It all started when I walked into a stop sign. Yes, you read that right, a stop sign. How did I manage that? No idea. I was just walking along, reading fanfiction on my phone — okay, so maybe I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have, but you'd think I'd notice a BIG RED THING before it SMACKED MY FACE. But no, I didn't see it, so I walked into and blacked out.

When my brain was once again functioning properly, the first thing I did was check my phone. It was still in one piece, and it turned on, which is more than my first three phones, and … wait, what do you mean you can't find the network? I'm right — I looked around me for the first time — not in Manlius. Or on Coruscant, which would be the next best place. No, I was… actually, I had no idea where I was, although it did seem a tad bit familiar. Oh, and the stop sign that caused this in the first place? Gone. So I got to sit on the ground looking like an idiot who fell over for no particular reason besides the fact that I'm a klutz. Which is true, but I didn't randomly trip this time. I RAN INTO A STOP SIGN. Because, you know, that's so much more coordinated.

Okay, so first things first: I had to figure out where I was. There were three little kids playing over there, maybe they knew? (Well, yeah, they probably did, they lived here after all.) So I went over to them and asked, and after sharing a look that clearly said, "Is she crazy? Why does she not know where she is?" the only girl in the trio piped up.

"You're in Maycomb." She said this as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which it probably was — for them.

The smallest in the group, a little boy who looked to be about 6, spoke up now. "Why are you dressed funny?" he asked with a look that reinforced my theory that they thought I was crazy.

Naturally, I was a little bit miffed at this. "I am not dre— wait. What year is this?"

Now I was convinced that they thought I was crazy. "It's 1934," the oldest (was he 10? 11 maybe?) answered slowly.

Hmmm… 1930s Maycomb… now where have I heard that before?


To Kill A Mockingbird.

Well, this changed things a bit. I was in the middle of one of the most famous books of all time (which I haven't even finished — we only got to chapter 5 in English. And I had no idea how to get back home.

"Wait, why am I worrying about how to get home? I'M IN A BOOK. I have been waiting for this to happen for my entire life, although I was hoping it would be with Star Wars. But this is the best thing that's happened in my relatively short life!"

The kids looked at me weirdly again.

Wait… could they be the kids from the book? I mean, they looked like them, and I was IN THE BOOK…

"Hey, are you guys Jem, Scout, and Dill by any chance?"

They looked at each other and then answered, in unison, "how do you know our names?"

I kinda fangirled over this.


Yeah, they definitely thought I was crazy.