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"I can't believe we just did that!" Harry groaned, his flushed face pressing against Olli's hicky covered neck. Both boys were panting and… Messy, to say the least.

"While, we did." Olli said, with a chuckle, his dark hair wispy and light around his flushed face. "And it was awesome! No worries of Aunt Jean, or Piersy coming in…"

"Ugh, don't remind me!" Harry said, remembering the one time- one time, that Piers had walked in on them giving each other hand jobs. He still didn't know who it was worse for, him, or Piers, who had still looked pale after nearly a month.

"I'll try not to, baby, but for a price." Olli said, grinning at Harry like the cat who had gotten the cream.

"Fuck that… I thought I was the one in charge here." Harry said, grinning, as he grinded down on the taller boy, making him gasp and plead 'mercy'.

"Polkis, Oliver." Minerva McGonagall called out, her voice strong, pushing out the many worries and daydreams out of Olli's head. He walked up to the stool, his face clear despite many of the murky, dark thoughts that swam in and out of his consciousness. The thought of Harry dumping him if he ended up in Slytherin. The thought of being alone, so far away from home and all his usual creature comforts. He doubted that Hogwarts was anything like Salem, and he'd undoubly be lost if it wasn't for Harry.

Don't be afraid, an unknown voice said, as the sorting hat sat gently on his head, your thoughts are so depressing I could hear them before I even touched your head, you have more anxiety than little Harry Potter did when he sat upon my stool.

What would Harry have to be afraid of? Olli asked, He's a Gryffindor, through and through. Me? I'm a slimly Slytherin and he'll dump me for sure, just like M-he-who-shall-not-be-talked-about-or-thought-abou t.

Oh? You really think so? The hat asked. Little Harry Potter, who insisted to be placed in Gryffindor, despite the fact that I thought he'd do brilliantly in Slytherin, just like you shall.

Harry? A Slytherin? You must be going crazy, . Olli thought, chuckling a bit, unaware of the rest of the hall's mumbles over what was taking so long.

Oh, I'm not. Harry had ambitions, but he did not wish to be great, mistaking greatness for power hungry. The hat replied. And I am not going crazy, and please set the wayward Slytherin-Gryff straight, Mr. Polkis.

"SLYTHERIN!" The Hat called out. Olli smiled as it was slipped off his head again, and he walked, straight-backed, towards his new house table, refusing to glance at Harry incase his little Gryff decided that he wasn't the one he wanted anymore.

Harry sighed as he waited for Olli to be sorted. It felt like there was a million kids before his boyfriend, even if that wasn't true at all.

"Harry." Hermione said quietly, as Ron and Ginny were distracted by the sorting.

"Hermione." Harry replied, glancing at her.

"I'm sorry." She said simply, glancing at Ron, who seemed to be talking to both Ginny and Seamus about Quidditch.

"You should be." Harry remarked, ignoring her as Olli was called up to the stool. He watched as Olli closed his eyes, listening completely to the sorting hat. At the other boy's slightly surprised expression, Harry frowned, especially when it got to be more, and more surprised, before Olli grinned a little, chuckling at whatever the sorting had had said.

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat called out. Harry grinned, and slowly clapped. He had expected Olli to get Slytherin, the other boy was just too… Sneaky not too. The grey-blue eyed boy often distracted him from doing important things (i.e. yard work for the Dursley's that ended up with him spending two days at the Polkis's.) He kept his smile bright, despite the fact that he couldn't help but be worried when Olli didn't look at him on his way to his new table.

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