First Act: "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood

Draco closed his eyes, hearing his mother's parting words ricochet within the walls of his subconscious mind.

You cannot surrender to the fear, my love. You are strong. You are clever. You will fight for your life using whatever means necessary, and I will return to you when the time is right.

It had been months since that night, since the night Lucius and Narcissa had been forced to answer for their treason against the Dark Lord. They had barricaded themselves in the Manor, causing a diversion to provide their son with enough time to escape. He had just barely brushed his fingers over the emergency Port Key, when suddenly he heard the bloodcurdling screams of his parents' demise echo from the lower levels.

Draco knew, even then, that he would never see them again, but the promise in mother's voice was the only thing that kept him going. He closed his eyes tighter, placing a blockade over the rush of emotion that clouded his vision. There was no room for tears.

Potter wouldn't have cried.

It was telling, the amount of times Draco thought of his old rival. He could still remember the way each fleck in Potter's emerald green eyes died out as the Killing Curse made contact with his chest. The memory of it sent a surge of unfamiliar sentiment through his consciousness. He had always assumed Potter would turn up victorious in the final showdown, but that was the naivety of ones adolescent mind. It was either kill or be killed and – ironic as it was – The Boy Who Lived hadmet with the latter.

Draco could only imagine what that meant for the young woman resting not four feet away from him.

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