Months pasted since the destruction of Zelos, as life started to feel normal once again. The Entelexeia mourned for their fallen, though it didn't feel long before they started traveling the world again. Belius took on a leadership role among the Entelexeia, helping to bridge the gap they never attempted to cross with humanity. There had been sporadic rumors of a silver haired man alongside a pregnant looking Krityan woman at his side. No one could confirm as they seemed to pop up just about everywhere, never staying in one place for long. Krones continued to protect the Myorzo, though now he watched as more Krityans became curious about exploring the world below and finding what else might be beyond their sheltered home. Even so, they knew that they would always have a home in Myorzo if any wandering Krityan ever wished to return.

With the Entelexeia active once more, Clint disbanded the Hunting Blades, leaving for Ixa'taka where he could lose himself for a time and think about his future. Despite the disbandment, Tison followed his former leader, knowing he'll always find the big fights and secretly to keep him company on those lonely hunts.

Tikatika returned home, hailed as a hero among his village. Even so, he never tried to exploit this new fame, returning to his role as a hunter and taking a wife, whom he loved. Centime returned to Ixa'taka as well, assisting the Ixa'takan's development and raising new kids. The Ixa'ness Demons did not find any men worth calling husbands during the battle, though one did find a handsome man who lived in the western lands. Telling's of this stranger's homeland caused many hopeful Ixa'ness to head west in search of these strange martial fighters to call a husband as well.

Nasrad was rebuilding, thanks in large part due to Osman and the trade deals that she established during her travel with the bold young Air Pirates. These exotic goods and trades quickly refilled Osman's lost fortunate and then some, though remembering her lesson she did not hoard all of it to herself. Domingo tried to bounce off of Osman to start his own business, however when that experiment failed he returned to his true calling as a treasure hunter, searching the skies for what his former captain might have missed. He tried to work with Pinta, to which the little extravagant happy obliged, though he had an even grander dream to travel to the moons, a project that garnered much support from Valuan mages.

It was in Nasr that Merida started her new dance career that eventually saw her rise to become an international sensation and tour the world over. Though she would never forget those who helped her people and save the world. It was also in Nasr where Kalifa gave up her fortunetelling ways to follow a path where she did not know what would be waiting for her. Learning to embrace the unknown for the adventure rather than for the destination.

Enrique had wed Moegi, with the blessings of her father and brother. It was the forging of a new friendship as Don, the newly appointed admiral for the New Esparanzan Navy, and the Entelexeia helped to secure a safe route through the Dark Rift and establish a flow of trade between nations. Ilchymis returned to Valua to provide his vast knowledge of medicine to help whomever he could, this time staying as he watched this gentle regime help the people. Izmael assisted the rebuilding efforts in Valua, insisting they won't be able to finish as quickly without him. Rita and Witcher found new methods of conserving energy as well a means of creating energy without the need of Moon Stones. Brabham assisted in creating new shipyards as Hans followed his teacher, helping to establish a scholarship program to foster the next generation of engineers. Urala followed Hans to Valua, at the urging of her sister, where she would eventually follow her feelings as well and marry him.

Flynn stayed true to his word, continuing his efforts to aid Enrique and Estelle while establishing the new doctrine that the New Armada would follow to maintain the peace. Sodia remained by Flynn's side, his trusted second in very capacity she could and honoring her grandfather. Marco pitched in wherever he could, from helping the Lower City citizens feel more welcomed to just helping move supplies. He would eventually join the New Armada in the hopes of becoming an admiral one day.

Sailor's Island found a new spark with Polly's family restored, along with the new bundles of joy to join them. Robinson did what he could around the tavern never leaving his family again. Belle and her friends soon returned to the Primrose, helping Clara pursue her love and hopefully find their true loves as well. Gilder did everything he could to avoid Clara as he and his crew continued to hunt for that elusive 'good life' they chased relatively carefree.

Daigo would eventually succeed his father, but that didn't stop him from taking to the skies in the search for his own adventure. When that happened, most of the Tenkou joined the Yafutoman navy with Jao and Mao as admirals. Casey and Raven had settle on a quaint island of Yafutoma where they help accommodate visitors and traders and ensured fair deals. Ryu-Kan was proud of his works that helped save the world, however despite these great strides he returned to his isolated island in the pursuit of forging the ultimate blade.

Kirala had happily planted herself on Crescent Island where she helped to expand the island's docks and livelihood along with construct a new ship for her captain with the Delphinus returned to Valua. Khazim too took to the skies himself, having fallen in love with flying and the cannons a ship could be armed with.

Piastol slowly, but surely rebuilt her relationship with her sister, eventually revealing who she was to her. They seemed happier now, even with Lapen's slightly dark mood occasionally popping in from time to time. Even so, Piastol saw some endearing qualities in the estrange inventor, even as he reluctantly took an offer of being a mentor to new engineers from his brother, Hans.

Yuri and Repede would occasionally crash in on Flynn, much to Sodia's cringe, but even she admitted that it would be too quiet if he hadn't raised hell for them from time to time. Joining the duo, Judith and Ba'ul took them all over to help whoever was in trouble and spend their days however they saw fit. Repede and Little Wolf continued their rivalry, but there seemed to be a new level of respect they garnered from each other.

Dyne soon retired as captain of the Blue Rogues, however his crew refused to call him anything but 'Captain'. He acted like that annoyed him, but he couldn't be happier, giving advice to any young Air Pirate who hoped to sail the skies as a Blue Rouge.

Gordo had returned to his bistro, turning it into a world-class restaurant with some assistance of Osman's trades. Lawrence had mysteriously vanished after the battle, with whispers of a mercenary lurking around Valua searching for his next job. Baltor continued his Black Pirate ways, though he would never miss the chance to challenge Vyse…and never winning a single bout.

Drachma did return to his peaceful life as a fisherman, though old age finally caught up to the crusty sailor. It wasn't too long after the battle that Drachma passed on, though he was far more rested and at ease. However, his infamy would forever live on in his tale of Rhaknam as the telling's got grander and grander with each retelling.

After sailing under others for all his life, Karol eventually decided it was time for him to find his own path. He was thankful to his friends, but he wanted to be captain of his own ship and crew too, something that would probably never happen while under Vyse. He was given the blessings of his friends, as Nan followed him on his next leg of his personal journey, and a rambunctious little purple huskra joined them.

A young boy had a dream. A young girl had passion. A mysterious stranger had a mission. And the world will forever know their story. As long as there are dreamers who have the courage to pursue their dreams, the world will have heroes. And as long as there is a thirst to discover the unknown, there will be new stories to tell…and new adventures to be had.

"Hey Estelle, are you finished yet? I want to make sure you didn't overexaggerate my parts."

"Just putting the finishing touches on it, Rita." The hardcover was secure as the bindings were placed. She carried the heavy book downstairs, "Do you think it's too thick?"

Rita hefted the book one handed, "Yeah for people not used to such paper weight. Maybe we should split this into volumes… Nah, better as a whole."

Rita started to flip through the pages, trying to find her entries, but Estelle pulled her arm, "Come on, everyone's waiting to see how this turned out. Let's not keep them in suspense."