Chapter One: The New Generation

It has been only a decade since the X-Men's famous defeat of the power-hungry God, Galactus. Professor Charles Xavier is dead. After the battle, the remaining X-Man that had survived the encounter decided to disband and begin their own adventures or even start a family. But not even two years after that, a new threat began to rise in Bayville, before spreading across the entire planet.

Around a year after the X-Men had decided to disband for good, thousands of Purifiers and Sentinels spread across the entire Earth. They had only goal on their mind and that was to find all mutants. They were then supposed to arrest them unless they were rated "Omega-level" (such as Jean Grey or Cyclops) or higher, which is when they were just supposed to exterminate the mutant on sight. After a hard fought battle that lasted a little under four years, both of the anti-mutant threats were defeated by the X-Men Resurrected.

Now, the small amount of mutants that are still alive and not locked up for the rest of their lives (about three-eighths of the original amount of mutants before the Galactus conflict) barely use their powers, even to this day. They live in fear that if they even think about doing so, a new generation of Purifiers would reveal themselves to the world.

On the other hand, some mutants use their powers to stop petty crimes and protect civilians under new Codenames, while many are either buried six feet underground or trapped to rot in military prisons. But one mutant is determined to convince mutants to return to their original ways… the way that it used to be. That mutant's name is Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops.

June 13, 2015

James Howlett, better known as simply Logan, rode through the night on his 1963 Harley Davidson Duo Glide FLH on the cold, windy roads of Downtown Bayville. He happened to be searching for one of the six teenage mutants that Scott Summers had referred him to.

"Damn, I remember that on a Saturday night like this, the only thing you could see were mutants battling it out… back in the gold ole days." Logan growled under his breath as he examined the places and buildings around him.

Just by looking at the man, you could tell that the last few years or so hadn't been too good on him. He had many battle scars on his face that hadn't fully healed and age was slowly starting to take its toll, seeing as his healing factor had slowed down slightly and he had some strands of grayish hairs in his black hairstyle.

"Logan, we have a visual on the location of one of the mutants. Her name is Katerina Louisa Frost and Cerebrius (updated form of Cerebro) says that she's in a Starbucks near your location, on Bayville Avenue." The voice of Scott Summers echoed through Logan's earpiece.

"Gotcha bub, I'll be there in least than ten minutes." Logan grunted as he began to speed the motorcycle up, with a growl from the ignition, heading towards the nearest Starbucks as quickly as he could.

After another minutes, Logan parked his Harley Panhead outside of a Starbucks and walked into the café. He walked up to the counter, tilted his hat, and ordered, "Coors Light… and make it quick!"

Once he had obtained his beverage, Logan scanned the photo that Cyclops had given him, showing the picture of the girl named Katerina. He then walked over and sat at a table where a tan-skinned girl with sea blue eyes and long, dark brown hair was also sitting. The girl hesitantly glanced at the fierce looking man before quickly looking back down at the book she had been enjoying.

A slashing sound was heard throughout the entire Starbucks as Logan decapitated his beer can with his trademark Adamantium claws before he began guzzling the cold beer down his throat.

"Katerina… right?" Logan asked the girl between burps.

"Y-Yeah, who are you? Plus, how did you do that thing with your hands a few seconds ago?" She replied, beginning to look up.

"I'm just like you Kate… and I know what you can do. The name's Logan, I can help you out with your gifts." Logan told the girl as he threw his empty beer can to the ground and smashed it with his boot.

At precisely that moment, Katerina's eyes began to glow a whitish-blue color. She grabbed hold of Logan's nearest arm and began to freeze it to the table. She then got up and began to run out of the diner saying, "You don't know anything about me! Just leave me alone,"

Logan immediately broke free of the ice and stormed out of the Starbucks behind the girl. He began to run at his full speed, hopping over cars and sniffing his nose for Katerina's scent.

After a few seconds of being chased, Kate turned around to face Wolverine. She attempted to blast the man with a beam of ice, only for Logan to easily avoid it. "W-What do you want with me?"

"Kate, just believe me! I am one of the X-Men, we're dedicated to protecting mutants and those who can't protect themselves!" Logan cried out before Katerina stopped charging beams of ice in her hands.

"An X-Man? So, what did you want to talk about?" Katerina asked as her eyes returned to their normal color, showing that she was calming down.

"Well, since the X-Men disbanded… the few of us that remain, including myself, have decided to start training a new team of young mutants. So we've decided that you have the potential to be great hero and that if you want us to… we'll train you and help you control your gifts. But if you don't want us to bub, I have other ways of making you." Logan explained as he grew out his claws and snickered a little.

After a brief five minute conversation, as Kate and Logan were about to walk back to the Starbucks, they heard the sirens of many police cars. A few dozen policemen hopped out of their cars, pistols and shotguns aimed at the two mutants.

"M-Mutants! Stay completely still or we'll fire." One said through a megaphone.

"Kate stand back, I'm going to make a path through them. Just follow me and let me take all of the bullets!" Logan whispered to the girl as he began slowly walking towards the cruisers.

"Stop now! This will be our first and only warning" The policeman ordered. Logan smirked as he began to speed up; now slashing is way through the waves of police. As he began, a barrage of bullets came flying towards him, hitting his body repeatedly.

"Logan!" Kate cried as the bullets flew through the man's face and chest, blasting them apart. But to her surprise, the wounds were healing almost instantaneously. Logan was just charging through the soldiers, smirking as he did so.

"Kate, use your powers and freeze these guys. They're really starting to piss me off." Logan shouted through the echoes of gunshots and screaming.

Kate immediately rose her hands into the air once hearing Logan's words. The moisture in the air suddenly began to freeze up, covering the entire alleyway in a blanket of ice.

"Good job, bub. Now, hop on and hold on tight!" Logan said as the two got on his motorcycle before driving away, back towards the X-mansion.

After arriving back at the Institution, Kate was introduced to Scott Summers, Hank McCoy, Kitty Pryde, Kurt Wagner, and Bobby Drake, all of whom were the only X-Men (besides Logan) that were known to have survived both the Galactus encounter and the Purifiers Era.

"You should've seen how easily she froze all of those policemen and then some. There were at least 30 of 'em too. Even you, Bobby… couldn't do that after a year of training. You were always too much of a smart mouth and comedian." Logan presented as he praised the girl, making her blush slightly.

"So… Logan, am I the only teenage mutant here?" Kate asked the older mutants, all of whom were about to answer until a boy walked into the room.

This young boy had short brown hair and hazel colored eyes. He wore a denim jacket, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt. He also had on a pair of black glasses and seemed kind of shy.

"H-Hey, my name's Caleb Evans… I'm able to jump into a person's body and take control of all of their body functions, even their powers and memories." The boy named Caleb explained before he attempted to hop into Kate's body, only to fall headfirst on the ground.

"Hi… I'm Kate," the girl replied, shaking the boy's hand.

"So, what are your… gifts?" Caleb questioned the girl.

Kate slightly smiled as she began to meditate. The air around her began to get cooler as her body temperature dropped.

After a few seconds, Kate's hair had become a snowy white color (except for her dark brown bangs and streaks). Her skin had also gotten paler and her eyes changed to an icy blue color.

"Hydrokinesis and Cryokinesis… pretty cool right?" Kate responded. Caleb gasped with excitement, not believing what he had just witnessed.

"Well fuck… that far outclasses my powers. All that I can do is control someone's body. That's also how I managed to pass all of my classes with the A-Honor Roll," Caleb deviously smiled.

"So… anyone else here yet Caleb?" Kate asked her new comrade and friend.

"Well, when I got here I saw this one guy digging in the refrigerator and just eating a lot of food… but he's probably fast asleep now." Caleb responded, until he was interrupted by another person who had joined the conversation.

"…or maybe I'm not," The new figure smirked as he revealed himself from the shadows, having had been listening to his comrade's conversation. He held a half-eaten sandwich is his left hand, biting into it every few seconds.

"So… you are?" Kate questioned the boy, who seemed quite ignorant and spoiled.

"The name's Kevin Lizewski, son of the Kick-Ass… I guess we'll be a team Kate and Caleb." Kevin continued as he stepped out of the shadows and took a seat on one of the couches, next to Kate.

"I take it that you will tell us your powers… right?" Caleb said, making Kevin smirk as he reached for his holster.

"I don't have or need any type of power. My father and godmother trained me to be the ultimate killing machine, so let's just say that you probably shouldn't piss me off." Kevin replied, now tinkering around with the pistol that he had gotten out of his pistol holster.

Before they could say another else, Scott Summers entered the room. Alongside him were three other boys, who were the last three teens that they were waiting for. The other team members of the X-Strikers.

The first boy wore a black hoodie and black jeans. He had dark brown hair to match his chocolate brown eyes. He stared over at the others and introduced himself as Richard Rodgers. Also, according to himself, he had enhanced superhuman abilities and could also fly thanks to the dragonfly genes that he had gotten from a dragonfly enhancer chemical.

The next one was a tan, skinny, but still muscular boy with fiery red hair and crimson colored eyes. He still looked quite stunned and shocked that he was currently in the presence of the famous superhero team, the X-Men. His powers included Pyrokinesis and it turned out that the angrier that he was, the stronger he would get. He told the others that his name was Christian Kane, and that he was glad to help them out.

The last of the teenagers seemed quite average and mysterious. He was tall with a well-toned body with just enough muscle. He had medium-length, messy black hair with his left eye being blue while the right was green. It turned out that his name was Luke Zachary Rane and that he was born a Hell Magi. With him, he carried a mirror, which he seemed to be guarding with his life.

Cyclops gave the young mutants a few minutes to greet one another and get to know each other. When he came back into the room, he saw that the mutants were awaiting orders from him.

"Okay young mutants, you may be wondering why the six of you have been gathered here. Well, since the X-Men disbanded, I've dreamed of creating my very own group of a new generation of heroes. I know that many threats will come to the people of the world and that's why I want you guys to become the Earth's protectors." He began, only to be interrupted by Luke.

"Um, sorry to interrupt Cyclops but, will we have costumes designed for our powers or do we fight crime in our everyday clothes… I don't think my family would like me getting my clothes ripped up by giant robots." He asked.

"We have already designed costumes that are customized to fit and adapt to your environment and powers and you are also allowed to customize them to your liking. Also, you will be attending school at the local high school, Bayville High as soon as Summer Break ends. Since it's getting pretty late, here are your X-Capsules, keep them highly secured since you will need to come close to the X-Mansion and to enter all rooms in here. They have all of your information, like your secret identity and current location on them and also a microphone so you can contact a teammate if something goes wrong." Cyclops explained to the children as they were handed their costumes and small, portable phone-like devices.

"Now, get to bed and be on the track field at 8:00, or else bubs!" Logan growled as the six mutants walked to their rooms and got settled into their new home.

Minutes later, Luke was sitting on his bed, holding his wand in his right hand. He had been thinking and concentrating on an incantation to use a spell.

"Senolcitome eht fo rorrim tnaig!" He yelled as he pointed the long, black wand at an empty wall, making a giant mirror that resembled his hand-held one appear on it out of thin air.

"Emoticlones appear," Luke said to himself before the giant mirror began to flicker and dazzle with a showcase of colors. A few seconds later, eight different reflections of Luke, each of which was a different color, formed in the mirror.

"Now Emoticlones, I do not want a scene around this place… and Rage, do not act up!" Luke warned, looking directly at the red reflection, who snickered slightly and angrily before disappearing along with his fellow reflections.

The next moment, Luke laid down on his new, full-sized bed, nearly asleep. In a matter of minutes, he was fast asleep, now snoring louder than one could snore.

Also, I would like to give a big thanks to the creators of the mutants or characters introduced into the story in this chapter

Katerina Louisa Frost/ Frostbite- made by prime -lover 13

Caleb Evans/ Jumper- made by darkmaster429

Kevin Lizewski/ Vengeance- made by KakarotSSj3 (me!)

Richard Rodgers/ Dragonfly- made by KakarotSSj3 (me!)

Christian Kane/ InFerNo- made by KakarotSSj3 (me!)

Luke Zachary Rane/ Spell- made by victory fire