Takin' the P.I.S.S.

Chapter 8

The eight that sat down that night to hear Harry and Hermione's story were a sombre group. The Grangers and Remus knew some of it but Harry and Hermione had promised full disclosure tonight. Neville and Luna were fascinated at the two years of extra knowledge their friends had, and totally enraged with the Weasleys use of potions. Sirius meanwhile was mentally compiling a list of those who were going to pay for mistreating his godson, oh they were going to pay.

When the young couple reached the part about meeting with James and Lily, Sirius crumbled into little pieces. The thought of his godson not wanting to return had more than the old dog in tears.

When Harry began explaining Voldemort's creation of horcruxes, Remus felt physically sick. The defence against the dark arts expert knew just how deep into the dark arts one had to delve even to find information on those abominations against nature.

The group then cheered up considerably when Hermione informed them that two were already dealt with, while a third was safe at Gringotts in their vault. That Harry and Hermione knew the location, as well as how to get past the protection around the others certainly raised the mood of those listening.

"Our plan is to train over the summer, while going on treasure hunts with Sirius and Remus to collect and destroy these things." Harry was waiting for questions and Dan didn't disappoint.

"I'm really glad to see you're taking help when attempting to remove these items, but you've yet to mention how you're going to destroy them?"

"The dead basilisk lying in the chamber of secrets has plenty more fangs beside the one it sunk into my arm. One of the horcruxes is presently stored in Hogwarts too. We'll have to figure out an excuse to get us back in there to collect it, and then we can harvest the basilisk carcass at the same time."

Neville and Luna were sitting holding hands as the blonde asked a question for both of them. "Can Neville and I stay here this summer and train with you too? I don't think my dad would mind too much."

This brought a wide grin to Harry's face. "Already taken care of you two, and thanks for volunteering. Your father and Neville's gran will be spending some time here over the holidays. We start tomorrow at seven and the first few days will be absolutely bloody murder!"

Hermione was thinking back and remembering the pain of muscles protesting every movement. "Oh thanks for reminding me, Harry. I was quite happy to forget that part until it hit me."

"Remus managed to acquire us some presents so we wouldn't have to be totally useless in a fight. Could we train with you as well?" Emma's question had initially stumped the teens but they couldn't come up with any reason why they shouldn't.

Giving Dan and Emma the nod, Harry then tried to give all of them some idea of just what they were letting themselves in for. "For the first ten days or so we will be concentrating solely on getting our bodies fitter, with perhaps some unarmed combat thrown in. Your daughter's signature move is taking out peoples kneecaps. She figured out that men tend to concentrate on protecting certain other parts of their anatomy, leaving the knees an easy target. It certainly worked with that goblin in Gringotts." Harry was glancing admiringly at his now blushing betrothed.

"Is all this physical training really necessary?" Sirius moaned, the idea of getting up early to do physical exercise was certainly foreign to him.

"Spoken like a true pureblood, Sirius. My beautiful betrothed here could whip your arse in combat, with or without using a wand. Our training was what kept us alive against the best that Voldemort could throw at us, it was only inexperience that cost us that night."

Sirius just huffed in disbelief before Remus skilfully laid his trap, "I've got fifty gallons on the beautiful brunette!"

Both Dan and Emma slyly also offered bets on Hermione beating Sirius. Like Remus, they had seen their daughter in action.

Sirius now knew he was trapped into a contest he simply couldn't win. Even after he beat Hermione, where was the kudos in winning against a fourteen year old girl.

He stood up and Hermione walked toward him with her hand held out to shake. Sirius didn't realised his mistake until he was flying through the air. He landed heavily on his back and immediately found Hermione's shoe in gentle contact with his throat. Even from this position, he couldn't help noticing his wand now resided behind the young witch's ear. In less than five seconds, she had disabled, disarmed and had him in a position where he would be deceased if she so wished. The really galling part though was Sirius didn't think there was anything he could do about it, now or before.

Remus came over and helped his embarrassed friend off the floor. "Don't worry about it, Sirius, she would have done the same to me. You should have seen them in Gringotts, taking out seven armed goblins without a wand being drawn between them."

Hermione earned a kiss from Harry for so emphatically proving their point. He then continued telling the group what else they had learned. "Purebloods are inherently lazy, they will use either their magic our call on a house elf to accomplish every task. In any kind of prolonged fight, our higher fitness levels will give us a major advantage. Death eaters are too used to their victims either fleeing or freezing through fear. When you overcome their intimidation and fight back, it soon becomes obvious they're really not that magically powerful or very skilful either. It doesn't take a great deal of magical skill to torture and murder muggles, especially when your favourite curses are unforgivables."

Harry's words made sense to purebloods Neville, Luna and Sirius. They would recall them often in the days that followed, especially when they felt like lying down and resting.

Hermione laid out the rest of their plans for the summer. "The other students are portkeying into the apparition point in Diagon Alley on Friday, and the staff are staying to get the institute up and running before September. Our plan is to recover both hidden horcruxes that are available to us at the moment before our wedding, giving us a break before we figure out how to sneak into Hogwarts."

Sirius wondered if Hermione had really bashed his head when she pulled that move, surely he must have damaged his hearing or something. "Okay, I know I'm clearly not at my best just now. I've just been beat up by a young girl for Merlin's sake, but I could have sworn I heard you say 'wedding' in there somewhere."

It was left to his godson to confirm his ears were working properly. "Hermione and I are getting married on my birthday. As the last in line of a Noble and Ancient House, the law allows us to do this. We were getting married on my birthday before we came back in time, my wife to be absolutely and categorically refuses to wait another two years until we're sixteen again. The wedding will be held here and, of course, your are all invited."

Not quite sure if he was being pranked here, Sirius looked to the Grangers and Remus for some sanity. "You knew about this? You're all okay with this?"

It was Emma who answered the clearly concerned godfather, trying to put his fears to rest. "In their reality, they've been best friends for five years and been dating officially for one of them. The bond they share is more intimate than anything we've ever encountered and their love for each other is beyond doubt - even death couldn't separate these two. We are fighting a war here, Sirius, something neither Dan nor I can dispute after watching these two literally fighting for all our lives in the middle of the bank. Harry and Hermione, two for whatever reason, are right in the eye of the approaching storm. Given their position, I would like to think that Dan and I would do the same thing." Dan leaned over and kissed his wife, lending credence to her assumption.

"We know why Harry and I are in the centre of this." Hermione's remark certainly caught their attention, she then provided the answer they were now clearly waiting to hear. "A prophesy placed Harry there and I refuse to leave his side, dark lord be dammed."

Harry told them the prophesy in full, before turning his attention to Neville. "Two boys matched that profile, Neville, which is why our parents made their agreement. I could have grown up with a brother, instead of that obnoxious, obese bastard of a cousin. For that reason more than any other I'll never forgive Dumbledore."

The three men were raging and all mumbling over each other.

'Knew all this time"

"No training whatsoever"

"Wring his scrawny neck"

In every case, the phrase "manipulative old bastard" was used liberally and repeatedly.


Neville had just kissed Luna goodnight. They were standing outside her bedroom door, neither really wanting to let the other go. Both were also oblivious to the world around them, which is why the couple nearly jumped out of their socks when Harry placed his hands on their shoulders.

"I'm so glad you two got together before we had to tell that story, I was worried it would affect how you felt about one another. We also want you both to stand with Hermione and I when we get married next month because, by the time we went to the ministry that night, we were as close as family."

Harry made no attempt to keep the raw emotions out of his voice. "None of us have any siblings so we all kind of adopted each other, with you two becoming our brother and sister. That's why we reacted the way we did in the corridor, Luna. You're our sister, and nobody messes with our little sis! Both Hermione and I love you very much, and the Christmas we all spent together at your house is easily the best I've ever had."

Hermione had joined in with what had become a group hug now, though it was a tearful Luna who spoke next. "I always wanted a brother and sister."

Hermione was happy to answer her best friend. "That's what we all wanted, Luna, but different circumstances prevented our wishes coming true. We were four lonely people who each found a partner, having found that partner gave us the strength to reach out to others. Neville has very similar values to Harry and there's not an ounce of deception in his body. We know you have a hard time trusting people, Luna, but we got beyond that once. I now have the chance to get to know my best friend and little sis a lot earlier than before, I'm really looking forward to it."

Luna had one arm round Hermione while the other encircled Neville, "I don't know what it is, but something is telling me to trust everyone here. I'm sure it's not a Crumple-Horned Snorkack because they left when you held me in the corridor. Apparently kindness and love drives them away, it's no wonder daddy could never find them."

They all looked at Luna before the young witch burst out laughing, to the astonishment of Harry and Hermione - and the total bemusement of Neville. The blond had banished her mythical creatures with a joke – she trusted them!

"Ok sis, you and I have a date with some shops on Saturday, and we'll drag our men folk along to carry the bags. If you boys think our exercises are tough just wait till you see Miss Lovegood and Miss Granger shop."

"We're in serious trouble now, Nev." Harry joked, "Listen, seven a.m. on the beach tomorrow - and I'm betting you hate us by eight! All joking aside, this really does help - and you two were awesome fighting by our side. It was a stupid mistake that got Hermione cursed, so we now put our enemies down and they don't get back up without medical attention."

Hugs and kisses all round followed, with neither Neville nor Luna commenting on the fact that Harry and Hermione entered the same room.


"Is it ok to hate you yet, Harry?"

"Another twenty minutes to go, Nev. I said after eight and Hermione claimed before then. We can't let her win again, or the insufferable know-it-all might resurface."

Both girls were shoulder to shoulder with their boyfriends and knew that the banter was in jest. As soon as they could get their lungs working properly, jibes would be returned with interest when breathing allowed.

Emma listened to the exchange between the boys with a smile on her face. She now understood where Hermione's newfound sense of humour came from, it was either laugh or cry. Emma thought she was a prime candidate for a heart attack as she jogged along wet sand at the water's edge. The occasional wave washing over her feet simply invited her to stop and use the beach for its intended purpose, lying on while tanning.

Emma looked at her husband jogging beside her and could have smacked him one if she'd been able to spare the energy. Her legs felt as if they were turning to jelly yet Dan seemed to be running effortlessly, and she could clearly feel how happy he was through their wonderful bracelets.

Dan couldn't remember a time when he'd been happier. He'd awoke this morning with a beautiful naked woman in his arms, and was now jogging along a private beach with that same beautiful woman at his side. Daniel Granger could safely say that he enjoyed dentistry but he adored his new life, new wife, new daughter and soon to be son-in-law. He had the Mediterranean Sea on one side and his gorgeous wife on the other, with their new family jogging in front of them. His body might be sore later but at the moment, Dan Granger was feeling no pain.

Sirius was in serious trouble. The exercise he had done this morning was probably already more than at any other time in his life. His vacation in Azkaban didn't help matters either. While it may have left him physically weaker than might be expected, it had also equipped him with a will of iron. That iron will was now the only thing keeping him upright. His almost casual defeat at the hands of Hermione had cemented his view that this was something he simply must take part in.

The group had started jogging along the sandy beach then returned via the wet sand. A few circuits later and Sirius felt dead on his feet, there was no quit in him though. The anticipation of a hot shower, large breakfast and spending the day lying beside the pool, trying to change his skin colour from grey to something a bit more human, was way more than he'd had to look forward to in over a decade - and this kept Sirius putting one foot in front of the other.

The cliff signalled the end of their beach and Harry then called a halt. Everyone was in need of a breather so he gave them ten minutes, before calling on Dobby. His little friend was soon handing out small bags to everyone, and they certainly felt better after the elfin energy drink did its work.

"We have another hour to exercise but we're going to try something different now. Each bag should contain a watch, please put it on and follow me."

Harry waded into the sea until it was up to his waist before gathering everyone around him. "Set your watches for one hour, then take out the piece of gillyweed that's in your bag. Swallowing this is pretty disgusting and will cause a slight pain for the first minute or so. The upside of that is it will then allow you to breathe underwater and swim like a fish for an hour. Stay together as a group and plan on finishing up at the other end of the beach when our hour is up."

Emma ate the gillyweed and thought, while it certainly was disgusting, the pain wasn't too bad. That was until Emma suddenly realised she couldn't breath, she was starting to panic when Harry simply pushed her head under the water.

Harry ate his gillyweed last, after ensuring the rest of the group were all okay. There were now a lot of excited people under the waves and Harry led them off for the strangest and most wonderful game of 'follow the leader' any of them had ever taken part in.

Harry and Hermione were still able to communicate through their rings, and used this ability while managing to keep everyone more or less together. The fish and plant life along the Amalfi Coast were a lot more interesting, and certainly more diverse, than those found at the bottom of the Black Lake in freezing February. They both noticed Neville and Luna slip away for a little privacy and an underwater kiss, Harry and Hermione deliberately didn't notice mum and dad doing the same. Sirius and Remus would be giving that whole experience a wide berth, at least until they were accompanied by a female of their choice.

As the hour was almost up the group moved into shallower water, leaving them only needing to stand up when the gillyweed's effects finally wore off. It was a very excited group who made their way back up the cliff toward showers and breakfast, only Harry had experienced this before but all wanted to do it again. The fact that they had just spent an hour swimming, and using just about every muscle in their body, was forgotten in their enjoyment of the time spent underwater.


Harry and Hermione were studying in their library for the exams they still planned to take. Between their shared knowledge and Tom's library in Harry's head, they didn't believe they would have any problems. Their objective was to knock Tom Riddle off the leaderboard for most O.W.L.'s and N.E.W.T's. Their simple plan was to sit all the exams he had, with the addition of Muggle Studies.

Neither regarded this as cheating, as they would never need to use these results to forge a career. The Potter name and fortune pretty much guaranteed every door in the magical world was open to them. It was simply about giving one in the eye to Riddle, and Dumbledore too since Potter Institute students would then hold the record. Before the end of August they intended to be married, emancipated and have exam results capable of proving they were a fully qualified witch and wizard. That should remove any legal wrangling, preventing the fact they chronologically were underage being used against them.

They were disturbed from that studying when Dobby appeared. "Begging your pardon, but the elves have told Dobby that Bones is in Malfoy Manor and not happy. Bones is demanding the elves tell her who their new master is. Dobby thinks Bones was at Gringotts first, and that put Bones in a very bad mood."

"Could you bring her here please Dobby?" Harry asked.

The elf was back minutes later, with a clearly raging Amelia and two aurors.

"Lord Potter, I demand to know what you're playing at!"

"We're actually studying potions, since we had such a crappy professor for the subject. Why don't you sit down, we'll have a cup of tea and get whatever's troubling you out in the open. I'm not really good at guessing games." The young couple both had a fair idea what had got Amelia so worked up but were waiting to see how much she knew.

Brutus immediately arrived with tea and soft drinks for everyone as they slowly marked their places in the books they had been studying.

Amelia took a sip of tea while both aurors stood alertly behind her, it was time to put her cards on the table. "Snape sang his head off, giving us more information than I would have believed possible. This led to the filling of warrants for the arrest, and freezing of assets, of some very high profile death eaters. You can imagine our shock when we found that seven had fled the country while one was a prisoner of the goblins. An even greater shock was that in every case their vaults had been emptied - but not by them. I would like to know what you can tell me about this situation?"

Harry grabbed Hermione, "You are an absolute genius!" he proclaimed, before administering a kiss that only Amelia's embarrassed cough eventually stopped.

Harry studied Amelia before asking a question he really needed answered before saying any more. "I'm assuming you trust these two or they wouldn't be here?" Amelia's slight nod was all the answer he required.

"The richest death eaters created a method for Voldemort to have full access to their vaults. We wished to deny him these considerable resources, and hopefully some followers as well. We legally emptied their vaults, except for one Knut and a note written by my brilliant betrothed. It basically said Tom was unhappy with them, and he would show his displeasure at the earliest opportunity. We had hoped some of them would flee, but certainly expected the rest to come after us. That is why we, along with Hermione's parents are here."

Kingsley couldn't help himself, he burst out laughing, "Sorry boss but that is bloody brilliant, and it also did more damage to the bastards than we ever could."

"Your auror is right. They would have been dragged through the court proclaiming their innocence while spreading gold about like dragon dung fertiliser trying to cultivate the result they wanted. This way their fleeing the country is as good as an admission of guilt, and they can also be tried in absentia with no untoward influence being brought to bear." Hermione added.

Amelia nodded in understanding at what the young witch was saying. "You are of course right, and the trials will certainly go a lot smoother for our side without Malfoy spreading his golden influence around. I'm only disappointed because I wanted some of their ill-gotten gains to bolster the auror department."

At that Dobby appeared with a chequebook Gringotts had given them. "This little bugger now knows what I'm going to do before me!" Harry's laughter took any sting out of the remark and Dobby was overjoyed, to anticipate their master's needs was a house elf's greatest achievement.

Harry handed Amelia a cheque and she tried but failed not to react to the amount it was made out for. She then handed it to Kingsley, who fared little better than his boss. It was the pink haired auror, peeking over his shoulder, who took the gold medal though.

"Merlin's beard! Five million galleons? Holy shit, I didn't know there even was that much gold."

While slightly overcome at the amount of zeros on the cheque, Amelia though was still all business. "Lord Potter, before accepting this I would like to ask what you hope to gain from such a donation."

"All I ask is that it's put to the best possible use in the auror department, I wouldn't dare to even suggest I knew what that was. I have something to tell you and a request, neither of which have any bearing on that cheque. My name is Potter, not Malfoy!"

She nodded for him to continue, reserving judgment until she heard what Harry had to say.

"We knew the death eaters would need money fast, and that they couldn't really go out onto the streets selling their probably illegal wares. Hermione and I came to an arrangement with Gringotts, we bought everything. Some of those items are certain to be dark, and none of us want things like that appearing amongst the general population - I don't think we're talking biting teacups here. You have my word that every single item will be checked, and anything dark destroyed."

Amelia couldn't quite contain the shudder that ran through her at the very thought of some of those items in the wrong hands. "I think that's a very sensible solution, and also a great public service."

Hermione's mischievous side surfaced again, she just couldn't resist spilling how they pulled it off. "We actually bought the items with their own money, at well below market price too."

Shack was again laughing at these audacious teens. "These two could put us out of a job, boss, can that cheque be put towards our retirement fund? Taking out Snape was great work but this again is bloody brilliant."

Amelia could see the next bit was actually costing Harry some discomfort to mention so she asked him to continue.

"I'm assuming Snape gave you enough information to arrest Dumbledore. I would like you to sit on that for now, and offer ministerial support to the planed tournament scheduled for Hogwarts."

Harry could see the expressions worn by these three changing so pushed on, he didn't want there to be any misunderstanding here. "My number one priority here is to take down Tom Riddle, and granting those requests will go a long way to achieving that aim. I want Dumbledore dealt with probably more than you do but, while that old bastard sits scheming and planning world domination, Riddle is the one who fires off unforgivables like the psychotic megalomaniac he is. Which one do you think we should deal with first? Dumbledore won't run and hide because he's too proud to think he'll ever get caught, Riddle meanwhile killed his father and grandparents when he turned seventeen."

Hermione continued where Harry left off. "We will be letting the old fart think he's manipulating us, whereas he'll be doing exactly what we want. Taking out Dumbledore first might push any fence sitters into Riddle's camp, and that is something we definitely don't want to see."

"We need to be clear here, you're not asking for Dumbledore to get special treatment? It's just the order in which we deal with people that concerns you both." Amelia also wanted there to be no chance of any misunderstandings developing.

"That's exactly right," said Harry, "I want Dumbledore in Azkaban for the rest of his life, but I need Riddle dead so I can actually live mine."

Amelia glanced at Shack who gave the slightest of nods so the plan was approved. The fact that she was in total agreement with Harry's assessment, that Riddle was by far the greater danger, was the sole reason for her decision. Amelia wasn't Fudge, and certainly wasn't for sale.

With a cheque for five million in her pocket, and tentative plans made to take down Riddle and Dumbledore, Amelia should have been one happy witch. There was something else she needed to mention though. "This leads us on to another problem that none of us could have foreseen. In every case, the death eaters have fled and abandoned their children who are presently attending Hogwarts. We need to reach a decision by Friday on what to do with them, but I fear most are headed for an orphanage."

The reaction of the two teens shocked Amelia. These were after all death eater kids they were talking about. Most of whom had tried to make Harry and Hermione's time at Hogwarts utterly miserable.

"That's not going to happen, Amelia. Tom Riddle is a product of an orphanage so that idea can be discounted immediately. If you can keep Dumbledore away from us, we would like to go to Hogwarts on Thursday and meet with them individually. We will make them an alternative offer to an orphanage and meet all expenses." Harry was again making it up as he went along but he knew he couldn't let his actions put someone in an orphanage, not even Draco.

"I would like these two to accompany you if that would be okay? Neither have any time for Dumbledore and will keep him away from you under my orders."

Hermione hesitated for a moment before replying, "As long as any extracurricular activities we engage in remain between the five people present in this room. Again, you have my guarantee we won't break any laws."

It was an intrigued Madam Bones who agreed, thanked them for their hospitality, and then decided she wouldn't miss Thursday. Amelia invited herself along as well, she had a feeling this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As soon as they left Harry turned to his betrothed, "Help!"

Hermione couldn't do anything but laugh at his panicked expression, the polar opposite to the confident one he'd been wearing moments before. "Surely you know by now I would have an idea, and I can't wait to see Draco's expression when we tell him."

Her idea had Harry howling with laughter, literally rolling on the floor every time he looked at his now smirking betrothed. Now if they could get past Dumbledore, visit the chamber and room of requirements, they could have almost all of their business done before their wedding.


Ginny Weasley was not enjoying the final week of term inside the castle. She obviously knew her family was poor but had always played on her family's friendship with Harry. That way she was able to counter some of the worst quips aimed in her direction by her peers. Now that friendship was publicly over, those same peers were merciless in their verbal attacks. Harry calling the twins bullies had also curtailed Fred and George's adventures as no one laughed at their pranks anymore, only consoling the victims. Ron was walking about as if his head was up his arse and Percy was just, well - Percy. The pompous prat had ruined her life when he pulled her wand from her hand, and he didn't even have the decency to give a shit about it.

Yes, it was safe to say the Weasleys inside Hogwarts were not having a good time at the moment. She was on her way to an unused classroom where her father had gotten permission to call an emergency family meeting, Ginny had an awful premonition that this was not going to be good news either.

Her father and four brothers were already seated by the time she arrived so the meeting started right away.

"I've called everyone here today because things have really taken a turn for the worse lately. The Burrow has been completely destroyed, and your mother is currently in St Mungo's undergoing treatment to determine exactly what happened to her. We will all have to live in a tent I've managed to borrow for the foreseeable future. This, combined with the news of Harry's betrothal to the Granger witch, means the Weasleys are all out of options. I'm afraid the family can't wait any longer, we need to cash in on our only available asset."

Ginny was totally confused by her father's remarks, what did they have that was worth enough money to rebuild the Burrow? Her heart sank to her second-hand shoes when she noticed her father and brothers were all staring at her. Surely they would never stoop that low?

She pulled out her wand but Percy was once again faster as he snatched it from her hand. "You can't be seriously considering selling me?"

"Now Ginny dear, don't think of it like that. It's called a betrothal contract, and your family would of course receive a bride price. You've always known this was going to happen, Ginny, there's no point in getting upset now."

"I thought I was going to marry Harry..."

Arthur Wesley just smiled at his only daughter, she really was naive on the ways of the world "We would have loved for you to have that choice too, dear, but it's been taken away from us and desperate times call for desperate measures. We really are desperate, Ginny. I'll need to try and get something arranged for over the holidays so enjoy your last few days of school, I'd take you home now except we don't exactly have a home to go to."

"Do you mean I'm getting married this summer? How is that possible and who will be the groom?" Ginny couldn't manage to keep the horror out of her voice.

"Of course you won't get married this summer, your betrothed will want you to go and live with them until you get married though. I'm hoping for a top price, and they certainly won't pay that to then have you still living with us. We really need the money right now, Ginny, and your betrothed will simply be whoever offers us the most gold."

Ginny couldn't believe the way her father was discussing her, like she was something he owned to be sold to the highest bidder. "You twisted, sick bastard! I'll kill myself before I'll let some stranger put his hands anywhere near me, I don't care how much gold he's got. I'm your twelve-year-old daughter, not some side of beef to be sold at the market."

Arthur didn't understand Ginny's problem, couldn't she see the family needed to pull together to get through this catastrophe. He decided to hit her with a few home truths. "You're a pureblood daughter and the family magic will prevent you harming the goods, so to speak. You will do your duty and marry whoever I decide, regardless of their age or any other conditions. When the time comes, you will do your duty as a wife and you will certainly not bring shame on our family honour."

Ginny was having trouble believing this was actually the man she called father. She'd always known he was a little eccentric but this went way beyond that. "What bloody family honour? You stand there talking about honour while, in the same breath, make plans to sell your daughter to the highest bidder, you really are a sick bastard." Ginny was screaming at him now, and praying she would soon wake from this nightmare.

This reaction just made Arthur dig his heels in. He was head of house and had made his decision, something he didn't get to do very often. Ginny would need to respect and obey that decision. "No, I'm your father and head of the family. My decision is final, you will be betrothed this summer - and the Weasleys will have a new house."

She could now see the determined look in her father's eyes, and there would be no help coming from her pureblood brothers either. Her mother was always talking about how she'd used a love potion to get Arthur Weasley interested in her, she was unlikely to be horrified at this arrangement if it got her a new house.

Ginny sunk defeatedly to the floor and curled into a ball, all the fight just left her as the hopelessness of the situation finally sank in. Her body was racked by sobs as she cried for her lost life, while having to listen to her brothers argue for improvements to this new house her body was going to provide.

She had no wand, no opinion, and no option but to obey her father's wishes - Ginny Weasley would be sold to the highest bidder. Her father may call it betrothal but Ginny could now see the truth. She would be bought and paid for, by magic Ginny would be her betrothed's to command. Ginny couldn't see any man who would pay enough gold for the Weasleys to build a house then waiting until their wedding night to take her to his bed.

The only people who would pay that kind of money for a bride were those that couldn't get one any other way. It was dawning on Ginny that she was destined to be some old man's plaything, that disgusting thought had her vomiting all over the floor.

Being a pureblood female was not something Ginny Weasley would ever boast about again.

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