This fic is set in set undetermined timeframe between Scorpia and Scorpia Rising. Please forgive any plot mistakes I make due to the fact that I've only read a few of the books(but please feel free to point these mistakes out to me), although I think I've figured most stuff out from reading the fanfiction :)

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The woman frantically dashed through the dark alleyway, throwing herself down behind an overflowing dumpster. Covering her mouth with her hands, she tried desperately to quiet her breathing. The sound of footsteps on the damp stone reached her ears and unconcealed panic overtook her features. The footsteps stopped. A soft whimper escaped her lips. The man looked down at her and smiled calmly, he knew he wouldn't be found here.


The man lifted his gun. The woman squeezed her eyes shut. And a single shot rang out.

"Cut! That was perfect Katherine! I knew we were paying you for a reason. And James-fantastic! With your acting you'll be on the red carpet with Katherine the second this hits the screens."

Katherine, or Kat, as she preferred to be called, smiled warmly at the director's praise. Accepting James' hand as he helped her up, the Hollywood actress soaked up the attention. "Alright everyone," continued the director, "that's it for today, make sure to rest well for tomorrow."

Katherine was currently in filming for the most anticipated movie of the year and had succeeded in gaining the female lead. A few years ago she'd had her rise to fame when she starred on the most successful TV show of the decade and since then her acting skills had become prized by the film industry, resulting in multiple awards.

Meshing with the crowd, Katherine made her way towards the trailers. Her's was always well-stocked, and an escape from all of the chaos that came with filming a big-budget movie. She was grateful for it. Opening the door, she plopped down on one of the couches and snatched an apple from the fruit bowl. It would be a while before anyone realised the apple had been poisoned.

This was just the prologue, the actual chapters will be much longer, don't worry :)

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