FILE 3. "Kuuko Hinomoto"

So, ah...moving along back to the initial track of this interview...About Kuuko Hinomoto's involvement in the DeLorean incident?

"Kuuko, right." Rei sighed, "If there's one thing I'm sure of, Kuuko was trying to stop whatever happened and got up caught in the chaos."

Why's that?

"Kuuko's the daughter of King Sylen and Queen Akari- a Shoutmon. You know how they all get when it comes to getting caught up in stuff."

True, very true.

"I'm not so sure this is a good idea," Kuuko said with a frown as they approached the door to the small lab that housed the DeLorans and any related Time Travel technology.

"Relax!" Nyarko grinned, "We're not going to do anything, remember? We're just going to take a look!"

"I know that!" Kuuko protested as Jules quickly went to type in the access code to unlock the door, "But I feel like we shouldn't be here right now!"

"Come to think of it," Mahiro agreed, "I've got a bad feeling about this too."

"You're just chickening out!" Jules said with a snicker as the door opened. "If you two want to stay here, then go right ahead!"

"No good," Mahiro said, "I'm not letting you two out of my sight."

"Me either," Kuuko shook her head.

So, how well did you know Kuuko?

"Well, if Nyarko's the one who I spent the least time with, then Kuuko's the one I spent the most time with."

Why's that?

"Kuuko was born nine months after our earth got rescued from that doomed timeline- concieved the night before King Sylen went and pulled the planet out of that void."

I remember that day. Whole sky went dark.

"Yeah, and we were all at ground zero. But see, the King got me a place on his personal guard roster after we got put into orbit with the Digital World. I was with 'em when they went into the Lagann Cluster to hunt down Quartzmon. After that, though, I ended up sort of becoming the head of security for the whole family."

So you and the King knew each other well, then?

"He's always sort of put it like we were long lost siblings since our two worlds were mutually fictional to each other by some tangent. We knew a lot about eachother from TV shows in our own worlds and yet didn't know a thing because those shows were complete nonsense that didn't match either of our adventues. The King and I ended up being more like brother and sister than I did with my own Brother 'cause of that, honestly."

Your real brother being Commander Shinji Ikari, of NERV.

"And the guy who put the Kyoryuger project in motion."

Can't forget that, now can we?

"Nope! Yeah, definitely can't forget that... Nope!"

So, how did you get from Head of Security to babysitter?

"Well, I worked secuirty during Kuuko's birth, so I was there for it. The King and Queen took time off after that to raise her, but they were still officially royalty, so there were times during those early months that they really couldn't be there. Usually late night parties and stuff like that that required their presence. They turned to me during those times, and so I watched Kuuko for 'em."

So that was your first job as a baby sitter then?

"Yeah. Nene came to me a few months after that when she needed someone to watch after Nyarko for a night- that first time that I talked to you about earlier."


"And after that, the others just started coming to me asking for me to watch after their kids whenever they needed someone to watch them."

It just spiraled out of control from there?

"Exactly that."

So was there anything about Kuuko that you'd noticed that would have indicated she'd go missing like this?

"Nah, Kuuko's a good girl. Tad quiet when she speaks though, which is really odd considering her parents. She likes video games- and what kid doesn't these days? But like I was saying before- Kuuko probably tried stopping this whole mess from even happening. I just can't see her instigating something like this."

So what kind of video games was she into?

"Console games, PC games, you name it, she's probably played it. Hell, I've seen her playing some prety obscure games from before Second Impact. The only thing I've never seen her actually like are arcade machines."


"She once got us kicked out a pizza arcade by throwing a fireball into a skii-ball machine."

A skii-ball machine?

"She was five. Blew the entire thing up because she was missing her throws with those heavy plastic balls you're supposed to use. Her aim's pretty good with lighter things, though. I could see her being quite the pitcher in Baseball if she didn't think it was boring."

Not into sports, I take it?

"She's never really been into it, no."

Any reason why?

"She once said that sports were what people did when they couldn't go on adventures."

Ah. I see.


Any more amusing stories from your time babysitting?

"There's a whole lot more to that Pizza Arcade story than just that, but like just about everything else, if I went into the details on everything we'd be here all month."

Should we move on, then?

"Yeah. Let's."

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