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"Edward! I need more boxes," I shouted from the floor, sorting through our clothes. We'd just put a contract on a little bungalow in Studio City the previous week, and were trying to pack up as many non-essential items now, before things really got crazy. There was only two weeks until the wedding and I was in full panic mode. Why I thought buying a house and getting married within weeks of each other was a good idea, I'll never know. Granted the housing market was insane and when a buyer accepted your bid, you had to jump on it. God, I was even starting to think rationally, just like Edward. What was next, wearing his and her matching sweaters?

With boxes towering over his head, Edward maneuvered around all the various piles to set the flattened stack next to where I sat. "You know we still have five more weeks until we actually close on the place, we don't need to do all of this now, right?" Leaning down, he gave me a quick kiss before saying he was headed back to watch the rest of the Dodger game. I could only roll my eyes, knowing he wouldn't leave his beat up recliner for at least another hour until the game was over.

I made quick work assembling the flattened boxes and sorting through Edward's old clothes when I pulled a white shirt with a pinkish tinge to it. Examining it, I couldn't figure out why it was still hanging around in the back of the guest closet when it either needed to be laundered or thrown out. "Edward! Why are you keeping this stained shirt?" I walked into our small family room to see him sitting with his arms rested on his knees leaning in towards the TV, all of his focus on whichever guy was at bat. I resisted the urge to turn off the game to get his attention and waited patiently for the guy to hit the ball. I knew better than to even try and get his attention now.

"Hon?" I asked quietly, waiting for him to relax after what must have been a bad play based on Edward's expletive filled rant at the television.

When he realized I was speaking, he turned and got this funny look in his eyes after seeing the shirt I was holding. "Can I throw this out? It's got stains all over-."

Before I could finish my sentence he'd hopped up and snatched it out of my hand. "You really don't know what this is?" Pulling me down onto the sofa, he nestled me into his side. "Aw- come on, you remember how maybe wine and the Oscars don't mix?"

Suddenly a flood of memories filled my mind. Our first time working an award show together, the way his dragon tattoo reflected in the mirror and I could never forget the way his lips felt all over my body. "Oh my god! That's the shirt? I can't believe you kept that."

Lifting me up as if I weighed nothing, Edward spun me so I was straddling him, chest to chest. "When you flung your wine at me- man, the look on your face. It was priceless." He was grinning, boyish and wide. I'd seen his face a million times, but it still managed to make me swoon, especially with it was fill with the lightness and ease it was now showing.

"Well now you know I can't hold my liquor in the glass or otherwise. Can't say I'm sorry I spilled it on that shirt though, I would've never seen your tats or the amazing body beneath all those awful work shirts you used to wear." Unable to control my hands, they roamed under his tee, feeling the warmth of his smooth skin. My fingers trailed along, seeking out his nipples, and giving them a tweak, hoping to get him riled up.

Not needing to be told twice, Edward tugged his shirt up and over his head, tossing it into the chair that sat next to the sofa. The sight of his muscular torso and the new tattoo emblazoned across his heart made my stomach flutter. His new ink was of a phoenix rising from the ashes, the fiery wings spread out from his rib cage to his collar bone. I traced over the burnt orange outline of the image he got to symbolize his revitalization. After we started dating seriously, he came out of his shell and really thrived, not only as a person, but professionally as well. He was promoted to the Director of Production about six months after our Oscar night. He claimed I helped him to find the man he'd kept hidden ever since his humiliating sexual harassment accusation.

"Even in my crappy work shirts I still managed to woo you," he mumbled into my neck, nibbling behind my ear, sending my pulse soaring. He pulled back, smiling brightly before coming in for a sweeping kiss.

We'd both been so busy with work and life that I missed these spontaneous little moments we used to have. "Yep, despite those awful shirts, you did get me to fall for you. Must have been your mad oral skills," I teased. Winking, I pushed on his shoulders hoping he would get the hint. Seeing him half naked was doing wonderful things to my libido.

"Did you want me somewhere?" Grinning, he moved me from his lap and onto the sofa. Kneeling on the floor, he tugged off my leggings, a smug look already gracing his face. "Perhaps if you beg, I might be more inclined."

Batting my eyelashes, I said please in the most sickeningly sweet voice I could muster.

Edward let out a hearty laugh, but didn't renege on his offer. Once my pants had been tossed to the side, he trailed kisses all the way up from my ankle to my inner thigh. He knew I had a ticklish spot just above my hip he attacked with fervor. "God, you're pussy is already wet, and I haven't even gotten started." Pushing my legs apart, he ran a finger through my slick lips, spreading them for his tongue to do his masterful work.

"Still can't believe you got this," he teased, flicking the curved barbell that ran through my clit hood. It was a little happy birthday present, I'd gotten for myself, and Edward loved how easy it was for him to make me come. He'd always been able to get me to pure ecstasy quicker than I ever imagined, but now it also meant I usually had more than one.

Edward's fingers and tongue worked together in a symphony of movement and pressure. I marveled at how finely tuned his was to my body. I'd love to say it wasn't a reason why I was marrying him, but that would sort of be a lie. Of course I loved him, more than I ever imagined possible, but in times like this, when we were stripped down to our basic selves, his true magic appeared. I wasn't just thinking about his way with my body, but my mind too. Edward was stubborn and pushed me to be better and to work harder than I would have otherwise. He wasn't only my best friend, but I felt like he was truly my soul mate, and right now, I couldn't imagine anywhere I'd rather be than on this sofa with his face between my legs.

Throwing my head back against the couch, my hands clutched at the cushions as if they were the only lifeline I had. "Oh, God. Don't fucking stop."

"Baby, you taste so good. Why don't we do this every day?" he mumbled into my thigh. His fingers were stretching me wide, filling me before retreating and doing it all over again. I was teetering on the precipice of an orgasm and he wanted to keep me there, tortured and needy, begging for release.

I was panting and moaning, warning him to get on with it, or I'd finish it off myself.

Slapping my hand away, he dove in, tonguing my piercing and clit furiously all the while driving his fingers up to hit my g-spot. With a final jerk of my hips, I released into his mouth, my hands grabbing his head, pushing his face deeper into my body, wanting him to keep touching me until I couldn't bear the pressure a moment longer.

I gasped for air, trying to catch my breath as Edward brought me down, gently running his hands down my thighs, kissing his way across my stomach.

"Come up here, I need to feel you inside me." My voice was husky with need and I felt the pressure of his erection pressing into my thigh as he moved. "Ah… yes." the sound came out like a sigh of relief, or of me reverently worshiping at the altar of Edward's cock. He slid in easily and began moving in quick strokes. One knee was braced on the sofa as his hands lifted my ass off the couch with every slam of his hips.

Edward's lips moved softly over my collar bone, jutting out from the plunging neckline of my tank, sending shockwaves through my body. I could feel the tug of pressure deep in my belly, a sign he was going to make me come again. Gazing up at his gorgeous face, I knew by his look of concentration he was willing himself not to come. "Baby, I'm right there with you, come on, come on." My moans filled the small room, only adding to the heady atmosphere. Edward's eyes blinked open. Flashing me a cocky grin, his finger brushed over my clit. That simple little touch created a tidal wave of pleasure to course through me. He too let go the moment he sensed my orgasm. Our mutual satisfied sighs were all that was left when we came down from our highs.

"God, I love you. So much," his endearing words soothed me, healed my usual manic soul. This man understood me like no other I'd ever known.

We cuddled on the couch, watching the last inning of the Dodger game in nothing but a throw blanket covering us. "Did you ever imagine we'd be here? Only weeks away from being married, a month from a house. If feels like everything is finally coming to fruition." he asked, tugging me deeper into his side and planting a kiss on the top of my head.

I glanced up into his sparkling green eyes and responded truthfully, "not really? Not that I don't want to be here, but if you'd asked me the night of the Oscars if I could see us getting married, I don't think I ever could have imagined it." Smoothing the worry lines from his forehead, I continued, trying to adequately convey my scattered thoughts. 'I was in such a shitty space back then, and you were so different, at least the persona I knew of you. Then you came into my life like a big ol' bulldozer and demolished everything I ever thought I knew. You taught me trust, and confidence, but most of all, you taught me how to love myself enough to love you." Kissing him deeply, I couldn't' think of a better person to marry than the man sitting beside me. "Thank you, for everything. For your patience and perseverance. I know I wasn't an easy nut to crack."

Cradling my face in his hands, I saw the love pouring through his expression and wondered how I could have possibly gotten this lucky.

"I'm the one who should thank you. You've pushed me to open up and let people see me as more than the stiff, unyielding boss at work. I've grown into a man I can look solidly in the eye and know when I wake up every day, I know I'm going to make it the best day I can. If you weren't beside me, I'm not sure I'd be anything more than a workaholic who was more worried about the bottom line than the world around me."

Not able to take the serious mood shift a moment longer, I had to break the tension with my standard sarcasm. "Jeez, you'd think we were just giving our toasts at the wedding or something. God, are we a bunch of saps or what?"

"I'm okay being a sap, Bella. As long as you're the woman I'm being sappy over, I've got no problem with that."

We eventually fell asleep snuggled up together as the Dodgers closed out their game against the Rockies. I woke up a while later still cuddled into Edward's chest, the feeling of contentment filling my heart. I knew after the wedding there'd be more challenges we'd have to face and the prospect of trying to have kids was a bit daunting for me. For now, I was going to enjoy this little moment of peace, admiring the handsome man sleeping beside me and the exciting new life we had quickly approaching. I closed my eyes and fell back asleep, dreaming of black ink and white dresses.

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