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About last night's episode. I really hope nothing happens between Arizona and Leah because that's just wrong and Arizona's still married and I feel like Leah's just manipulating with Arizona. Also Callie dancing THAT HASN'T HAPPENED IN SO LONG DAYYUM she's so beautiful and her curves are to die for. But for right now nothing seems right for Calzona and I can say I'm slowly losing my hope. But you know Shonda. She breaks couples up so they can get back together. ENJOY THE NEW STORY.

Callie entered her apartment completely exhausted from the double shift. She just got promoted as an attending so she got paged for nearly every ortho case. Which she loved but it was also very tiring. What she didn't expect to find at 10pm was Cristina vacuuming the apartment. Well she wasn't vacuuming, she was just pushing things around.

"Yang!" Callie yelled stopping Cristina. The brunette turned off the vacuum cleaner so she could hear better. "What? I'm in the middle of something." Cristina turned the vacuum cleaner back on.

"Look I just ended a double shift so turn this thing off." Cristina rolled her eyes. Callie groaned and pulled the plug out.

"What's your problem?" Callie asked her. Cristina rarely cleaned and when she did it never meant anything good.

"My cousin's coming over tommorow and she's obsessed with everything being freakishly clean so I'm cleaning." Callie looked at Cristina oddly. "Your cousin's coming over?" Cristina looked at her like she's crazy. "Yeah that's what I just said."

"Is she staying here?" Callie sat down on the couch and groaned when her muscles relaxed a little. "Unless I kick her out and make her stay in hotel, then yes she's staying." Callie chuckled.

"How long?" Cristina sighed and placed the vacuum cleaner away. "Look I don't know. And I don't care."

"Wow you're such a lovely person to have as a family," Callie said sarcastically and stood up. "I'm going to bed. If Owen's staying tonight then please at least try to be quiet." With that she walked into her room and threw herself on the bed that was practically screaming her name.

Callie Torres's professional life might be on it's very best but her private life not so much. She spent her evenings in on call rooms or if she did come to the apartment she curled up on the couch, drank wine and read. And at nights she was trying to ignore all the grunts and moans that were coming from Cristina's room. She wasn't jealous of them but they wouldn't have to rub it in her face.

"Torres!" Mark yelled as he marched in Callie's room. "What the hell do you want?" Callie asked without looking at him. "I thought you and I could hang out tonight. Go to Joe's. Watch hot chicks. Or you know you can come with me across the hall," Mark said with a sly smirk. Callie groaned and threw a pillow at him.

"I'm tired and I finally have a day off tommorow so I'm sleeping in and I don't want a hangover or have sex with you." Mark sat down on her bed.

"Good sex could cheer you up. Come on, I know you want it. You and I, shaking the bed together." Callie punched Mark in his shoulder making him yelp.

"Who said sex with you is good?" Callie snapped at him, smirking now. "Ouch Cal. That hurt," Mark said and patted his croatch.

"Go away or something else will hurt too," Callie said and smashed his head with a pillow. "Damn you're violent tonight. Well have fun sulking. If you need me I'm at Joe's." And with that Callie's best friend also a manwhore Mark Sloan was gone. He probably seemed like a jerk to people who didn't know him but he was actually a really nice guy underneath the manwhore smirk he wore most of the time.

Callie was rudely woken up by a hammer hitting something. She groaned and burried her head under the pillow. When the hitting didn't stop she got up and followed the noise. Cristina was in the guest room hitting the fan with a hammer. "Yang what are you doing?"

Cristina looked at Callie. She was in her underwear and a long t-shirt which she usually wore for sleep. Her hair was everywhere, curls sticking in every possible direction which made her laugh. She was also looking at her with only one eye opened while the other one was closed.

"Believe it or not but a heat wave is suppose to be coming and I don't want to listen to my cousin's annoying complaining so I'm fixing the fan," Cristina explained and hit the fan harder.

Callie groaned and pushed Cristina away. "Well you're not being useful by hitting it." Cristina groaned in defeat and stepped away. "Well you do your thing, I'm going to get ready because I am on Teddy's service today."

"And I am an attending," Callie said just to piss Cristina off. "Screw you." Callie laughed and focused on fixing the fan. She heard the front door slam which meant Cristina left.

After she fixed the fan and checked if it was working, she went back into her room and threw herself in bed. "Mmm so comfy," she mumbled to herself. It didn't take long before she fell back asleep.

After a few more hours of sleep Callie felt well rested. The sun was shining through the window which meant the heatwave really was coming. She pulled jean shorts over her underwear and a tank top over her bra. Her stomach growled and she looked at the clock. She slept through most of the day so it was dinner time.

After checking for all the ingridients she decided to make something she was taught by her grandmother. Chicken enchiladas. Half way through the making of dinner the door opened. "Oh it smells good what are you making me?"

Callie rolled her eyes at Cristina and looked at Owen who was chuckling nervously. "Because I only cook so you, my royal cardio goddess can be happy," Callie replied sarcastically. "Exactly. Now what are you making? My cousin will be here in," Cristina paused to look at her watch. "3 hours but I have to go to Joe's because Mer invited me."

Owen was shaking his head and sat down on the bar stool. "Chicken enchiladas. And what are you gonna do with that cousin of yours?" Callie really hoped Cristina would take her cousin with her.

"Well I can't drag her to the bar so she can stay here and you can I don't know show her around and make her feel welcomed." Callie groaned. "As long as you have fun getting drunk," she mumbled under her breath and went back to dinner.

Callie smiled proudly at what she made. Cristina was already holding a spoon and tried to reach down with it but Callie smacked her arm. "Can't you wait until it's placed on the table?" Cristina shrugged and placed the spoon down. "Well hurry then. I'm starving and I need to get ready."

"Then go get ready while the food rests for a little while," Callie said shooing Cristina in her bedroom.

"You staying for dinner?" she asked Owen who Callie actually liked because he was quiet and not annoying.

"Sure," Owen said with a smile.

Callie dried her hands in a towel just in time for the doorbell to ring. She waited for Cristina but when it rang again she went to open it herself. A blonde woman with shiny blue eyes and a big suitcase next to her was standing in front of her.

"Uhm I'm really sorry I think I'm at the wrong door but do you maybe know where Cristina Yang lives?" Callie opened the door wider. "You didn't get it wrong. Come inside."

Arizona dragged the suitcase inside a little puzzled on who the woman was. "CRISTINA," the brunette yelled. "What is foor ready yet?" Cristina rushed out of her bedroom with skinny jeans half way up. "Oh it's just my cousin."

"Still lovely as ever I see." Cristina came closer to the blonde and fist pumped her which is the closest thing to a hug. Callie just looked around confused. "This is my cousin Arizona. And this is my roomie. Callie," Cristina said flatly and walked back to her room.

"I don't see it," Callie said after a long moment of silence. Owen laughed and Arizona just stood there awkwardly. "I'm really sorry." Callie smiled at her politely. "No worries I'm used to it. If you want to get settled in that room is yours." Arizona just smiled and dragged her suitcase to the room Callie pointed to.