Title: TH Elvenking's Visitors

Chapter 14: Truth

Spoiler Alert: The Hobbit, LOTR (books, maps and movies)

Warnings: Language, Sexual Situations, Violence, Humor, AU (means not all canon), Angst

Pairing: Thranduil/OC

Summary: Ship - Thranduil lost his wife years ago to war. After the death of the dragon, there is a group of humans who are causing problems. One sparks Thranduil's interest.

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Thranduil watched as exhaustion pulled Alyssa into sleep. He had no idea how he was going to make things right with her. His mind was still a jumble of emotion yelling at him that he had to protect her. He vaguely remembered Tauriel saying they were trying to protect her from him.

He started to think about that, but his mind shut off going back to being consumed by emotions. Time passed, and he fell asleep to dream of his kingdom falling down around him.

Thranduil woke a few hours later. As he lifted his head, he became aware of how stiff his body felt. His sapphire blue eyes shot open and in a moment took in the situation. He was kneeled by a bed in a strange small room, and Alyssa was sleeping.

He stood and rubbed the side of his head that felt like a Dwarf took a hammer to it. Memories of the last couple of days rushed back. Her arrival. His obsession. The Warg that tried to kill her. His carrying her into the mountain while he was half clothed. His concern for her being sick and the revelation she knew the future. He almost killed healers. She kissed Legolas by mistake then Thranduil talked plainly to Legolas about his pain over the loss of his Elvenqueen.

He rubbed his hands together knowing after that other things were harder to remember. Images flashed in his mind as he claimed Alyssa and worshiped her body. Pounding at the door. "Decorating?"

Thranduil picked up a chair and moved it to the side of the bed. He sat and thought about the sleeping woman. Her damaged clothing barely covered her, and she braved Celeborn's scorn and Elrond's amusement.

Starved. Drunk to the point of being poisoned. All the while, she maintained herself and tried to tell us things to save our people from Mordor. She was honorable. "Which is more than I can say for myself."

Thranduil rested his elbows on the bed and placed his head in his hands. He remembered what he said and how she reacted. He thought of her heart skipping a beat and how he rushed after her almost killing his own people.

"Now what's wrong?" A delicate female voice broke him from his self loathing.

He watched her green eyes open to see they were brighter than before. His eyes flicked to the healed cut on her arm then over the site of the point on her ear. He held his breath knowing things were about to get worse.

He ground his teeth together thinking that with everything that happened she would most definitely not take too kindly to being told he pledged them in bond without her knowing, and she was now transforming into an Elf. She was the new Elvenqueen if she liked it or not.

"What?" Alyssa rubbed at her eyes a few times and rolled on her side facing him. "What's wrong with my eyes? Did you give me another potion? The last one knocked me on my ass. What the Hell?" She blinked then squinted again. "How come I can see and count every eyelash on each eye, but you look all blurry."

Thranduil spoke quietly and slowly. "Hold our hand in front of your face. Pull it back slowly and try to keep focus as it moves."

She had to concentrate, but it worked. "You guys have some strong drugs here. What's going on? How did I get here?"

Thranduil saw the moment she knew the answer to her own questions. She paused holding her breath then lay back more firmly.

Alyssa remembered her dream that that turned into a nightmare. She fell madly in love with the Elvenking only to have him flip like a coin. He went from hot to cold. Love and adoration to scorn and loathing. He had manipulated her, and she so easily and quickly fell for it.

Tears threatened to form in her eyes, but she pushed the feeling back. She told herself he was not human. He was an Elf. And not any Elf, he was the Elvenking of Mirkwood. Master manipulator…a cold hearted bastard extraordinaire!

She pictured him in a top hat instead of a crown and the image lessened the pain."What happens now?" She was proud that her voice didn't shake.

"What do you want?"

"In exchange for what exactly?" She thought about the ring bearer and her request to ask Elrond if she could go to Rivendell. Above all else, she wished Gandalf was there. She knew she could trust him and if anyone knew what to do it would be him. "Gandalf wouldn't happen to be in your kingdom right now would he?"

Thranduil rubbed the side of his head, but his crown got in the way. He ripped it off his head and launched it across the room.

Alyssa hissed in air through her nose and stiffened. She spoke quietly as if he held a gun to her head. "Just tell me what you want?"

Thranduil closed his eyes knowing he was losing control, but only in bursts. "At least this is better than last time." He turned to the door. "Yes, Galadriel is here. It must be her rune. Jealous of Gandalf? Always something new around you."

Alyssa shook her head and sat up. A sound of pain left her mouth as she cradled her head. "You're not making any sense and why is everything so loud and bright?" When he didn't answer she removed her hands.

Thranduil leaned back in the chair. "You truly wish to know?"

"No, I'm asking you because I want you to hide the answer from me." She absently rubbed at her arm causing some dried blood to flake off.

No response.

"Of course I want you to answer. You know what? Just forget it. It's not like I'm going to get the truth anyway." Alyssa lay back down and pulled the blanket up to her chin because she didn't with to flash him if the only clasp holding her shirt closed finally broke. "I'm too tired for this anyway."

She almost rolled over when she noticed he had dark circles under his eyes. Elves aren't supposed to look tired or have bloodshot eyes. "What's wrong?"

"I do not even know where to begin." Thranduil stared at the edge of the bed.

"Start with what's wrong with you. You look tired. Legolas can fight in battles for hours and he still looks rested and amused. So something is wrong. Just say it." She thought Thranduil appeared as if every hang over his Elven physiology staved off had hit him all at once.

Thranduil went back to grinding his teeth.


"Do not talk about him right now."

"I don't want to talk about him, I'm asking about you." Alyssa huffed out.

"You will not believe me and will think I am trying to manipulate you."

"Yes. I think we've established that already, so just tell me what's wrong."

"I was so worried that you were ill with fever that I did not notice that I was the one that had fallen into a sickness."

Alyssa pushed the blanket back and sat up ignoring the dizzy sensation as she sat on the edge of the bed. She leaned forward touching his forehead while thinking she didn't remember ever hearing that Elves got sick. "You don't feel warm. What is it? Can the healers help? Wait. Is that why Galadriel is here? I can go get her."

"I do not need her. I need you."

"To do what?" Alyssa glanced over his face. "Maybe you should lay down. Here. Just lay down and I'll go get her and the healers and Elrond if he's still around. He heals people. Yes, I'll get Elrond."

Alyssa stepped to her feet and lost her balance.

Thranduil grabbed her waist and set her back on the bed. "Just remain here with me and stop being concerned for me and talking about other men." He opened his mouth and tried for the truth. "It pains me."

Alyssa pulled his wrists making him let go. "What's going on?"

Thranduil paced as he spoke. "When I met my Elvenqueen and we bonded, I angered her by killing anyone who touched her."

Alyssa tried to understand. "Well, if I was married and my spouse went around sleeping with other people, and by sleeping I mean sex, I would probably be mad too."

"Not sex. Touching."

"OK, but heavy petting, grinding is probably still cheating." Alyssa had no idea where he was going with this.

"No. Touching as in a brush of the finger when a goblet was passed to her during dinner." He stopped pacing to watch her.

"Was it an Orc?" She knew that sounded stupid as the words came out, but she was too tired to care.

"No, he was an Elven servant."

"You killed a guy for handing her a glass?"

"I killed several." Thranduil stepped closer watching the alarm on her face.

"Several? And by several you mean…?"

"A few hundred."

Alyssa took a deep breath. "Uuuuhu."

"She left the palace." Thranduil folded his arms not wanting to continue the story. "Then I destroyed half of my kingdom."


"Yes it was in ruin and so when she returned we moved here after the sickness wore off. Legolas was born and all was well for a time."

"Sickness?" Alyssa could only manage one word.

Thranduil went back to pacing. "As Galadriel will explain if asked, when a Lord or King pledges himself to one he loves a bond can be formed. It is nothing formal just usually a few words. The Lord or King will then exhibit violent jealousy and obsession for a few decades unless spells or runes are used to drain him of it."

Alyssa thought of Tauriel talking to Thranduil about Legolas. "Pledge?"

"Yes, usually an offer and acceptance." Thranduil stopped walking again. "It would appear I have fallen under the same sickness again because I have pledged and am bound."

Alyssa opened her mouth then closed it. She tried a few more times before the question came out. "Is Celeborn dead?"

Thranduil stepped to the side of the bed. "No. Why would you ask about him?" Thranduil was barely able to contain himself every time she mentioned yet another man.

"Then how are you pledged to Galadriel? She's already married or bound or pledged or whatever you call it. I didn't think Elves divorced. Well, OK then. Mystery solved." Alyssa felt the broken shards of her heard solidify to stone.

She couldn't look at him. Her eyes moved to the side. "I'm sure the two of you will rule well together. I don't know how this is going to change things in the future. There wasn't even a hint of this in the movie. I mean I thought if anyone other than Celeborn I thought she might like Gandalf. But ummm never mind that now. The two of you would look good together."

Alyssa thought about her own frail body. She determined yes, she had been an idiot for even thinking he would find her even slightly attractive. She glanced down noticing that the pants were a lot shorter. She pointed her toes scrutinizing them then her hands. They looked different. "Did someone give me a mani-pedi while I was asleep?"

She extended her arm noticing the dried blood and rubbed her arm. "I was cut." Her fingers moved over perfectly smooth skin. "Where are my freckles?" She ran her hand up pushing back the sleeve. The scar she had from when she was a child was gone.

Alyssa stood up studying herself. "I'm taller, my hair's longer, and I have light brown highlights."

In a state of panic, her hands ran up touching her ears. "What have you done to me? Did you let a vampire bite my neck and drink my blood? Oh my gawd am I dead?" She pressed a hand to her heart to confirm it was beating.

Thranduil took a step back with his hands extended to his sides having no clue what she meant.

"Answer me!" She rubbed her arms. "What am I turning into? Pointed ears. Pointed ears. Well, I'm not turning Vulcan so what is it? An Orc? A Goblin? A Hobbit. I wouldn't mind being a Hobbit. I could live in the Shire. Bilbo would take me in and I would be able to talk to Gandalf. No. Hobbits are shorter not taller. What is it? What are you turning me into?"

Thranduil stepped forward needing to end her panic and top her from mentioning any other men before he lost his control again. "The Elvenqueen."

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