AN: Hey! I recently bought Bring Me The Horizon's Sempiternal album, and there was this one song that I was listening to, Deathbeds (Bonus Track), and it inspired me to write a fanfiction. And originally, I thought I was going to write a Snarry, but tough on me, since recently, whenever I write, my stories are like, fuck that, we're going to go on our own path. All ink-heart-y and stuff… And I apologize to any of my readers who are interested in my other stories, for a while I had writers block and then it went away, but it was more for my own make-believe stories, which aren't cake-walks either at the moment, and now I'm ready to jump back into fanfictions but it's a write and get inspired thing.

Oh, and, I don't own any of the characters except Olli, his friends (Milo Evans & Chris Johns), his close-family (Stacy, Carl, Veronica and Lucille) and maybe Uncle Paul and the name Aunt Jean for Piers's Mummy, and no, Olli isn't like my fanfiction version of anyone in BMTH, I just liked the name so I… borrowed it… And, Olli's middle name isn't after Mitt Romney's grandchild because I heard that their name is Kirien or something like that and I'm Canadian, and I don't support Mitt Romney, I just used the name because I'm a sentimental asshole and that's one of my best friend's names and I think it's a really cool name, so I… borrowed… that one too.

OH! And, there's been a slight change in this chapter because, omg, I'm such an idiot!

Anyway, enjoy!


Sempiternal: Adjective, of never-ending duration : eternal.

Harry sighed as he pulled out weed after weed from his Aunt's garden. It was more like his garden, considering he was the one who worked on it the most. He sincerely doubted that she had ever even stepped foot in the garden with the thoughts of working on it herself, she had never been much for mud and muck and soil, only for the beautiful end results.

"Boy!" Aunt Petunia called from inside the house. He sighed and stood up, moving to quickly wash his hands and face with the hose. Taking a long sip of the water before turning it off, he headed into the house.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia?" He asked, his green eyes glaring holes into the floor.

"We are having guests over for the night, we would prefer it if you left the house for the evening, remember what happened last time?" Aunt Petunia asked, her voice tight and taunting.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia. I'll leave an hour before your guests are set to arrive." Harry replied. Well shit, I'm not suppose to leave the house, now what? Actually, who the fuck cares?

"Yes, well, they're set to arrive at 5, finish your chores before you go." Aunt Petunia said in return. "If you don't have them done, Vernon will have a word with you."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia." Harry said, shrugging before leaving. 'Vernon will have a word with you' was code for 'Vernon will beat the shit out of you.'


At four, Harry thankfully had all his chores done, and a little plastic bag packed to take out with him. He had already decided to nick a few dollars from Dudley so that he wouldn't be stuck sitting at the park the whole night. He had already decided to take a trip to Gringots, having gotten Aunt Petunia to agree to give him access to his stuff under the cupboard for one night, maybe more if he was allowed to stay at the Leaky or something of the sort, which she had gladly agreed to. Anything to keep me away, he snorted.

"Hey look, it's the Freak!" Someone said from behind him, from the sound of it, it was Dudley's best mate, Piers Polkis. Harry had chosen to walk a bit away from his relative's before calling the Night Bus, just in case the Order was watching the house, which was extremely unlikely, considering they had never watched the house before.

"Oh fuck off, Piersy, he looks normal enough." A new, unknown voice replied.

"Oh shut up, you Pillow Biter!" Piers said in reply. Harry turned to look at the duo. One of them was definitely Piers, the other was someone he had never seen before, and his accent definitely wasn't English.

"Hey, Hey, Piersy, I ain't biting no Pillows, my lover is!" The new guy said. His hair was long, brushing his shoulders and almost covering his eyes, which were a sparkling hazel. "Anyways, who're you?" He asked, his eyes raking over Harry's body, studying him. Harry shivered and blushed.

"Harry." He replied, staring back at the other boy. He had to look up a bit to study the obviously taller boy. He must be the same height as Snape, Harry thought. "Harry Potter."

"Holy Shit, your him." Pier's companion said in a slightly awed voice. "And, I'm Olli Polkis, I've just moved here from America. What's a Saviour like you doing in Fucking Surrey?"

"Fucking Surrey?" Harry asked, laughing at the taller American.

"Well, it's Fucking Boring Surrey, but that's kind of long and Fucking Surrey has a better ring to it. Little Whinging happens to be the most boring place on Earth. What's wrong with Muggles these days?" Olli said with a lopsided grin.

"I honestly don't know, there's some hidden appeal to having a sort of… Monogamy, a continuation of the same chain. I'd love to see the reactions of people if someone bought one of the houses and painted it Purple." Harry replied, giving Olli a grin of his own.

"Bloody hell, Olli! You're talking to the Freak!" Piers said, before having to back away from his cousin's fist.

"Your talking about a Bloody Fucking Saviour, have some respect, you Fucker." Olli replied, before ignoring Pier's look of utter disbelief to smile at Harry again. "Would you like to do something, Harry? I think everyone back home will Fucking die knowing I hung out with Motherfucking Harry Potter before going to Hogwarts!"

"Uh, sure. I don't really have anything else to do." Harry replied with a loose shrug.

"Awesome." Olli said, before grabbing hold of Harry's arm to lead him to Pier's house. "I'm moving in with my Aunt Jean and ugly Piers, I'll be heading to Hogwarts this year, now, is that school as Fucking Awesome as they make it seem?" Olli asked, as Piers squawked from behind them.

"I… Wouldn't know what to compare Hogwarts to, actually. I'm probably a bit biased, considering the fact that I consider Hogwarts to be my home and that it's obviously never been boring, like, ever." Harry said with a grin, as Olli chuckled, a deep, seductive sound that made him shiver slightly.

"Well, I've heard it's in a Castle, is that true?" Olli asked. "'Cause Salem is in a Fucking boring ass Muggle looking boarding school thing."

"Yes, it is. The staircases move and shit like that." Harry replied, laughing.

"Shit like that? Wow. Salem didn't have any of that moving staircase shit, I guess I've been missing out!" Olli said, with a nerdy sounding snort, that made both boys laugh harder.

"Humph!" Piers grumbled angrily. "If I knew you were going to attach yourself to the Freak, I wouldn't have taken you on a tour of the neighbourhood!" Piers said angrily.

"Fuck, Piersy, this isn't a place you can really take me on a tour of, considering it's Fucking row after row of Fucking houses that look all the Fucking same." Olli replied. "And, finding Harry Fucking Potter, is totally worth heading back, I mean, look at his arse- that's what you say for ass right?" Olli says with a grin, before he sweeps his long black hair out of his face.

"Gross." Piers muttered before the entered the house. "MUM, WE'RE HOME!"

"Aunt Jean, We're back! I brought back a friend so we're just going to go to my room and chill out for a while!" Olli said, before dragging Harry towards the stairs.

"Wait, Oliver, who did you bring back with you? You know the rules!" Mrs. Polkis said seriously, appearing in a pair of sweat pants and a sweater.

"Only Harry Potter, one of the most famous Fucking Wizards in Fucking ever, Auntie." Olli replied, grinning at the scary looking woman, while Harry smiled sadly. He knew she was probably going to throw him out, considering she had allowed Piers to openly bully him.

"Petunia's nephew? Go on right ahead. I apologize Harry, for allowing my son to get so wild, but it's safer to pretend to be a 'Fucking Muggle' , as Oliver says." Mrs. Polkis said, her severe looking face transforming with a smile.

"Uh, thank you?" Harry replied, before Olli pulled him up the stairs into a room that was littered with Keep Out Signs.

"It's nice to be alone." Olli said with a sigh. Harry looked around the room with interest. The walls were a deep navy blue, and littered with posters of both the Muggle and the Magical variety. The one that held Harry's interest the most though, was the dark black-and-grey Salem waver Olli had above his bed.

"Mhmm." Harry replied, moving closer to the bed.

"Ah, your eager to see my skills in bed… Sadly, I don't fuck on the first date, not even for Harry Fucking Potter." Olli said with a grin, this one a little more sheepish than the one he had on outside.

"Hmmm. What?" Harry asked, moving a little away from the bed, his face going red with a blush.

"Uh, Nothing…" Olli said, laughing at Harry's innocent, surprised face. "Honestly, you act as if people have never propositioned you or said that you're hot."

"That's because no one has." Harry said sincerely. "I've had a few girls interested in me, but they've never bothered to do anything but laugh and blush at me… Besides, I doubt I play for that particular team anyways."

"That's a fucking relief." Olli replied. "Not that you've never been propositioned, God, that's a fucking failure on the terms of every gay young male in Hogwarts, but that I'm not scaring you off because you're straight."

"I'm actually, quite interested in what you have to say about me, to be honest." Harry replied, moving a little closer to Olli.

"Oh, I have a lot to say, Harry." Olli said, grinning at the shorter teen. "And most of it is, we should get to know each other before I kiss you or this is never going to go anywhere, and we should do this real quick, because I want to kiss you."

"Well, I'm Harry James Potter, I live with my Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and cousin Dudley, I hate their guts, but the feeling is mutual. I'm a current year 6th at Hogwarts, and I'm really good at DADA, and I wish I was better at Potions, because despite the fact that the teacher is a greasy git, I really like the idea of Potions. I want to be a Healer when I graduate, not an Aurour like everyone expects me to be. I think I'd like to teach at one point too, either Transfigurations, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, or DADA. My 'best friends' are Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. I actually discovered I was gay when I got an undeniable crush on his older brothers, Bill and Charlie. You go, Olli." Harry said, grinning at the taller boy, whose grin widened with every word.

"Fine, my name is Oliver Kirien Polkis, my parents sent me to stay with my Aunt Jean because I got into some trouble at Salem, I'm not going to say, you'll have to guess, but it wasn't that bad. I'm a current 7th year, and I really enjoy Divination, and don't you dare laugh, it's a good subject if you're actually a seer, which I am, if I use my cards and some water bowl predictions. I also really like Astronomy and Ancient Runes. I'm shit at Transfigurations and Charms, and you could probably help me with those… My best friends are Milo Evans and Chris Johns, both of whom are sadly still at Salem's. I live with my Aunt Jean, Uncle Paul, and cousin Piers currently. My Mom, Stacy, lives with my Step-Father, Carl and Half-Sister, Veronica in Los Angeles, My Step-Sister, Lucille, still goes to Salem and is utterly embarrassed of me. I want to go into music when I graduate, though I would be able to live with working as a ward-smith." Olli replied. "Well, we're done…" And with that, they kissed.


A/N: So, that was the first chapter, and I think it's kind of short but what do I know? I'm using a shit writing-system because Mycrosoft Word is pissing me off with it's inability to spellcheck- AHH, NOW YOU KNOW, I CAN'T SPELL…- and it keeps closing on me and I've just gotten so use to using this system so whatever. Anyways, I'd like to know if any of any of you (?) have heard the album that inspired this story, or at least the song, or whatever, and what you think of it? I've thought that it's really good and it kind of reminded me of the fact that I wanted to look into Satanism because I heard that isn't a creepy religion or whatever and is actually the celebration of the self. I haven't grabbed the courage to do that though, I'm a wuss (any satanists out there who want to explain it?) Also, fun fact!: Oscar Wilde's famous last words were "Either the wallpaper goes or I do."