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Chapter 1

"Whut?" I mumbled, opening my eyes sleepily. I raised a hand to rub them and realised I was wearing black biker gloves. I looked around and the first thing I saw was a pair of blue eyes. "Hey, you're finally awake, Jace said you were worn out from the mission yesterday, something about getting slammed against the wall." The person said. "Alec! Oh, oh right!" I said, resisting the urge to hug him. I had not seen him for four months, even though he looked just like Kevin. Alec smiled and offered me his hand, pulling me to my feet. I dusted myself off and realised that I was in my Shadowhunter gear. I felt the curve of my bow against my back and the tips of my darts and daggers jutting into my legs. I looked around to see the Lightwoods, Jace, Magnus and Simon. Clary was nowhere in sight. I then remembered that we were to head to Alicante to find the Cure for my mother. Jace had changed the date of our departure and had forbidden Clary to come along. Once Magnus opened the portal, I tightened my grip on my darts, I knew that we were going to have to fight off Forsaken. Once the first one was through, I grabbed my dart and threw it, killing the zombie-like thing. "Crap, Forsaken, how'd they get here?" Alec hissed, holding up his tonfas. I shrugged and it was a full out war. The demonic mist around them was affecting everyone, just like the story. I felt a dull pain in my head and I could not focus. I saw an image in my head of a lake, there was a man there holding up the body of a boy. And then I fainted.

"Do you think she'll come to? The mist had a greater effect on her than any of us because she did not have the rune for deflection on." I opened my eyes to slits to see two blurry images starring down at me. I propped myself upwards on the bed and looked around, bleary-eyed. "Well, look who woke up." Jace smiled. "Welcome back." I shook my head and rubbed my eyes. The dull throb in my head was no longer affecting me when Alec caught my eye. He gave a nod. "C'mon, get changed and you'll have to meet the Penhallows." Isabelle said. I nodded and followed her out of the room.

"That mist really did affect you. Alec was dead worried when he carried you through the Portal before Jace came with Simon." Isabelle chuckled. I feigned ignorance and forced myself not to blush. Alec, worried? Never, I thought but a small voice at the back of my mind insisted that he cared about me. I got changed into some short black tights and a flowy blue-grey dress with a leather belt. I followed Isabelle to meet Aline, Patrick and Jia Penhallow. She also introduced me to Sebastian Verlac, I knew that he was actually Jonathan Christopher Morgernstern but I said nothing. "Hey, Alec offered to take you on a tour of the place, he's waiting outside." Izzy said with a snap of her fingers like she just remembered something. I nodded and left the room, keeping in mind that Sebastian was watching me with her dark intent gaze.

"Finally, I thought you weren't going to show, Ash." Came the voice as I left the manor, pulling on my dark violet coat, not bothering to belt it up. I turned to see Alec waiting on the pavement, leaning against a witchlight lamppost. I smiled an walked over to him. "You think so lowly of me?" I teased. He smirked and looked me up and down. "You should tuck in your belt if you're not using it." He commented finally. I did not understand him until he reached out and tucked the ends of the belt into my coat pockets. I blushed and focused on the pavement. "There, let's get going." Alec said straightening up. I walked briskly to catch up with him and led me through the streets of Alicante. We came across many shops and we stopped for a snack at a bakery. I saw such a variety of shadowhunters inside. There was a lady dressed in a long gold and black sari, with hooked daggers around her waist. There was another woman in a long grey and blue chiong sam, the traditional Chinese outfit. I smiled, I myself was from a mixed heritage back in the real world, but here I was just another girl from Manhattan. "These are by far the best pastry in the world by my standards." Alec said returning to my side, handing me a pastry that looked like an angel biscuit. I took a bite and let out a muffled exclamation when chocolate oozed out from the inside. "Sorry, I forgot to mention that there is chocolate inside." Alec chuckled. I grinned and used a finger to smear some chocolate onto his face. He expression was priceless. I laughed as he wiped off the dark brown cream.

"Come on, let's keep moving." He said, trying to fight back a grin, but he failed miserably. As we strolled through the streets, I noticed shadowhunters holding hands. There was even a pair of shadowhunters, around forty that we exchanging a chaste kiss in the middle of the sidewalk. It simply pulled at my heartstrings to know that it would never be possible for me and Alec.

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