye were wide and unblinking. She smiled at medusa in an almost disturbing way.

"Yes, can I help you?" she asked politely.

Medusa tried not to look the woman in the eyes. "Um yes. I'm here to see Miss. Albarn. You see I had a tour-"

"Miss. Albarn isn't hear today. Is there anything 'I' can help you with...?" she said interrupting Medusa's sentence.

"Oh..." Medusa said in disappointment. "Do you know were she is or if she'll be back?"

The woman simply shrugged her shoulders still smiling, still unblinking.

Medusa stared at her oddly for a moment. "Well...In that case...I was here nearly a week ago and was being given a tour of the academy by Miss. Ma-I mean Miss. Albarn. I was just wondering if I could resume that tour?"

"Or you a weapon or Miester?" she asked still smiling.

"Well no, but my daughter is..."

"In that case, come with me and I will answer whatever questions you may have about our facility."

Medusa's eye widened. That was surprisingly easy. "R...really?"

"Sure..." the girl then let Medusa inside. "My name is Luka Akabara, I hope I can be as much a help to you as you need." she said STILL smiling.

Medusa smiled nervously. "Sure..."

Something about this Luka girl was...creepy to Medusa...

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