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Devil Ninja

Chapter 1: Shinobi Turned Devil

The light from the sun streamed in through the small window covered by a set of blinds that only did a half-assed job of actually keeping said rays of blinding luminescence from getting through. One blond haired, blue eyed young man groaned in discontent as his eyes flickered open very briefly. They closed almost immediately after as they were hit by a beam of light so bright the young man thought he might go blind.

Damn that sun. Couldn't it have picked a better time to rise? Or better yet, not risen at all? One of these days he was going to find some way to turn it off.

Or blow it up.

He would prefer blowing it up.

Grunting slightly, the blond male slowly sat up in bed, stifling a yawn with one hand as he did. Oh how he hated mornings. They always seemed to come at the worst times.

They actually didn't. He just wasn't much of a morning person.

As the blond began to gain more cognitive thoughts, he stretched himself out, turning this way and that as he raised his hands high into the air and listened to his back pop and crack in a way that would make most people cringe. Slowly but surely, Uzumaki Naruto got out of bed and made his way into the bathroom with a stumbling gait.

It was just another day of his new life.

After making his way towards the shower and turning on the water, Naruto ran a hand through his spiky locks of blond hair before turning to look at himself in the mirror.

At 17 years of age, Naruto could say he was honestly pleased with what he saw. Back when he was younger, he had always been very short. Even after coming back from his 3 year training trip, he had only grown tall enough to match the height of a few of his friends. In the past few months he had finally managed to grow to a nice, above average height for someone his age. Sure, he was no Jiraiya, but he was taller than his old man had been. That had to count for something.

Absently, Naruto raised both his hands and pressed them together to make a strange seal with his fingers. It looked like a cross. He focused for a moment, looking both inward and outward, his eyes staring intently at his stomach while his mind, body and soul searched for something he had been dearly hoping to feel again since coming here.

After a second or two, he sighed.

"Still nothing..."

There was not even a hint of what he had been looking for. Man, talk about depressing.

He shook his head and slapped himself on the cheeks to get out of his minor funk. It would be best to not dwell on it. There was always tomorrow, right? Right.

The shower began to steam and Naruto stepped in, groaning as the heat caused his aching muscles in his back and shoulders to loosen. He pressed his palms against the wall of the shower and let the hot liquid run down his frame and mat his hair to his head. It felt so good, especially after a hard night of trying to get his ruined body back into shape. That old saying that you never knew what you had lost until it was gone had never rung more true to him than it did now.

After his shower, the blond was finally awake and capable of getting ready for the day. This consisted of him getting dressed in the uniform of his school; a black blazer over a white, long-sleeved shirt with black highlights and a black ribbon on the collar and matching black pants. The rest of his outfit was actually much different from the standard academy uniform, an orange short sleeve shirt underneath his dress shirt and orange and black sneakers. They were still considered acceptable within the school standards, though the Principle had frowned upon seeing his choice in color.

Not that he cared. If that man didn't understand the greatness of orange, that was his problem.

Once he was dressed and his stomach was full, the blond locked the door to his apartment and was ready to start his day with a grin. Today was going to be a good day. He could feel it.


Today was going to suck. He just knew it.

In his haste to finally begin his new lease on life, he had forgotten about one simple fact that made all his possible enjoyment of the day evaporate like a water jutsu when it was struck by an overpowered fire jutsu.

He had school today. What's worse was this was a normal high school. He hated school on the best of days, but at least back when he was an 8 year old brat they had been teaching him how to be a kick ass ninja. All the crap they were trying to shove down the throats of the young here was just useless.

What good was algebra and science going to do anyone who didn't plan on being a nerdy science geek? What good was history when he didn't give two twats about the past? When would the velocity vector v of an object that has positions x(t) at time t and x at time , can be computed as the derivative of position: ever be useful?

Never. That's when. Naruto wasn't some nerdy science geek or some stupid smart physics professor in the making. He was a ninja, combat was his profession and kicking ass was his calling card. He didn't need to learn math, history and physics. Let the people who were going into professions that needed to use that crap learn it. He was just fine sticking to his fists.

Granted, he didn't know how a ninja would live in this world, but he was sure he could figure something out if given time.

Until that time came, however, he was stuck going to school. Talk about sucking it big time. Oh well, at least it was a decent school.

The school he was going to was called Kuoh Academy. Naruto heard tell that at one point it had been an all-girls school, but had changed to coed sometime before he had arrived.

The academy was actually a very beautiful campus. Naruto could admit that much at least. It was large, as in, really large. Try gigantic. It consisted of several buildings with the main one being a long, rectangular building that was four stories tall with a slanted roof, reddish brown tiles and built like some kind of traditional European Mansion.

At least he thought it was a European Mansion. His knowledge on the history of this world and it's architecture was incredibly sketchy, meaning nearly nonexistent. Still, it was a very nice looking building and he supposed that's what mattered.

All that being said, he still didn't want to be here. Just why he let that strange man talk him into coming here was so far beyond him at the moment it wasn't even worth thinking about.

Ignoring the many people who were staring and pointing at him ― being a trouble maker in his youth and someone who was used to being hated and glared at meant it was pretty easy for him to do ignore the way people were whispering behind his back. It probably helped that a good deal of them had been doing this since he got here. Just what was there problem anyways? ― the new blond student made his way towards his first class of the day.


Naruto had never been so glad to hear a bell ring.

No. Scratch that. He had been just as glad to hear the bell ring yesterday that he did today. And the day before that and the day before that...


Okay, so maybe it had been like this since he started school. He didn't think anyone would blame him for loving the sound of that bell. As far as he was concerned, it was a sound that represented freedom. Even if that freedom was only until lunch period ended.

Still, it was a freedom that he would cherish until the next class, however short that freedom may be.

And it allowed him to explore the school. Even though he had been here for a while, Naruto still had trouble finding his way around, so he always used the opportunity lunch represented to learn the lay of the land, so to speak.

Walking around with a piping hot bowl of ramen in one hand and a set of chopsticks in the other, Naruto happily slurped away on his noodle dish as he enjoyed the sights and sounds of the school.

At least he would have enjoyed the sights and sounds were it not for the fact that another sound caught his attention. It was a very familiar sound, one he had heard so many times before when he had been training with Ero-sennin that he could tell what it was as easily as he could tell you the color of his own hair.

It was the sound of perverted giggling.

Hyoudou Issei was a 17 year old high school student of average height with short brown hair and light brown eyes. He wore the same standard academy uniform as everyone else who went to Kuoh Academy, though he also wore a red undershirt and blue sneakers. There was not much else that could be ascribed to him. He was, in all regards, a below average student not worthy of notice except for one fact.

His almost unnatural amount of lust. Hyoudou Issei was one of the largest, most perverse beings in existence. The kind of pervert that sent women running for the hills, or into a violent fit of female feminine fury. He, along with his two other friends, Mitsuda and Motohama, was known as one of the Hentai San'nin-Gumi. Or the Perverted Trio.

On a side note, Jiraiya would be proud of these three.

This perversion Issei possessed would also explain his current activity. An activity he and his two friends were partaking in with great relish.

Peeping on the kendo club as they got changed in the girls locker room. Just looking at all that lovely, female flesh, the soft, milky skin, and the incredible range of breast sizes was enough to make him and the other two perverts nearly cream themselves.

"You look like you're having a good time?"

Issei's grin widened as he nodded along with the voice. "Yeah..." His friends nodded as well, neither realizing that the voice did not belong to any of them, busy as they were peeping.

"It's a nice view, isn't it?"

Issei's drooling showed just how much he agreed with those words. There may also be some nosebleeding in there, but it was hard to tell since his face as pretty much stuck to the wall. "Yeah..."

"I'm glad you three are enjoying this so much. It's good to enjoy something while it lasts."

Issei blinked. Now that was a strange thing to say.

"EEK! PEEPERS! PERVERTS! LECHES! HOW DARE YOU PEEK INTO THE GIRL'S LOCKER ROOM!" A voice shrieked from behind them. The Perverted Trio's eyes all widened as their danger senses kicked in like a 512 Turbo charged engine going into overdrive. That was some serious horse power there.

They tried to turn around so they could run away from the scene of the crime.

They might have been able to, except that at that moment a set of strong, steel wires rose up from the ground and wrapped around the trio, pulling them together and making them trip and fall to the ground.

"Wha-What happened!?" One of Issei's friends, Mitsuda, shouted in surprise. "Where did this wire come from!?"

"I-I don't know!" Issei would have liked an answer to that as well. Too bad he wouldn't get one.

"So you're the three who thought they could peep on us?"

Fear coursed through his veins at the sound of the voice. He didn't want to look, but was unable to stop himself from craning his neck to look up into the eyes of the kendo club captain, who was unfortunately dressed in the academy uniform once more.

Even more unfortunately, she had her shinai with her and was lightly tapping the 'bladed' side against the palm of her free hand in a manner that sent shivers of terror down Issei's spine.

"Why am I not surprised it's you three. I would have thought you'd learn your lesson the last time this happened, but it seems you need to be taught using more... forceful... methods."

"More forceful!?" Motohama shrieked like a girl. Not that Issei couldn't understand why. Just thinking about what happened last time sent shivers down his spine. "The last time you used your shinai to hit us in the family jewels!"

The kendo club captain grinned a devilish grin.

"I know. Girls, drop their pants."

In most cases, this would have caused a good deal of men to lose themselves to lust.

Such was not the case here.

The Perverted Trio whimpered in fear as the girls closed in around them.

As screams of pain emitted from the Perverted Trio, Naruto found himself laughing joyously as he watched the scene from the school rooftops. He had nothing against the perverted trio, or even perverts in general. Indeed, if he were to hate someone for being perverted, then that meant he would have hated Ero-Sennin, and that man had been like a father to him.

Or that really perverted uncle that you love to death but would never introduce to your friends. He was still undecided.

So, yes, Naruto did not hate perverts. Not at all. He just couldn't help but prank those three when they presented such a perfect opportunity. It was in his nature to prank people who left themselves so open. It would have been a crime against the pranking gods not to take such a golden opportunity when presented.

Besides, they would be fine. Perverts were an incredibly resilient bunch. They could take the most brutal of beatings by a horde of angry females and get up seconds later like it had never happened.

He only had to look at Jiraiya as an example. During their three year training trip Naruto had lost count of the number of times his perverted sensei had been beaten to near death, only to recover a second later as if nothing had ever happened. From what Naruto understood, the only time that man had nearly died was when he got caught peeping on Tsunade.


Yes, these three would recover soon enough. None of those girls were anywhere near baa-chan's strength. They would be back on their feet before he knew it.



As the blond's snickers turned into light chuckles, he felt as if someone was watching him. Being a ninja... former ninja, Naruto still retained a good deal of spatial awareness. He could tell when people were looking at him. And right now, he could feel someone's eyes on him.

Turning towards the source of this feeling, he realized that someone was indeed watching him. Two someones, in fact.

Both of them were females, wearing the standard Kuoh Academy uniform; a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a magenta skirt with white accents. They were also, he noted immediately, incredibly beautiful.

One of them was a gorgeous, buxom young woman with long raven colored hair, violet eyes, pale skin and breasts that looked almost as large as Tsunade's. Her hair was tied into a long pony-tail, reaching all the way down to her legs, with two antenna sticking out from the top and sloping backwards while an orange ribbon kept it in place. As noted before, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Naruto believed the term people used for someone like her was Yamato Nadeshiko, which, if he was remembering this correctly, was the term used to describe the ideal Japanese woman.

However, while this girl was indeed beautiful, it was the other one who got his attention. She was a young girl who appeared to be in her late teens, the same age as him and the other girl, and had a figure that was just as generous as the other girls. Her creamy skin looked like it was softer than silk and her blue-green eyes were breathtakingly enchanting. Between her thin waste, wide hips, small shapely butt, large breasts, silky looking skin, enchanting eyes and a face that looked like it had been crafted by a pantheon of angels on a quest to find perfection, the girl was easily one of the most beautiful females Naruto had ever since.

It was none of these features that truly made her stand out to him, however. That honor belonged to her hair.

Gorgeous long tresses of crimson red hair that spilled over her head and reached all the way down to her thighs with a single strand sticking out from the top. It was a much darker shade of red than his mother's, the color and darkness almost reminding him of blood, but still, Naruto could not help but think the girl had some of the most beautiful hair he had ever seen.

You could almost say it was love at first sight. Naruto wondered if this was what his dad felt when he first met mom?

As the pair stood there on the ground, looking up at him from where they had stopped walking to where ever it was they had been heading to, the blond cast the duo of beautiful females a bright grin and waved merrily at them. The Nadeshiko girl looked amused and waved back. Meanwhile, the crimson haired female tilted her head, looking a tad curious for several moments before a soft smile played from her lips and she waved as well.

Deciding to put on a bit of a show, the blond allowed himself to fall off the roof. Before he could get far, his hands hooked themselves onto the water drain. With gravity pushing him down yet his hands keeping him up, Naruto's feet curved a parabolic arc that led him straight through the open window that he had previously used to get onto the roof in the first place. He let go of the drain, flipping through the air like a ball as he tucked his knees into his chest. After completing his flips, he stretched back out and his feet hit the ground.

Had he been an Olympic gymnast using the high bars, he would have just earned himself a perfect ten.

Grinning, the blond began walking down the hall.

The grin left him as soon as the bell rang.

Heaving a sigh as his freedom was cut short once more, Naruto began making his way back to class with a slow, depressed gate.

"Akeno," Rias Gremory, the crimson haired girl, said as she watched the strange, spiky headed blond disappear through the window in an impressive acrobatic display. For a human. "Do you know who that was?"

"That's the new student, Uzumaki Naruto-kun," Akeno answered dutifully. "He's in class 2-B, the same class as Kiba-kun. Not much is known about him. It's only been about a month since he started coming to school here, though a good deal of people seem to think he's some kind of delinquent because of his hair and skin color." Her lips curved into a teasing smile. "Why do you ask? Has Buchou-Sama become interested in Kuoh Academy's newest student?"

Rias did not say anything to deny or confirm Akeno's taunt. She merely looked up at the still open window Naruto had flown through, it's curtains fluttering in the breeze.

"Uzumaki Naruto... Hmm..."


Hyoudou Issei could not believe his phenomenal change in luck. The day had seemed so bleak after he had been beaten to a near death-like state by the girls in the kendo club. At the time, he could not help but feel like the world was out to get him just because he openly claimed to like breasts more than he should and had no issues freely ogling girls as they got changed.

Why was it that every female ragged on him just because he showed a bit... okay, a lot more perverseness than most guys? It was a well known fact that all men were perverts! Why couldn't these girls see that he was just doing what every other boy wanted to do, but didn't have the guts to actually go through with?

It was while he had been wallowing in his depression, wondering if he would ever get to see a pair of real live breasts that she came along. Yuuma, a beautiful girl with long black hair that fell down to her waist and kind, violet eyes. She wore a short black dress that allowed a tantalizing glimpse of her amazing legs and a light purple jacket on top. She had come to him while he was moping on the bridge and had actually asked him out.

Issei still could not believe he was dating this beautiful girl, or that she had been the one to ask him out. It was like God had finally taken pity on him and grace him with this sweet, innocent and beautiful girl.

If only he knew that this girl's presence was not the designs of God. Then he would be singing a very different tune.

The two of them had just finished their first date, which consequently was also the first date Issei had ever been on. It had been incredible. They had done all the things Issei imagined a couple would do on their first date, going to a clothing store where he had bought Yuuma a cute scrunchy bracelet, then they had gone out to an ice cream parlor where he had gotten a soft drink and his girlfriend had ordered an ice cream sunday.

Throughout the entire date, Issei had not been able to stop thinking about how lucky he was. Even his normally perverted thoughts had only cropped up on occasion (like when Yuuma had leaned over and allowed him to see down her shirt. That had been hot!). He had not even thought about how she would be an excellent first addition to his harem. He had not even thought about his harem at all.

Issei could honestly say he was beginning to fall in love with this girl.


After their date, the two had made their way to a park. The sun was now going down and the vast array of colors cast halos around Yuuma, making her even more beautiful than before. Several droplets of water from the fountain next to them sprinkled into the air around her, adding what almost looked like sparkles to her already dazzling presence. She looked like one of those beautiful girls you'd expect to see in a Shoujo manga.

"Yes, Yuuma-chan?" Issei asked, his heart skipping a beat as she smiled at him. Ahhh, such a beautiful smile.

"There's something I was hoping you would do for me to commemorate our first date," Yuuma looked so cute as she blushed demurely and pressed a finger to her lips. "Will you grant me my wish?"

Issei felt like he had just died and gone of heaven. His heart was beating a thousand miles a second. The painfully fast 'thump, thump' of his blood pumping organ was almost overpowering to his ears.

Was this it? The moment of truth. Would he finally receive his first kiss?

"W-What it is?"

"Could you please die for me?"

"Eh?" Issei scratched his cheek, his confusion more than evident. Maybe he hadn't heard right. "Uh... could you... repeat that? I don't think I heard you right."

Yuuma's smile became increasingly sinister. As she tilted her head down, shadows seemed to cast harsh angles upon her once angelic face. Her eyes became hidden behind a veil of darkness. Only the sinister glow of her irises remained to be seen.

"Could you please die for me?"

Without warning, wings burst from Yuuma's back, tearing the fabric of her dress and jacket, leaving two gaping holes in the back. The wings were very large, spanning nearly a meter each in length. They looked like angel wings, except that the feathers were black instead of white.

With a flap of her wings, Yuuma shot into the air and hung several feet above the flabbergasted Issei.

"I had a lot of fun with you these past couple of days," Yuuma said as she held out her hand. Light seemed to gather and coalesce within it, creating what looked like a long spear. "Dating a child like you was a nice break for me, and I'll always treasure this gift you gave me." She held out the small scrunchy he bought her. "That is why I'm going to make this as painless as possible."

She threw the spear at him. Issei, still in shock and trying to understand what was going on, could do nothing more than watch as the spear of light traveled towards him like a bullet.

Abstractly, he knew that if that thing hit him, he would be dead. Yet for some reason, he could not find it in himself to move. Maybe he was just in shock that the girl he was falling in love with was trying to kill him.

Then again, maybe his mind just had yet to catch up with everything that had happened thus far.

Fortunately for him, while he was not able to react in time, there was someone else in the area who saw what was happening. This someone also happened to be the kind of person who could never look away when someone else needed help.

Issei found himself shoved to the ground just before the spear of light could reach him. Instead of shooting through his flesh, it ended up embedded in the pavement several feet away where it soon dissipated.

Yuuma looked both shocked and angry.

"Who the hell are you!?"

Issei blinked at her words, then looked towards the person who saved him. It was a boy with spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and strange looking birthmarks on his cheeks that looked a lot like whiskers. He was wearing a pair of black pants, a dark orange shirt and orange sneakers. Issei could have sworn he had seen this boy somewhere before, but was having trouble remembering where.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto," the blond boy introduced himself with a grin. "And I'm sorry to say this, but even though this dudes a complete pervert, I can't let you kill him."

Naruto wondered if it was karma that led him to where he was now, standing in front of some girl with black angel wings as she floated above him and the perverted kid he had just saved from getting skewered with some weird spear made of what looked like light. Seriously, there was just no other explanation for why this would be happening to him. Hadn't he left the world of powerful jutsu and epic battles behind?

Apparently not. Oh well. Life was getting boring anyways.

"You can't let me kill him?" The girl's eyes narrowed in anger. "I don't think you understand what's going on here, so I'm going to give you a chance to leave and pretend you never saw any of this happen. Now, step aside."

"Sorry," Naruto scratched the back of his neck while offering a sheepish grin. "While I don't know what's going on, it's clear to me that you were going to kill this guy." He shrugged helplessly. "I simply can't stand by and watch someone getting killed right in front of my eyes when I have the power to stop it. You want the pervert, you're going to have to go through me."

Even if he no longer had the ability to use chakra, it didn't change who he was. Naruto had never been the type of person who could stand idly by while someone else was getting hurt and he could do something about it. Some people would call him reckless, but Naruto liked to think of his actions as noble.

"So you want to be a hero, huh?" the strange evil angel girl said, grinning. "Fine then. You can see what happens to people who try to play hero."

Another light spear appeared in her hands. She tossed it, this time at Naruto.

Too bad for her, Naruto was not Issei. He would not stand there looking stupid while letting her shoot a light spear through his stomach.

Tucking into a forward roll, Naruto let the spear of light hit the ground he had been standing on. As he came up, the blond reached into his back pocket where he kept a kunai on him at all times. It was a habit that let him remember his roots.

Knowing that he couldn't just toss the kunai at the girl because he would be done if he lost his only weapon, Naruto also pulled out a spool of ninja wire, which he tied to the loop located at the hilt of the kunai. As he came up from his roll, the blond deftly tossed the projectile at the girl with black wings.

His aim was spot on. Not that it would do much good. Without chakra to enhance his muscles, he could not throw the kunai fast enough to make a difference. The girl dodged it rather easily.

"I don't know what you were hoping to accomplish with that," she taunted as the kunai flew passed her. "Something like that would never hit me."

Naruto grinned.

"Who says I was trying to hit you?"

With his hands gripping the wire, Naruto yanked, pulling the kunai back down. Moving his hands in a set of complicated maneuvers, the blond managed to force the wire to wrap around the girl's leg, using the kunai as a weight much like those grappling devices he would find from those super hero characters he had read about in the mangas of this world. Like Kamen Rider.

"What the―!?"

"Down you go!"

His arm muscles bulging, Naruto used all the strength he had to yank the girl down. It wasn't as much as he would have liked. Despite how much Naruto trained, his body was only human, and without chakra, he could only do so much.

Even Rock Lee, who couldn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu to save his life, at least had the ability to use chakra. His ability to open the eight inner gates proved that. Chakra was the life blood of a shinobi. And without it, a shinobi would be as weak as a civilian.

Still, strength of a civilian or not, Naruto was still a bit stronger than the average human. Thus, he had enough strength to bring this angel girl back down to his level.

Yuuma's eyes widened as she was sent spiraling towards the ground. Before she could even think of flapping her wings, her body smashed the pavement of the park hard enough to leave a dent.

Groaning, the girl stood up on wobbly legs and looked up as the sound of feet hitting pavement reached her ears.

She was just in time to see Naruto's fist meet her face.

The sound of crashing thunder rang through the clearing as flesh smacked against flesh. Yuuma was sent tumbling back from the surprisingly hard hit. It felt like her face had been smashed in by a freight train!

Who knew humans could be pack such a punch?

Naruto grinned as the girl hit the ground and landed on her back, hard, and looking absolutely stunned as a large bruise appeared on her cheek. It was good to know he still had it.

The girl sat up and looked at Naruto with a glare, which just caused his grin to widen.

"There's plenty more where that came from if you don't leave the pervert alone!" Said pervert's eye twitched as Naruto cracked his knuckles. Really, what was it with people calling him that? He had a name too!

Yuuma snorted. "I'll admit, you're a lot stronger than most humans," she stood up and dusted off her dress, looking almost like nothing had happened save for the large bruise on her face. "That punch actually hurt. However, this is over." She gave the now confused blond a devious smile. "You're already dead."

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto. Yuuma didn't say anything, just smiled widely. Not that she needed to say anything, because at that moment Naruto felt it.

Or rather, Naruto didn't feel it. In fact, he didn't feel much of anything from the waist down. It was like he had just suddenly gone numb.

Looking down, Naruto found himself staring at the spear of light that was located in the center of his chest with shock. When had she been able to stab him? He was sure he would have noticed her doing something like this.

As blood began welling up in his mouth and dribbling down the side, he looked back up at the girl with black angel wings.

"When did you...?"

"When you punched me," Yuuma grinned. "You were so focused on hitting me, you didn't even notice when I stabbed a light spear into you. I'll admit, I'm actually impressed you lasted this long with that in your chest."

It didn't take much for Naruto to realize what had happened. Shinobi usually had great spatial awareness, meaning they could sense things happening around them to a certain degree and were even able to tell where certain objects were in relation to themselves when not looking at them. While the ability was great, it also had many limitations.

The biggest one was hyper focusing. When a ninja focused so much on completing their objective, their focus tended to zone out everything around them save for the objective itself. Many ninja had lost their lives this way, even those who were more experienced.

Kakashi was perhaps the best example of this. Naruto remembered when his first sensei told him the story of how he got his Sharingan. During his first mission as a Jounin, he had used his prized assassination jutsu, the Chidori, to try and defeat an enemy ninja. However, due to the speed requirements needed to use the jutsu to it's full potential, it created a tunnel vision that blocked out everything except for what he was aiming for. This had been nearly fatal, and had it not been for Naruto's dad being Kakashi's Jounin-sensei, his teacher would have lost his life that day.

And that was exactly what happened here. Naruto had allowed himself to get so focused on pummeling the girl's face in that it had created a sense of tunnel vision, completely blocking out everything except her face. Now he was paying the price for forgetting the lesson that story taught him.

It seems a month in this new world with his chakra coils destroyed had made him soft. It didn't help that he could no longer sense negative emotions because he could no longer use chakra. Damn this sucked.

More blood began welling up in his throat. Naruto gurgled as he made to surge forward and continue fighting, but toppled face first to the ground instead. It was a miracle when he managed to at least roll over onto his back.

The sound of footsteps approached him, and the blond got a prime view of Yuuma's panty clad mound as she stepped over him and walked towards the stunned looking Issei.

Before she could get far from him, Naruto's left hand shot out and latched onto her leg.

Yuuma turned around in mild surprise. "Oh, you're still alive, are you? I suppose that's fine. Just consider it punishment for getting in my way." She kicked his hand off her leg and continued marching towards Issei.

As Naruto's vision began to dim, he tried to force his body to move, tried to make it do something, anything.

It was all for naught. He couldn't even feel his body, much less make it obey his whims.

Man. This sucked. Here he was, trying to help someone out, but all he ended up doing was getting himself killed.

This was definitely karma. Just what did he do to earn such bad karma?

Naruto's last thoughts were of his old friends. He wondered if they were happy. Were they working together towards building a better future now that Madara, Obito and the Juubi were gone? Had they finally found peace?

Gods he hoped so. It would suck even more to die and found out that his sacrifice had been in vain. At least if they had created a lasting peace, he could leave this world content.


As Issei bleed out from the wound as his stomach, his mind going black, a small slip of paper that he had put into his back pocket and forgotten about began to glow a deep crimson. The sheet of paper with the strange looking circle flew out from Issei's back pocket. There was a flash of bright light before the sheet disappeared and the circle that looked like something from the occult glowed a deep, bloody red. The circle hovered in mid air for but a moment, expanded until it was several meters in diameter, then began a slow descent towards the ground.

As it slowly moved inexorably downward, a figure appeared from within it.

Rias Gremory looked down at the boy who she had correctly assumed possessed a Sacred Gear, a powerful weapon given to humans by God. It was for this reason that she had not stopped what had transpired. Now that he was dying, she could properly resurrect him and make this boy her pawn.

She did not like having to gain a powerful servant like this, but she couldn't see any other way Issei would have agreed to join her Peerage.

Actually, she could think of one way, but Rias wasn't willing to show her oppai to just anyone, regardless of whether she had little care for nudity tabboos.

A cough interrupted her inspection of the boy with the gaping hole in his stomach. Startled, she turned her head towards the source of the noise and was even more surprised when she saw who it had come from. Uzumaki Naruto. The boy who had peeked her curiosity on the roof when he had played a prank on Issei and his two friends. He was not supposed to be here.

Walking over to the blond haired young man with hurried footsteps, Rias knelt down to check his injuries and found herself even more shocked when she discovered how injured he was. He was lying in a pool of blood and there was a large hole going straight through the center of his chest. Obviously the wound that caused all the blood in the first place.

Even more shocking was that he was still alive. His fingers dug tightly into the ground, creating small indents in the pavement. His eyes were flickering from bright blues to a duller, more lifeless tone. It was clear he was struggling to remain alive but failing. With an injury like that, he would bleed out in seconds.

She was just shocked he was still alive. He should have bleed out a long time ago. As she looked at the wound, Rias noticed something else that was odd. It was slow, incredibly slow. In fact, she was almost sure she was just imagining it, but it looked like his wound was closing.

Of course, it couldn't be. This boy was a human. She could sense that much, and even if he had some kind of demonic healing, the light powers from Fallen Angels stopped all types of healing.

Did that mean he too had a Sacred Gear?

His eyes locked onto hers. Azure blue met greenish blue. There was a moment where his eyes seemed to flicker towards something behind her? What was he staring at?

He smiled. It wasn't a very pretty sight, what with the blood dribbling out of his mouth and staining his teeth. Still, it was a surprisingly happy smile for someone who was on the verge of death.

"Such..." he coughed, causing more blood to spurt out of his throat. It was a miracle he could even speak. That wound had obviously caused blood to well up in his lungs. "Such... beautiful... red hair..."

Rias found herself feeling surprisingly flush. No one had ever complimented her hair before. And no one had complimented her with such admiration in their voice. That it came from someone who was on their death bed was even more surprising.

Absently, she reached out and held a strand of her crimson locks between two of her fingers and twirled it around. For a moment, she wondered what she should do. In some ways, this boy had died because of her. It wasn't right that he should die because of the machinations of devils and angels.

Right. There was only one thing she could do.

Snapping her fingers caused a brief flash of light to appear within her hand. When the light died down it was to reveal an object in her hand.

A chess piece to be exact. It was a standard piece, a Rook. With this, Rias would be able to ressurect the boy as one of her servants.

She placed it on Naruto's chest and stepped back. She recited the incantation needed to meld his form with the Chess Piece. She did everything perfectly.

Nothing happened.

Frowning, she tried another piece, her Bishop. When that didn't work she tried her Knight. Again nothing. Frowning, Rias tried to figure out why none of her pieces worked. Did the boy require something special to revive? Maybe a single piece wasn't powerful enough?

"Consider this a gift from your dear brother..."

Eyes widened, Rias summoned another Chess piece. It was different from the standard chest pieces. For one, it was red. For another, it was glowing. It also did not look like any chess piece Rias had ever seen. This was no pawn, knight, rook, bishop, queen or even king. This chess piece was unusual. It was different.

It was mutated.

"I believe you will find an interesting use for this... don't worry, you will know when to use it."

As she stared at the mutated piece, she remembered the words her brother had told her when he had given it to her. She had wondered back then why he would give her such a rare and valuable piece, but now she couldn't help but wonder.

Had he foreseen this? Did he know something like this would happen? It seemed improbable, but knowing her brother she did not discard it as impossible.

"One month," she murmured. Her brother had given this mutated piece to her exactly one month ago. The same exact time that Naruto had started going to her school on the scholarship fund for orphans that had been set up by that very same brother. He had even gone so far as to visit her at school just so he could make sure she got it.

Coincidence? Probably not. Rias decided that she was going to be having words with her brother about this the next time she saw him.

"Well, I guess there is nothing else to it," Rias told the blond as he fought to stay alive. "I will not be letting you die today. So from now on, you will be living for me."

She placed the chess piece on Naruto's chest. It's bright glow was the only way to distinguish it from the blood running freely from the overflowing wound. The boy, surprisingly still alive, cracked a single eye open as he felt the weight of the small chess piece settle on him.

"I command thee, Uzumaki Naruto, on my name Rias Gremory!"

As Rias held her hands over the chess piece, it's bright red glow began to pick up even more luminescence than usual.

"Become my servant and walk these lands as a Devil!"

Slowly, the bright, glowing chess piece began to sink into Naruto's body.

"Thou shall lead a new life with great joy as a member of my peerage!"

As the mutated piece disappeared into Naruto, the glow went with it, leaving the world once more in darkness with only the moon and stars to cast light upon the world.

Naruto gasped for breath, his unconscious mind telling him he was alive. Rias watched as the boy went from being half dead to alive and well, save for the wound still in his chest. That she would need to heal manually. Still, he would be fine for now, until she could make Issei her pawn and heal him to.

As Rias went to resurrect Issei, she wondered what this new boy would bring. If her brother was somehow involved with him, she was sure that whatever Uzumaki Naruto brought to the table would keep things interesting.

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