A/N: THIS IS IT. THE EPILOGUE, THE LONGEST AND ALSO THE VERY LAST CHAPTER OF THIS FAN FICTION. I HAD THE BEST TIME WRITING THIS AND I HOPE YOU DID TOO WHILE READING IT. Many of you asked if I plan on writing more of Calzona and let me tell you something. I have about 7 stories started so yes, I will post more Calzona. This is not the last you'll see of me.

Arizona smiled as she looked around. Clear blue ocean along with sandy beaches. Her new favorite thing in the world. Beside the fact that she has never felt more complete in her life. Things have been going more than amazing with Callie. Their trust was fixed and so was Arizona. For the first time since his brother death she wore a bikini. Not that she wasn't proud of her body. She just wasn't proud of the scars that were marking it.

Callie loved the smile and carefree expression on Arizona's face. They were spending their first real vacation in Miami around Callie's family. And of course that included driving with their fancy boat as well. Callie sneaked her arms around Arizona's waist rubbing the skin just above her tiny bikini bottoms. Arizona snapped those hands away.

"Your sister is staring right at us," she hissed. Not that she minded the touching attention.

Callie shrugged. Aria really was staring at them with a creepy smile on her face. But she didn't care. "I can't help myself. I love you."

Arizona's stomach fluttered with butterflies as it did every time she heard those words. "I love you too." Callie kissed her cheek and Arizona could feel full lips curve in a smile against her skin. "Wanna teach me how to drive this thing?"

Callie smirked. "Are you telling me, miss daughter of the Colonel, that you have never in your life drove a boat?" She added a little laugh to let Arizona know she was only half serious.

"I did but those military boats are nothing compared to this kingdom. And it has a kitchen, a nice bedroom and a big shower and also this beautiful deck where you can tan." Arizona was so excited about spending time with Callie on the sun because sun did amazing things to Callie's body while her skin mostly burned, though Callie re-applied sunscreen on her ever few hours.

"Okay," Callie said and took Arizona's hand in hers. She enjoyed the sun just as much. And while she didn't exactly hate the rain she did miss the sun being in Seattle for more than two minutes. She positioned Arizona in front of the steering wheel. "Put your hands on it. It won't bite."

Arizona playfully shoved Callie away from her but pulled her back just a second later and placed her hands on the wheel.

"You're doing it. If you want to apply speed push the stick forward and if you want to slow the boat down press it backward," Callie instructed.

Arizona wrinkled her nose. "This isn't as fun as I thought it would be." And just like that she applied the speed making the boat go much faster. Now wind was blowing hard in her hair and she was enjoying the adrenaline rush.

"DON'T GET US ALL KILLED," Aria yelled. She was simply sitting on the deck and doing nothing. Her parents were in the kitchen preparing snacks.

"Slow down," Callie whispered in Arizona's ear as she slowed the boat down. They didn't have to turn the wheel all the time because they were sailing slowly and just enjoying the sunny day.

Arizona tried to pout but she was just too happy for doing it. Callie was the one and she knew it. She turned around and locked her hands behind Callie's neck brushing some hair from her face while doing it. Just as she was about to lean in they got interrupted.

"Girls we made lunch," Lucia said looking back at her husband who was carrying the tray filled with food. She took the longest to understand that her daughter wasn't interested in men but when Carlos talked to her she made a promise to try and when she met Arizona her doubts disappeared. The two women were clearly in love.

"Aria can you drop the anchor?" Callie asked batting her eyelashes at her sister to get her moving. She felt far too comfortable sitting down with Arizona's legs laying across her lap.

Aria huffed but did it anyway. "Next time I'm bringing my boyfriend so you can do shit instead of grinding all over your girlfriend."

Lucia gasped. "Language Aria!"

"Oh, I said worse," Aria said not really defending herself.

Callie laughed. "Well good luck with getting yourself a boyfriend." Arizona snorted and Callie grinned at the adorable noise her girlfriend just made.

"Girls," Carlos warned. This has been going on for years and he was getting too old to warn them all the time.

Callie rolled her eyes and then brushed her hair back, tucking it behind her ears so she could eat without hair flying into her mouth with every breeze. "Wanna go swimming later?" she asked Arizona who in that right moment licked her lips after bitting in a fresh mango.

Arizona raised herself a little to look at the clear blue ocean. "You're on," she replied with a small smirk. She loved swimming and she had yet to experience seeing Callie's tiny bikini in the water.

Aria made a gagging sound earning a glare from Callie and both of her parents. Arizona loved the playfulness in their family. After their ate their lunch Aria went back to tanning while Lucia and Carlos stayed outside but under the roof.

Callie wanted to dive in the cold water but Arizona reminded her that they should wait since they just ate. Callie sighed. Arizona grabbed a sunscreen bottle and passed it to Callie. "Please," she said with a small pout face.

Callie forgot about swimming as she focused on rubbing the cream over soft skin that was slightly tanner now after being on the sun for a few days. They've been in Miami for a week now but did other things than just spend time in the sun or with Callie's family. After Callie was done with Arizona's back and shoulders she wasn't shy about rubbing the sunscreen in her long milky legs either and she made sure she lingered longer where Arizona was the most sensitive. She also placed some cream on the blonde's cheeks and nose before pecking her lips. "Now do me," Callie said and turned her back towards Arizona's front.

Arizona grinned slyly at Callie's poor choice of words. "I would do you but your family's around," she whispered in the brunette's ear as she used a tanning lotion since Callie wasn't worried about burning. She rubbed it over her back and shoulders and then rank her nails down her sides.

"Okay let's go swimming," Callie said jumping up. She pulled Arizona with her.

"But what about the rest of your body?" Arizona asked innocently.

Callie didn't reply because she didn't care. "MOM, DAD WE'RE GOING SWIMMING!" she yelled in the direction of her parents. Carlos nodded as Lucia just waved her hand, not looking from the magazine she was reading. Callie opened the gate.

Arizona had no idea why her girlfriend was waiting so long to jump until she felt strong hands on her hips and she was pushed off the boat. Those hands stayed there the whole time as they hit the water together. Arizona came up first and gasped. She wasn't expecting the push. Callie came up as well and whiped the water from her face.

They both floated in the water as they noticed a small island not too far away. No words were needed to be told as they swam their way to there. Callie was there first, running up the sandy beach until she was knocked on the ground. Arizona jumped on her back with such force that it knocked Callie off her feet. Arizona laughed and rolled of Callie's back.

Callie chuckled and turned on her side. She brushed off the sand from Arizona's thigh making the blonde shiver. Callie leaned forward and kissed salty pink lips as her sandy hand took a hold of Arizona's cheek to keep the kiss going. Arizona ran her tongue over Callie's lips making them part. Their tongues touched making both of them groan quietly. They didn't get to kiss like that in front of Callie's family.

Arizona placed her hand on Callie's stomach and ran it higher until she was cupping her breast through the bikini top. Callie gasped through the kiss and pulled away. She couldn't just take Arizona here on the beach. Arizona brushed her lips over Callie's neck and occasionally sucked on it leaving light marks that would disappear in a few minutes. "You, need to stop," Callie breathed out and pushed Arizona's hand away from her chest.

"I thought that's why you brought me here," Arizona replied smugly. Callie made her do things even she couldn't fully understand.

Callie laughed. "Get the smirk off your face because it's not happening. Beaches and sex do not mix well." She never had it but she could already fell sand in her bikini bottoms and she could only imagine how it would feel to have it everywhere else.

Arizona raised her eyebrow. "And how would you know? Have you ever had sexy times on the beach?"

"Nope, but I do have sand in my butt already," Callie replied and rolled herself over so she was on her stomach while Arizona was still on her back. No words were spoken as they laid there for a while.

Arizona linked her arm through Callie's and was running her fingernails up and down the tanned forearm. She noticed Callie's eyes were closing. She didn't mind. She enjoyed looking at Callie and how peaceful her expression was. And how her face light up whenever she smiled. And how her forehead wrinkled in a very sexy way whenever she raised it. She wanted this for the rest of her life. Her lips brushed against Callie's cheek.

Callie could practically hear Arizona's wheels turning in her head and when she felt lips against her cheeks something was definitely going on in her girlfriend's head. "And what are you thinking so hard?" she asked as she kept her eyes closed enjoying the warm sun, sound of the waves and Arizona's light touches.

"Nothing. I just.. I love you," Arizona said.

Callie looked at her and saw that the blonde had a huge dimpled smile on her face. "I love you too." She was still curious what was else Arizona was thinking about but didn't want to ask just yet. "Wanna go back to the boat?"

Arizona nodded and stood up brushing the sand off in the process. Callie did the same and they both walked towards the water. This time they swam slower and longer. Callie helped Arizona up the boat and closed the gate. "Hey guys, we're back." Aria was wearing a summer dress and her parents were now sunbathing since the sun wasn't as strong as before.

"Did you two run away to have sex on the island?" Aria Torres was not a filter kind of person. She could feel her parents's gazes on her and shrugged unapologetically.

Callie laughed and grabbed her towel which was warm from being on the sun and passed one to Arizona. "We didn't do anything on the island. Just wanted to get away from you."

Aria gasped and punched Callie's shoulder. Then they both laughed. That's how their relationship worked. They teased and laughed at each other.

Callie noticed the slightly red cheeks and nose on her girlfriend's face. "You got burned," she said and kissed her nose unaware that she was actually doing it.

Arizona blushed because she was aware of how close Callie's parents and sister were. "Is it bad?" She knew her skin got burned easily but she thought she was being pretty successful with covering herself with sunscreen.

"No, but you will stay adorably red for a few days," Callie said with a teasing grin on her face. She didn't think Arizona could get any more adorable but she was wrong.

Aria rolled her eyes. "Gross," she mumbled under her breath.

Callie stood up, completely ignoring her sister. "Come on let me show you what we have under the deck," she said only half lying. She did plan on showing her around but she also wanted to spend some time with her without the sand or burning sun. Arizona happily followed her.

It was like a house inside of the boat. Kitchen, living room, two bedrooms. Even a bathroom with an enormous shower. Callie lead Arizona in the bathroom her and Aria used to use whenever they were on a boat for more than just through the day. Their clothes were there as well. "Do you wanna take a shower?" Callie questioned. She wanted to her rid off the sand and salt off her body.

"Sure," Arizona replied and took Callie's hand, lacing their fingers together. Callie meant shower separately but Arizona's idea seemed much kept the shower as short as possible with occasional light touches and stolen kisses they did without really thinking about doing.

They dried and put on their clothes. Arizona had a blue striped dress with a red belt that fell to her mid thighs. Callie had on white high waisted shorts with colorful stripes, white tank top and a blue shirt. Arizona looked at her crazily when Callie put on the shirt. "It's hot outside."

Callie laughed. Obviously the blonde didn't know much about staying on the boat especially since the sun was starting to get down. "Trust me it gets cold especially since we plan on watching the sunset."

Arizona just shrugged not believing her. They were staying in a hotel and went on more dates than they had since they got back together but they've never spent an evening out and especially not on the boat. Arizona turned to the stairs that lead back on the deck but Callie pulled her in the kitchen.

"Let's grab a bottle of champagne," Callie explained to her confused girlfriend. She opened the cooler bag that was on the counter and took five paper cups. It wasn't as romantic as it would be if they were drinking from glass but they were on a boat after all. "Want a salad? We also have chips and a dip. Oh and we have cookies and ice cream if you feel like eating something sweet."

Arizona didn't reply just smiled goofy at Callie.

"You want a salad with cookies and ice cream don't you?" Callie asked already knowing the answer. Arizona nodded and smiled sheepishly. "Hold this." Callie passed her the bottle and paper cups. She took the salad that her mom made enough for the whole army and 5 forks. She placed cookies and a big spoon of ice cream next to it with a strawberry just for Arizona.

They slowly walked to the deck making sure nothing would spill or fall down. "Oh I want," Aria said reaching towards the cookies but Callie snapped her hand back. "Don't tell me this is just for your woman because it's not fair to your sister who has spent many embarrassing moments with you."

Callie shrugged. She was too happy to care about Aria babbling anything to her wonderful girlfriend. "Dad wanna open it?" she asked and raised the bottle.

Carlos opened the champagne with a loud popping noise as the cork flew in the ear and landed in the ocean making everyone laugh. He poured it in the cups and handed one to his wife along with a kiss on the cheek.

Callie smiled at the affection between her parents. Even after all these years it was still there. She wanted this. And she wanted it with Arizona. They ate the salad while Arizona started with the cookies first. "If your stomach hurts later I'm allowed to tell you I told you so," Callie said.

Arizona grinned. She didn't care about a stomach ache right now and if it would happen later Callie would make it go away anyway. "Try it," she said and placed a small part of strawberry on the spoon along with a little bit of ice cream and half of cookie.

Callie opened her eyes and the taste melted in her mouth. "Mm it really is good. Maybe I'll eat that instead of this heavenly salad." She was only kidding. Arizona wouldn't let her eat it anyway.

They finished eating and Aria was already pulling a sweater over her dress because the air was cooling down. Lucia and Carlos were also putting on their sweaters. Lucia stood up and so did Callie. "You stay and show Arizona the wonderful view."

There was something behind Lucia's smirk that told Callie her mother was up to no good. And when her dad followed her and Aria was practically dragged down the deck she knew they left them alone so they could have their little moment. Not that Aria minded because there was also TV downstairs.

Callie took Arizona's hand and interlaced their fingers, gently guiding Arizona to the front. Nothing was as beautiful as a sunset reflecting against the sea. Arizona leaned her body closer to Callie to get some of her body heat. She leaned her head against the Latina's shoulder and sighed happily. The view was beautiful but what was even more beautiful was the sunset shining in Callie's brown eyes.

"It's beautiful," Callie said. She's seen the view many times before but never got tired of it.

"Yes, you are," Arizona replied cheekily. Callie turned to her and leaned down. She kissed Arizona softly and kept it slow pouring all of her love in the kiss. Arizona tangled her hands in Callie's hair not being able to resist on pulling on the raven locks.

Callie smiled through the kiss and then slowly pulled away, kissing Arizona's nose, both cheeks and forehead. She slipped her shirt off and placed it over Arizona's shoulders. She wasn't cold but Arizona was.

Arizona inhaled deeply through the shirt. It smelled so much like Callie. She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's waist and nuzzled her nose in the crook of her neck. Callie placed her hands on Arizona's upper back and kissed the side of her head. "You okay?" she asked softly. The blonde was acting quite strange.

"Marry me."

It was barely a whisper and if Callie would breathe in that right moment she would probably miss it. "What?"

Arizona didn't mean to just blurt it out especially since her ring was back in Seattle. "I love you. And every time I wake up next to you I know that I want it for the rest of my life. This is not me being insecure, this is me being so sure in our relationship that I wouldn't mind doing it until we're old and wrinkly. And I want to take our grandkids on this boat and telling them all about the day when I proposed to you here. Well more like stupidly blurting it out. My whole life I've always hid my feelings behind lust but you make me want to scream them. I love you so much Calliope. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Callie opened her mouth but no sound came out. Arizona bit her lip nervously. Silence wasn't the answer she was expecting and it was really hard to read Callie's face. "I kind of need an answer," Arizona whispered trying hard to fight her nerves.

Suddenly it all seemed very real to Callie. She had a girlfriend who she loved from the bottom of her heart. And she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her as well. She crashed her lips over Arizona's making the blonde stumble but they caught each other before they could fall on the ground. Arizona might have still been insecure and nervous about the answer but kissing Callie made her stop thinking. "Yes. I'll marry you even if you stupidly blurted out," Callie replied as Arizona visibly relaxed.

Huge smiles appeared on both of their faces as they suddenly realized they were no longer just girlfriends. "Well I think that recalls for a celebration, fiancée," Arizona replied, her breath still shaking from the kissing and nerves.

"Should I ask my dad to turn the boat around so we can go back to hotel and I can rock your world?" Callie asked brushing her lips against Arizona's with each word. Arizona nodded and placed her hands on the tan neck. "Do you mind if I tell them?" Callie wanted to share the news with her parents and sister.

Arizona bit her lip. "Would you mind waiting for a week? So I can put a ring on your finger and make it official."

Callie let out a wholehearted laugh. "I don't mind." She leaned in for another kiss and sighed happily. This was her forever. And she couldn't be happier about it.