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"Sorry Avy, I have to go, my idiot cousin is here to take me out. Talk tomorrow? I'll be on at one, yeah?" I said into my charmed mirror. Thank Merlin for my charmed mirror. Seeing as my house has about a twenty magical folk around daily, no telephones or computers connect due to interference. That basically means unless I wanted to wait for ages for owls, I had to find some other way of magical communication. Enter charmed mirrors.

"Sure Rose. Oh and don't forget to do your Transfiguration essay tonight, I want to discuss some of the points about Gamps Laws. Bye!" and with that, my best friend Avy Tomlinson's face disappears from the huge mirror on my vanity.

We've been best friends since my first Charms class. I hadn't made many close friends in Gryffindor, because I was hesitant to open up to people. My mum had warned me that some people might take advantage of me for my name. Charms was a Gryffindor and Ravenclaw class, and Avy had asked demurely is she could sit next to me. Being a muggleborn, I was sure she hadn't heard of my family, so I let myself be comfortable around her, and the rest was history. Of course, it helped that we were the only two first years who had read through the entire syllabus before the term had started.

Sighing, I swung my legs off the chair I was on, grabbed my overnight bag and walk downstairs to greet my cousin. When I entered the room, I saw the sight of Lily Potter, blonde highlights and all, talking raptly to my mother about the use of bananas in everyday diets. Bananas. Merlin my family's weird.

"I keep telling Rosie she should eat more fruit. She went off them when Hugo was nine and he accidentally made every fruit in the house go rotten." My mother babbled, peeling carrots as she went. "Oh yes Aunt Hermione, I remember that! Daddy said it was Hugo's first sign of magi- Oh Rose you're here! What took so long?"

"I was talking to Avy. Mum I'm packed so can Lily and I just go? We want to get a head start on translating Runes, you know how Professor McRooch can get." I say, before being grabbed by Lily and being pulled out the door. On the way out I vaguely hear mum calling up "Sure thing sweetie! Want a carrot?" and only got to reply, "No thanks, love you!" before Lily slammed the door shut behind us.

Lily Potter, the only daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, can be a right pain sometimes. Apparently she didn't invite me over to do homework, like she told me she had. Apparently it was so I could sneak her into a new club London, the Swish and Flicker. Rude.

"Lily, no way. I hate clubs, I hate drinking, you're too young, my mum thinks I'm studying, we'd be breaking the law, I didn't bring nice clothes, we'd have to sneak out, I actually want to do my work and its just plain stupid!" I lectured, sounding snooty in my irritation. There is no way I'm going to a club. I stuck my nose up, arms crossed and face turned away from her puppy dog eyes. Trying to focus on anything other than her pitiful look, her floral bed spread suddenly seemed very interesting.

"Rosie-" "Don't call me that!" "-relax! Look, I invited the rest of the girls too! Roxy, Molly, Lucy and Beth are coming over in like two minutes! Do you want to be the annoying one who ruins everything?" Lily says pulling my arm to make me face her. Her eyes are blazing and her face is scrunched up. Lily and I never really got on, so I was really surprised when she invited me over to 'study'. I assumed she wanted me to tutor her, seeing as I'm a straight O student.

She's always been too loud, forceful and –if I'm being honest- she can be a bit of a spoilt brat sometimes. Narrowing her eyes, my cousin hisses "Look Rose, just because we are cousins doesn't mean I have to like you. I am sick of your constant nagging, and the one time I try to re-kindle our relationship, you won't stop moaning. I'm trying to get you to have fun." What a little git! Where does she get off? Just because she likes to go to parties and hang out with boys and stuff doesn't mean she's perfect!

"Sorry if my version of fun isn't bouncing around in a room full of sweaty people with too-loud music and drinks that make me sick! Sorry if I'm not you're perfect idea of what a cousin should be, but too bad! I happen to like being smart, responsible and dependable! If you don't like it then you can just-" the rest of my retort was cut short when my four other cousins and Lily's best friend Beth burst through the door.

"Hey Rosie! Are you coming out toni-" Lily interjects, interrupting Dominique's cheery greeting, and sends the girls a sugary sweet smile before clamping one of her perfectly manicured claws onto my shoulder, the nails digging in painfully.

"Sorry ladies, Rosie and I are just going to have a word out in the hall!" she announces, dragging me with her as she struts across the room. Alone once again in the darkness of the empty hallway, Lily leans close to me, and her eyes are shooting daggers.

"Look here Rose, if you want to live out your life as a ninety-year-old librarian nun posing as a teenage girl, then be my sodding guest. But you're not ruining my night just because you don't know the definition of fun. Why don't you try to live a little, for Merlin's sake." Lily hissed, and I was almost expecting fire to come out of her nostrils as she exhaled angrily. But Lily isn't the only Weasley with a temper.

"No, you look here, Lillian, I have plenty of fun, and just because I don't want to go and illegally get drunk whilst I'm illegally in a club, doesn't mean I don't know how to 'live'." I snapped back. She barked a short laugh back at me.

"Oh, is that right? And when's the last time you did anything even slightly exhilarating? Did you return a library book a day late because you were too busy re-reading it to notice the date? Yeah, what a rush you must've felt." I bit my tongue, thinking that perhaps correcting Lily by saying that actually, I prided myself in having returned every library book promptly 24 hours before it's due date, in order to assure no late fee incurred, wouldn't help my case at the moment, "Face it Rose, your life is bland. And you're too scared to do anything to ever change that. I bet you 100 galleons that you'll go this entire year without doing anything to even slightly increase your heart rate. Go on, give it a go, I dare you." Lily drawled, sarcasm dripping off her tongue, as she knew full well I would never accept such a childish challenge.

"I don't need to sink to your level," I replied, sticking my nose in the air, "and I think I'll be leaving. Thanks so much for inviting me over!" After the words left my mouth, I turned on my heel and strutted away, trying to regulate my breathing as I did so.

Before I walked straight out of the house, I stopped, turned around, walked in to the kitchen and said "Hi Aunt Ginny! I'm sorry, I just realised I was meant to stay at Avy Tomlinson's house tonight, so I had to reschedule with Lily. Could I borrow your floo?", in a rushed garble, forcing a sweet smile on my face. No matter how angry I was, I couldn't forget my manners.

My aunt was currently on the couch with a glass of wine, reading a book. It didn't look very interesting; I think it was a poetry book. I never really got in to poetry; it was too random and distracted. Aunt Ginny looked a bit startled to be disturbed, but she smiled pleasantly and said that of course I could use their floo, and that she hoped to see me again soon.

Yeah, right. I am never stepping foot in this house again. Except to visit James. Or if I needed to borrow one of Al's books for school. Oh, and of course the monthly family lunches that Uncle Harry hosts.

But apart from those times, never, ever again.

"Well Rose, you are a bit… Merlin, how do I say it nicely. Uh, you're a bit dull sometimes." What? I have been betrayed! After just telling my whole Lily Saga to my friend Alice Longbottom, she had the nerve to say I was dull! I am not dull. I just enjoy learning.

Obviously she saw the look of outrage on my face, because she immediately backtracked. "I'm not talking about the grades, or saying that you studying is a bad thing, I just mean you never do anything spontaneous or rebellious. You are the poster child for following the rules, and you just immediately reject any change in routine. Would it kill you to liven up a little bit?" Well, I knew there was a reason Alice was only my second best friend. Avy always sees from my point of view, she likes routine just as much as I do. Alice is more… Reserved when it comes to following the rules. I have half a mind to just walk away from my mirror and let Alice sit there looking at my blank walls for hours.

"I could be rebellious if I wanted to, I just don't want to be!" I try to defend myself. Judging from her poised eyebrow and pursed lips, she doesn't really buy into it. I've always been jealous of Alice's control over her eyebrows. Its an astounding feat really, I mean, it must be difficult to be able to move your eyebrows at will. Then again I might just be saying this because I can't do it. Moving on.

"All I'm saying is, she did wager 100 galleons." Alice trails off, baiting me with her words. I think about all that was said to me today, both from Lily and Alice.

Am I really that predictable? I mean, sure I always wake up and 6:42 exactly, and I hand my homework in a day early, already proofread twice, and I have never been to a party even though I get my fair share of invitations, and I've never been on a date because relationships would affect my schoolwork and… Okay maybe I'm just a tad predictable. But order is key to life!

On the other hand, I might need to loosen up a teensy bit. Carpe Diem and all that. Wait; no rebellious sixteen year old would say that. What's the current word? Yoda? Oh, wait its YOLO! Yes, I mean YOLO and all that.

Well, normally I'd never take up a bet, but seeing as I have just been bet to be rebellious I suppose I could rebel and take the bet. Or, would being rebellious mean I don't care what Alice says? Having a devil-may-care attitude? Um. Wait, what does being rebellious actually entitle?

I did not think this through. But I'm Rose Weasley, and if you can say one thing about Rose Weasley, it's that I always rise to a challenge, and I always do it perfectly.

"Fine, I'll do it. By the end of Sixth Year I will be the most rebellious person in our year at Hogwarts. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a step-by-step list of how to do that." Turning away from my mirror, I flinched. Maybe I shouldn't have told her I was going to make a list, I don't think lists are rebellious. Judging from the laugh that's fading from the mirror, I'd hazard a guess that I was correct.

Rose's List For How To Be Rebellious:

Stop making lists

Swear more

Colour my hair

Have a cool boyfriend

Get a tattoo

Sneak out

Go to a party

Have a piercing

Get a detention

Buy 'cool' clothes

Stay out late

Have some alcohol

Wait, aren't the rebellious people the ones who do it effortlessly? Isn't rebelling something that comes naturally? Oh Merlins fluffy white beard I hope not, otherwise I'll never be rebellious.

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