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Chapter 11.

Duck smiled at the memory. He remembered hearing it from Bill and Ben themselves; Edward was a hero; James also smiled as well gazing at the sky and feeling like it was just yesterday. "But although, he is usually helping others, there were times that Edward himself, had another side than what we are so used to; remember when Harvey came?" Thomas puffed looking straight ahead.

Flashback... 32 Years ago...

It was another typical Monday Morning on the Island of Sodor. All the people and children were getting ready for a usual day for work and school busying themselves driving back and forth on the road. At Tidmouth Sheds, The Fat Controller's car pulled up towards the steam team getting out walking over his hands behind his back like ordinary. "Good Morning everyone, today, a new engine has made his arrival on Sodor; a new crane engine to be exact. You all will show our new visitor around and make him feel welcomed here; he is over at Brendam Docks right now. Puff proudly." And he left; this made the steamies smile from funnel to footplate gazing at each-other.

"I hope he is nice." Puffed Percy as Thomas beamed at his best friend. "I hope that he will be a very useful engine like the rest of us." Gordon rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Please, we get new engines coming here each year whenever we cannot manage; what will be so great about him?" Going onto the turntable, he chuffed snootily away leaving the others to scowl after him. "What a bossy boiler." Thomas muttered. "And a big sausage." Percy replied back.

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