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"Good, we have a deal!", Percy yelled and ran away.

The rest slowly went to their personal floors, execept Fury, who...you know what? How about we don't talk about that?

Percy's PoV

When I came into the kitchen in the next morning, all six Avengers and Fury were there already.

"You're waiting for my story, aren't you?", I asked.

As an answer, everyone nodded. I sighed.

"Okay, but let me eat first. Than I'll tell you my story, until yesterday in Camp Half-Blood."

"Camp Half-Blood?", Natasha asked.

"Greek Demigod Camp. The Roman version is 'Camp Jupiter'

30 minutes later, everyone sat together, waiting for me to start.

"My story – well, the interesting part, begins on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. At that time, I attended Yancy Academy"

Tony shuddered. At the questioning looks he explained: "I remember that place. Had I not been accepted by the MIT at twelve, I'd have to go there. We went there for a day and, well, it did not end good."

"Yeah...so anyway. We made a field trip to the museum. The teachers were 'Mr. Brunner' and 'Mrs. Dodds'. We looked at a bit Ancient Greek Funeral Art...pretty ironic. And foreshadowing..."

Tony's PoV

Okay, I can understand the ironic part about a GREEK demigod seeing GREEK Funeral Art, but foreshadowing?

"What was foreshadowing?", Jolly Green Giant voiced my thoughts.

"Not telling. Anyways, some girl was being a bully and I used the fountain to wet her completely. And that unknowingly", Fishface continued.

Legolas and me started to laugh. And I could see Bruice and Capcycle hiding a smile.

"Yes, ' '", Waterboy said in a way that made it obvious that that was not her real name, "lead me inside. That was when I found out she was a...Fury", he finished, looking at Fury in a interested way.

"Wait a second...I think you may be a demigod, I-don't-care-at-all-what-your-title-is Fury..."

Wait, what? That couldn't be true.

"Fury...a Greek demigod...not weird at all", Legolas commented.

"And why do you think that?", snarled Fury.

"Did you know your mother?"


"Do you like to ensure justice, but when necessary to provide revenge?"

"Yes, I do. What has this got to do with anything?"

"How did you loose your eye?"

"A woman took it out with a dagger. So what?"

"In that case, you, Nicolas J. Fury, are a son of Nemesis, goddess of revenge."


"Any chance, that some more of us might be demigods?", Steve asked.

"Well., judging from their personalities...Clint could be a son of Apollo...greek or roman...Steve could be a son of Athena, you know battle strategy...or Mars, but not Ares...Tony could be a son of Hephaestus or Athena... the others... I don't think so."

It is possible, that I am a demigod?...Well, I look quite like Howard and I am nearly certain, that he only married my mother, because she became pregnant with me...BUT, I never heard stories of my grandmother on Mom's side, as opposed to the tons I heard of her father...and Howard once told me his mother's name (who was not a good mother, you you look at my father), but not his fathers...Also I remember one time, when Mom and Howard argued over some sort of summer camp...Maybe, just maybe, I was the grandson of Athena and Hephaestus...

Clint's PoV

Me? A demigod?

Impossible. Simply not possible. End of the story.

Although...my father never really cared about me or my mother, only about Barney...and Barney told me, that that used to be different before I was born...

Nope, not enough reason.

Well, the fact that I shot a bulls-eye the first time I tried to shoot with an arrow.

But still, that was way to weird to be true, wasn't it?

Steve's PoV

I am definitely no son of Athena.

I look like the male version of my mother.

And a son of Mars?

That seemed pretty unrealistic...

No, my mother would never have an affair.

From the looks on Tony's and Clint's faces, they seemed to think about Percy's suggestion.

Was is really possible, that three out of six people (not counting Thor), were demigods?

Tony: You made me a demigod? And Clint?

Percy: Why?

Me: Because I felt like it.


Tony: No reader had ideas for a robot...

Percy: And my pool isn't mentioned.

Me: Well, excuse me, for thinking that they might want to know you more than a day before building you a personal pool.

Tony: That's right.

Me: I don't own either of them, by the way. Please review. And vote in my poll.

Tony & Percy (annoyed): And everything else.

Me: That is the forth godDAMn time, that I have to tell you to stop that! *goes searching Annabeth and Pepper*