# Yukiru #
No one was writing me Yukiru! So I took matters into my own hands! This is for all the MaxwellsFanfic and the Characters Death who agree that Yukiru is epic!

Tohru gazed out the window and sighed."The tree's look so sad..." She said. Kyo glanced outside."How can a tree look sad? They're trees!" He stated. Tohru frowned."Well...they look so cold and lonely without their leaves! It was be so horrible being out there in the cold!" She explained. Kyo looked confused." But their TREES! They don't care if its cold!" He said. Shigure shook his head sadly."So heartless! The poor, dear trees must be aching with sadness!" Kyo glared at him."THEIR TREES! THEY DON'T HAVE BRAINS!" He shouted. Yuki sighed in annoyance." Oh lovely. You have something in common." He said calmly.

Tohru wandered happily around the garden. She placed a duvet cover over a tree."There! You'll be nice and warm now!" She said brightly. The Sohma's stared at her as she began putting socks on the end of its branches." What is she doing?" Yuki asked. Shigure shrugged." Women are mysterious creatures!" He said.

Yuki stared at Tohru in disbelief. "Honda-san...why are you sleeping in the tree?" He asked. Tohru smiled." I'm keeping it company!" She said happily. Yuki raised his eyebrows."May I ask why?" Tohru climbed down the tree carefully. "Its just...the tree's are always alone...and I remember what it was like when I was alone." She said." I felt so sad...so empty. Even though I tried to convince myself I was happy I was really very lonely...but then I met the Sohma family and I wasn't alone anymore! I felt so thankful and glad I had someone to spend my time with...someone I could be together with." Tohru smiled." I guess its a bit silly thinking a tree would feel alone but...well, I don't think anyone should be alone! Tree or human!" Yuki smiled." Its not silly Honda-san. I believe that too...no one should be alone." He said softly." Everyone should have someone thats dear to them...that they love more than anything else. I was so glad when I found that someone..." Tohru looked suprised."Who is your someone Yuki?" She asked.
Yuki looked into Tohru's eyes." Her name is Tohru Honda." He said. Tohru went pink."Really?" She asked."You really mean that?" Yuki leaned in and kissed Tohru on the cheek."Of course I do. I love you...Tohru." He said gently. Tohru smiled." I love you too Yuki-kun!" She said happily.

The End

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