Chapter Ten

Three years later...

Charlie did take to vampirism easily. In fact, he really didn't think being a vampire was that much different from being human. It took Sue and Billy a bit longer to become accustomed to this life, but they were happy to still be amongst the living. Sue and Charlie were mates in their new life, which didn't surprise them at all because they had been so in love with each other in their human lives.

Billy found his mate in Nahuel's aunt Huilen. Bella thought the pair was a perfect match. Billy wasn't so serious anymore, now that he had use of his legs back. He frequently ran around the forest happily with his mate. He was so happy to be alive and was thankful everyday that Jacob thought to have him changed.

Jacob and Leah still lived in La Push. Jacob was now Chief of the Quileute Nation while Leah was an Elder. With Sue and Billy as vampires, the pack had to rewrite the entire treaty. Billy, of course, oversaw the whole writing of the treaty. He was still making the decisions for the tribe behind the scenes. Carlisle Cullen, Edward, and his mate were, of course, eliminated from the treaty. Caius signed the treaty as supreme vampire ruler, which trumped anything Carlisle said.

Speaking of Carlisle, he had just been captured and brought to the castle along with Joham Lobishomen. There were also two zombies on leashes brought in as well. He was brought forth to the throne room to face the Supreme Vampire Leader—Caius Volturi, along with his advisors Demetri, Jasper, Peter, Charlie, and Billy. Their mates stood behind them while the guard surrounded the prisoners.

"Carlisle Cullen and Joham Lobishomen, you knowingly created zombies and caused mass chaos throughout the human world. What say you to those charges?"

Carlisle looked around the room in complete shock. He had heard that the Volturi had regrouped, but he wasn't expecting these faces. He answered the question soberly, "It was an accident, Sire. We were attempting to create a vaccine that would restore vampires back to their human form. Sadly, the vaccine failed and those who tested it became ill."

"Ill like Edward and his mate there?" Caius asked, pointing to the two zombies on leashes. "You and Joham Lobishomen have already been found guilty of your crimes against humanity—both vampire and human. Nahuel Lobishomen has apprised us of all your wrong doings. In addition, Carlisle Cullen, you are charged with physical abuse of your former wife Esme. How do you plead?"

"I am innocent, Sire. She was my wife then. She refused to listen to me. Jane ordered that Edward choose between Isabella Swan and his mate Bree. Naturally he picked his mate Bree. Isabella Swan was supposed to die, but Esme interfered. For that, I apologize."

"It's a good thing Esme interfered; otherwise, I would be without my mate."

Carlisle opened his mouth to say something, but no words would come out. When Bella stepped out and took Caius' hand, he managed to croak, "Bella, it's so good to see you."

"I'm happy to see you, too, Carlisle." She looked up at Felix. "Execute him." And thus, Carlisle Cullen's life came to a rather unspectacular end.