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Chapter 3

Sesshoumaru's eyes ran over Kagome's sleeping form. She had tossed and turned all night. She must have gotten hot during the night for her lower half had kicked away the blanket that was now entangled around her waist. Her green mini skirt was hiked up, revealing the lacy light pink panties she was wearing. Sesshoumaru shook her gently. Kagome moaned and mumbled something sleepily.

"Just five more minutes, I swear."

Sesshoumaru frowned, "Get up girl or your punishment shall be severe."

Kagome cracked open an eye. When she saw two golden orbs staring back at her, memories of the night before came jolting back.

"I remember now. You're with that scum Naraku. It wasn't a dream after all…" The last part Kagome whispered to herself.

Sesshoumaru rolled out of the bed and walked to his closet to put a shirt on. Kagome blushed. She didn't remember him being half naked when she fell asleep.

"I won't repeat myself again. Get up now." Sesshoumaru said sternly.

There was a knock at the door. Sesshoumaru opened the door and Naraku walked through, holding out a collar with a leash.

"I just came to check on our little beauty here. I thought I'd sit in on her training regimen, maybe even offer some tips since this is the first girl you've trained alone, Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru merely nodded, taking the collar and fastening it to Kagome's neck. "Though I can manage on my own, you can watch. I'm sure you would have anyway."

Naraku gave a sickly smile. "You know me too well. I thought some anal play would be fun to start out with. We can fuck her in the ass and the pussy and see which hole is tighter."

Kagome backed into a corner. "No, you can't do that. It's illegal."

"So? What your stepfather and everyone else does is illegal as well and if we get caught, everyone is going down. Your guardian is put in jail and you're out on the streets." Naraku countered.

Kagome fell silent. Sesshoumaru yanked the leash toward him and walked to the door. He spoke to Naraku. "Anal is fine. Even if this girl is a virgin, I doubt she's so innocent. The girls here never are. If she struggles too much, I'll need you to hold her down."

"I'm happy to oblige," said Naraku, looking at Kagome's body greedily.

The three walked down a few dimly lit hallways, turning occasionally until they came to an empty room. In the surrounding rooms, Kagome heard the sounds of women screaming and men laughing as flesh slapped against flesh. After a while, the only sound Kagome heard was muffled moans and cries of pleasure. She turned back to Sesshoumaru, pleading he would be merciful.

"Please, I really am innocent! I've never had sex, anal or oral. I've never even kissed a guy or gone on a date before. I don't want this!"

Sesshoumaru pushed her into the room, ignoring her pleas. The room was bare except for a large wooden board with shackles attached where the wrists and ankles were held in. By that was a small table covered with different sized butt plugs, oil, and a vibrator.

"I see you took the liberty to set up, Naraku. How kind of you." Sesshoumaru said with a hint of sarcasm.

Sesshoumaru turned to Kagome. "Undress then get on that board and lie on your back."

Kagome hesitated, opening her mouth to make another plea. Sesshoumaru looked at her sharply. "That wasn't a request. Do it!"

Kagome yelped at the rise in his voice and began to undress. She crawled up on the board. Naraku shackled her up with a smirk. Naraku bent down and picked up Kagome's panties. He stuffed them in her mouth and used some rope to keep the panties in her mouth. Sesshoumaru questioned him.

"If she's as tight as I think she is, this is going to hurt her a bit. I don't want to deal with all her shouting. Next time I'll remember to bring a proper gag." Naraku stated.

Kagome's legs were spread and lifted up, giving Sesshoumaru better access to her ass. He rubbed the oil over her pussy and ass, liking the glisten it gave off. He rubbed a little oil on his own hand and stuck a finger inside her asshole. Kagome hissed at the intrusion. He pumped his finger in lightly, frowning at the difficulty he had getting his finger in and out. She was really tight and Sesshoumaru didn't even know if they had any butt plugs small enough to get her used to the feeling.

"We don't have any plugs small enough for her. I'm going to check upstairs."

Sesshoumaru left the room and Kagome grew even more frightened.

"Well, well, well, it looks like we have the room all to ourselves." Naraku cooed.

Naraku picked up the vibrator first, moving it against Kagome's clit roughly. Kagome squirmed and tried to jerk away from his touch, but the shackles around her ankles held her in place. Naraku dug his fingers in her ass, twisting them around.

"I bet you can handle a lot more than Sesshoumaru thinks. Let's give my theory a try."

Naraku pulled away and Kagome's body relaxed. She looked over to see what he was getting and gasped. Naraku held an egg shaped glass butt plug the size of his fist. She shook her head frantically, screaming no, but the word came out only as a high pitched muffle. Naraku turned the vibrator back on, moving it up and down her body this time, teasing her nipples as she cried out. He pressed the vibrator against her pussy again and increased the speed. Kagome began to pant, unintentionally bucking her hips toward him. Naraku smirked. She was wet now.

He rubbed the butt plug across her pussy, trying to cover it in her juices. His fingers probed her anus a few more times before he pushed the butt plug in. Kagome screamed and convulsed in pain and Naraku frowned seeing that he could only get a fourth of the plug inside of her. He poured more oil into her ass, and pushed the butt plug in again. Kagome groaned as the plug filled her walls. Naraku began to grind the plug around inside her. This was something Kagome had never experienced and she was growing accustomed to the pain. She moaned a little through her gag. Naraku gave her a smug look and moved down to focus on her pussy again. He ran his tongue over her clit and dipped his tongue inside her inner walls. Kagome bucked her hips again, but Naraku held her down. His teeth gazed over her lips and Kagome's toes curled in ecstasy. She came and Naraku eagerly lapped up her juices.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Naraku stopped his administrations and looked up at Sesshoumaru. He grinned, wiping his face.

"I don't think you gave our little vixen enough credit. She was able to take one of our larger plugs just fine. She just needed a little more force."

Sesshoumaru looked over at Kagome. Her hair was disheveled, probably from all the tossing she was doing. Her eyes were half lidded and she was breathing hard with even a little drool escaping her gagged mouth. Her entire body was draped in a sheen of sweat. Her toes were still curled as she returned from her sexual high. Her pussy was dripping in her essence and tightly lodged in her perfect round ass was the plug.

Sesshoumaru's breath hitched. His eyes darkened, clouded with lust. Naraku began to play with the plug in her ass a little more. He reached over to remove the rope around Kagome's mouth and she spit the gag out.

"Tell Sesshoumaru how much fun we had, Kagome." Naraku insisted.

He jerked the plug deeper inside and Kagome winced.

"Naraku made me feel really good." Kagome said in a whisper.

Naraku sneered at her answer, but continued to speak. "Have you ever seen a prettier pussy? So pink and tight? And the way it twitches right before she experiences pain…"

Naraku ripped the plug out in one pull and Kagome's entire body stiffened. Her mouth was open, but she was on too much pain to even cry out. Her eyes bugged out as the tears came. Her pussy twitched and her ass was agape. The previous pink color her ass had been had darkened to a red-purplish color and it looked swollen from Naraku's actions. Sesshoumaru watched as her fluids ran down her thighs and over her puckered asshole.

"It amazing," said Naraku finishing his sentence. Sesshoumaru pushed Naraku away from Kagome and unshackled her. She slumped down. Her blue eyes were still big and round as Sesshoumaru lifted her up.

"I warned you to refer to me as Master, bitch. Next time it'll be worse. Enjoy the rest of your training."

Naraku left with a chuckle. Kagome whimpered out and Sesshoumaru looked down at her. He felt a little bad seeing her like that, but he didn't know what to say.

"I suppose, you're done with your training for today."

Kagome walked back to Sesshoumaru's room slowly. Sesshoumaru thought to carry her back, but decided against that action. He knew it was only going to get worse from here. He left the girl to rest for the remainder of the day, only stopping by to deliver her meals. When it was time for bed Sesshoumaru called over to Kagome. She walked to the bed slowly and lied down in the bed. Sesshoumaru had given her a basic tank top and panties to sleep in for the night.

"Are you still sore or tender anywhere?" Sesshoumaru asked quietly. He lifted her top gently and ran his hands up and down her body, checking for bruises.

Kagome frowned. 'Why can't he just have his way with me and get it over with? There's no reason for him to act like he cares.' Kagome kept that thought to herself, "I'm fine. Just sleepy."

Sesshoumaru pulled her shirt back down, but before he could say anything, Kagome gripped her panties and pulled them to her ankles. She lied on her back and spread her legs.

"This was what you wanted to see, right? This is what you like?" Kagome stated coldly.

Her tone was not lost on Sesshoumaru and he looked at her, disgusted. "I was going to try to be gentle with you after your training today, but maybe it wasn't harsh enough."

Kagome remained silent, turning away from Sesshoumaru. He saw that her pussy had returned to normal and though her ass was still a little red, it looked to be fine too. Sesshoumaru got out and went to the bathroom and came out with some lubricant. Kagome jerked up when she felt another plug intruding her.

"What are you doing?"

"This was the size plug I wanted to start you with. Sleep with it in to get used to it. Who knows? You might like the feeling." Sesshoumaru answered coolly.

Sesshoumaru pulled her panties back up and crawled back in bed. Kagome watched him, confused. He ignored her gaze and turned over to rest.

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