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Strangely enough, Seifer had been readmitted into the Garden and who does Cid ask to room with him?.......ME!!! OF ALL PEOPLE!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!

"There is no more room, Squall... Everyone else has a roomate," Cid stated, looking up at me with hopeful eyes.

"Can't he just switch with someone??? Like Zell Maybe...... I'll even take Irvine......well, maybe not Irvine, but PLEEEEEAAASE!!! NOT HIM!!!!!!"I wined hoping to get somewhere positive. It didn't work...

Cid lowered his voice down to a whisper since Seifer had been sitting right outside the office.. I didn't care if he heard me, I just didn't want to be anywhere near him.

"Squall, you know that after that incident with Ultimecia that he wouldn't be accepted by his fellow students," Cid whispered

I only nodded, not trusting my voice knowing that I would probably speak waaay too loud.

"I would think that you would at least be able to show more sympathy to a person in need," Cid scolded...... and suddenly I felt guilty.

Again, I nodded and in sad, sad defeat, I stormed out of Cid's office making sure to SLAM the door on my way out. I chuckled knowing that Cid had cringed when the big boom got to his ears. My few seconds of happiness was interrupted when I saw the once great Seifer Almasy sitting hunched over in a chair in the corner of the waiting room. I stood over him for a few seconds waiting for him to look up. When he finally did, that damn "Trademark" smirk appeared... I'm sick of looking at that damn thing... always there... DAMMIT....I'M SOOO FUCKING SICK OF LOOKING AT THAT DAMN-- ......

"Are you jus' gonna stand there gaping at me or are you gonna show me to the Hell you call your room?" His arrogant voice jutted me out of my thoughts.. Sometimes, he fucking pissed me off.... I could do absolutely nothing without thinking about that ignorant smirk he held, or the confident and arrogant way he walked, or the way his pants just sort of molded to his ass, or-- WHAT?!? Where the hell did that come from? Holy shit....What is the world coming to???

He raised one golden eyebrow quizzically...Here comes that damn smirk.... again. " I never thought you were interested in me in that way, Leonhart.." He said noticing I had been staring at him for a long while. I just sort of stared some more and frowned a bit. When he rolled his eyes and sighed loudly of annoyance, I turned sharply and began walking to the elevator. When I noticed he wasn't behind me, I turned and gave him a look of anticipation.

"Are you coming or not?" I asked wondering why he didn't follow me in the first place. He stood up with nothing but his trenchcoat over his left arm and a duffle bag hung over his right shoulder. I led him to the elevator, pressed the button, and waited for the elevator doors to open. When they finally did, I stepped in and motioned for Seifer to do the same. I then pressed the button that would take me to the second floor. The doors closed with a 'ping' noise and I was alone with Seifer in a very small space. I wasn't afaid, just worried. I glanced over to his arm that held up his trench coat and wondered if he hid anything harmful under it. I looked up to his face and found him with his eyes narrowed.

"Damn, Leonhart. You can't keep your eyes off of me." He said, egotistically mind you. I scoffed, rolled my eyes, and looked away. I was just being paranoid.

After what seemed like hours of waiting, the elevator doors opened and 'pinged' again. I sighed of relief knowing that I was very close to punching him square in the mouth in order to keep silly comments like the ones he often made from coming out.

Upon approaching my room I looked back at Seifer's expression. He seemed bored, but I couldn't care less. I unlocked my door and held it open for him to enter. He looked around a bit while I plop down onto my bed. He noticed that my room was huge being the fact that I am Commander Leonhart and I need my space. Oh Hyne! I'm starting to sound like Seifer! I frowned at the thought. Seifer then turned to face me. "So, this is the shithole I'll be staying in, huh?"

My eyebrows shot up in disbelief. How could he say such a thing? Noone would allow him to rent an apartment after what he did. He was homeless for a while eating occasionally with the money he made by working odd jobs for more important people. He slept under a bridge for Hyne's sake....and he calls my room a SHITHOLE?!? A couple of SeeD officers found him and were sympathetic enough to try and get him lodgings here at the Garden or at least that's what Headmaster Cid told me. Not wanting to tell him so and start an unnessecary fight, I say the only second thing that came to mind. "Whatever."

He just stared around the room for a while before asking,"Where the hell am I going to sleep? I only see one bed." He paused and looked at me before continuing,"Or, do you plan on sharing your bed with me?" He smiled at me suductively. By then, I was speechless. I could only leer at him in disgust.

"No, Almasy. I will not be sharing my bed with you. You will take the couch for now until Cid has your bed brought up. I don't see why you have to be such a difficult--"

"Whatever" he says flopping down onto the couch and thankfully cutting me off. I was about to say something that I would have regretted.

A few minutes past before I looked at the clock. It was 6:17! OoOoOh dinnertime!! I hadn't eaten since breakfast. "I'm gonna go get something to eat are you hungry?" I said breaking the unbearable silence. More silence. I get out of bed and walk up to where Seifer lay sprawled out on the couch snoring lightly. "Okay then" I murmur. I silently walked over to the door, opend, and closed it quietly.

To Be Continued...


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