TO ALL CONTESTSHIPPERS! Welcome to my One-shot series! We'll be starting off the proceedings with a nice one-shot that is set in Petalburg City, May's hometown, during the ending scene of "Love, Petalburg Style". Drew is in town, and he witnesses the fireworks display that Norman had Nurse Joy create for Caroline. He is actually hiding in the trees nearby, and then he overhears why the fireworks were all Beautifly, he imagines himself and May in the same situation. Next, a few days afterwords, Drew asks Norman for dating advice. You can guess how THAT's going to end.

Drew's POV

I was in Petalburg City, on my way to my next Contest, and my next Ribbon. It was practically night at that point, and I still had my Roselia at my side, as usual. I soon remembered something: at the very first Contest I saw that brunette Coordinator, May, it was said that Petalburg City was her hometown.

"Rose..." Roselia said, yawning. I sort of understood what it wanted. I think it was safe to say that it needed to get some sleep, so I decided to put it back in its Poke Ball.

As soon as Roselia was inside, I saw something flash into the sky. I looked up, and I saw fireworks again. Just like the night I first met May... However, I saw that this was different from the fireworks I saw back then. As the firework exploded, it soon changed its shape... Oddly enough, it was a Beautifly.

Seeing a Beautifly reminded me of when May and her Beautifly won the Fallabor Pokemon Contest, which I had entered. I didn't know why, but I was soon turning red in the face, but of all things, why did it have to be from thinking of that Beautifly Trainer? I found myself running towards the source of the fireworks, and it soon led me to, of all places, the Petalburg City Gym.

I soon heard the noises coming from the back, and, not wanting to disturb anything, I ran into the trees, and ran around the back. Peeking out from my hiding spot, I soon saw... May, her brother, and her friends. I also saw a woman who shared some of May's traits, too, and then, I saw Norman, the Gym Leader, but then he went back inside.

'What's MAY doing at a Gym?!' I thought to myself. As soon as I thought that, my Masquerain popped out of his Poke Ball on his own.

"Masquerain, what are you doing?!" I hissed. I soon noticed Masquerain's gaze go straight to one of May's Poke Balls, and all of a sudden, May took that particular ball out.

"Beautifly, come on out!" May said, as she released her Beautifly.

Masquerain started acting all lovesick as soon as he saw Beautifly, but then I covered his mouth with my hand. The last thing I wanted was my hiding spot rattata-ed out and making myself look like a stalker. Especially towards that clumsy, temperamental, adorable... Wait, what did I just think?!

"So, Mom, why are all of these fireworks Beautifly?" May's brother, Max inquired.

"It goes all the way back to when Norman first proposed to me." The woman said.

Wait... she said "Norman", and May called that woman 'Mom', so that means... Oh, snap...

"Yes?" May inquired.

"We were standing in a field of the most beautiful flowers..." The woman said. "There were Beautifly as far as the eye could see. It was like we had our own special group of Cupids watching over us! I haven't forgotten it, and obviously, neither has Norman."

As I listened to this story, I imagined myself in that same flower field, with May at my side, her gorgeous sapphire eyes looking at me. We were surrounded by Beautifly, which included hers, and May's Beautifly was sky-dancing, or something, with my Masquerain, but just as I was about to kiss her lips, which she mirrored, something that May's mother said made my daydream shatter...

I then realized... Oh, NO... This means... THIS MEANS... I've fallen in love with a GYM LEADER'S daughter?! Talk about bad luck...

Masquerain was about to cause me some embarrassment because it was so smitten with Beautifly that it wanted to go see her, but I recalled him to his Poke Ball, and then I just sighed before continuing to watch the fireworks. I soon saw the ears on Ash's Pikachu perk up, and then I decided to bolt for the night.

I knew that Pikachu of his had good senses, but not THAT good...

I later made it to another part of the town, but still close to the Gym. I looked at the moon, and I soon felt my heart pound. Seeing those Beautifly made me think of May over and over again, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't think of anything, or anyone else.

I soon came to a conclusion that night: I was undeniably in love with May. But how I would be able to express it without coming off arrogantly, that was the trick. Every time we met, I would give her a thornless, red rose, which means "love at first sight". However, the way I give them to her isn't exactly the best way to convey feelings of love... I soon had an idea and then called out Masquerain.

"Mas?" Masquerain inquired.

"Get ready Masquerain, because tomorrow, you and I are going to be playing the role of 'Romeo'!" I told my Pokemon, determined.

However, something clicked in my mind that I knew I had to take care of... I have to meet her folks. Her mother, I wasn't worried about, but her father... Of all people to be her father, it had to be a Gym Leader... Oh, well, here goes my dignity...

Norman's POV - The Next Day

I was reading the newspaper, mainly the Contest section, looking for articles on May. I read that she won the Verdanturf Contest, and I smiled with pride. It was sure fairly lonely without the kids in the house, but I knew they were in good hands with Ash and Brock. I soon read further and I remember reading an article on one of May's rivals. I was about to read it when the doorbell rang.

I stood up, curious, as challengers don't normally come straight to the house. I opened the door, and I soon saw a boy about May's age, with green hair and green eyes. He was holding red roses, and I immediately knew who it was. It was May's main rival, Drew.

"Um, hello, Norman, sir... May wouldn't happen to be home, would she?" Drew asked, as he looked inside.

"She's out in the park, training with her Pokemon. May I ask what business you have with my daughter, Drew?" I inquired.

He flinched, and then he stammered, "H-H-How did you know my name?"

"I follow my daughter's Contests, young man. Of course I would know about the "arrogant, stuck-up, green-haired braggart with the Roselia", son." I said.

Drew sweat dropped and went red. I guess he was not expecting May to think of him like that. From what she's told me, Drew is quite a popular Coordinator, especially with the girls.

He sighed, and said, "Then I guess you might be shocked when I say that I really like May. A lot. To be fair, I've fallen in love with her. She's the only girl who can see me for who I am and not just as a celebrity. Heck, she never even knew of me when we first met."

I can see that the conceited side of him isn't the only side of Drew's character.

"And why are you coming to me about the issue, young man? I know you're not here for a Gym Battle." I said, turning on my 'fatherly' side.

Drew froze up for a second, and then I noted the roses in his hands. I think I understood; he was looking for my blessing to date May. However, I'll only let that happen if May reciprocates, and with the way she talks about Drew, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Drew's POV

Okay, asking Norman's permission to date May: BIG MISTAKE. This guy could cream me in a battle at any time, and even I know better than to tangle with an angry Gym Leader.

I was trying to find an answer to his question, when he put his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Go get her, son. I'll give you my blessing if she feels the same way, but I'll be honest: I've heard about you from my daughter a lot, and the way she's portrayed you, I don't see you two becoming a couple happening in the future."

...Alright, to say I was relieved would have been an understatement. Sadly, when he said that she portrays me negatively, that made me think that she did not feel the same. Then again, who can blame her? All I do is make fun of her without much in the way of praise.

Anyway, after that nerve-wracking chat, I decided to put my plan into action. I walked to the park, with the flowers still in hand, and then I saw May with her Beautifly. I did not see her brother or the other boys, and I soon got started. I needed to get the timing right, and then right when May's Beautifly stopped with the combination they were working on, I started.

May's POV

After I woke up and had something to eat, Beautifly and I went to the park to practice. Max went with Ash and Brock to do some shopping for supplies, so I decided to be productive and get ready for my next Contest. Dad was waiting on Ash so they could have their Gym Battle, so this was also a good way to kill time.

"Beautifly, spin and use Silver Wind!" I commanded, as I held my Pokeblock case in my hand. I had a lot more practice with Pokeblock, and I finally got the right recipe for all of my Pokemon.

Beautifly flapped her wings, creating a wind with silver crescents and sparkles in, and she went into a spin, wrapping herself in the silver wind, and I could see Beautifly within. Just what I needed.

"Morning Sun!" I commanded.

Yellow rays of light were shinning from Beautifly's body, and then the Silver Wind robe was pierced, causing sparkles to fall. The silver wind was then dissipated and Beautifly was being decorated with Silver Wind sparkles while still shinning from the Morning Sun.

"Perfect work, Beautifly! That combination is going to work wonders in our next contest!" I said. I took out some liquified Pokeblock for Beautifly, and then as she landed on my arm to drink some, I laughed happily.

Beautifly soon finished her snack, and then after she lifted up from my arm, a bouquet of red roses landed in my arms from out of nowhere.

"Wonderful performance, May." I heard someone said.

Oh, no... I know that voice anywhere! It just had to be Drew, but what was he doing here in Petalburg? There's no Contest here!

"Drew." I said, bitterly. I saw him, looking the same as always, but instead of having his Roselia by his side, he had a Masquerain. I was a little surprised to see him, to be completely fair.

"Hi, May," Drew said, smiling... but not the usual smirk, which was pretty strange. "I see you really are doing great with your combinations."

"Um... Thanks?" I said, as I put the roses down. "What do you want?"

Drew immediately came over, and took my hand, before leading me somewhere else in the park. I pulled my hand away, but he grabbed it again before saying, "I have something to show you! Just trust me!"

I rolled my eyes, not amused. Look, this guy is cute, and I secretly like him, don't get me wrong, but I'm not like his other fangirls. I don't look at him as a celebrity or some teen heartthrob. To me, this guy is an arrogant, green-haired jerk with no heart and whenever he DOES praise me, I find it too good to be true, so I usually brush it off. I honestly felt that the odds of him having a crush on me were just about as good as a Rock-type Pokemon wanting to go swimming in a cold lake. Pretty poor odds, right?

"Drew, what do you want?" I asked.

"You'll see in a second. Over here." Drew said.

He led me to a flower field, and then his Masquerain and my Beautifly were soon fluttering around with the flowers, and it seemed like they were having a good time. Soon, more Beautifly were showing up and fluttering around, and I soon realized why this was so familiar: this was the exact same scenario Mom and Dad were in when Dad proposed!

How did Drew know about this?! Maybe it's actually just a coincidence that this is even happening. For one thing, Mom never mentioned a Masquerain in the scene...

"Drew... What kind of game are you playing?" I asked.

Drew immediately hugged me, and put one hand on my lower back while he had his other hand behind my head. His cologne smelled of musk and roses. Go figure, right? If it was supposed to make me swoon, then it was doing a good job of it, as I felt dizzy in Drew's arms.

I heard him mutter something, and then I asked, "I didn't get that. Could you say that again?"

"May, do you know what the symbolic meaning of a thornless, red rose is?" Drew asked me.

To be fair, I knew red roses were the symbol of love, but I knew that there was an extra meaning with a single, thornless rose.

"I know that red roses symbolize love." I said.

Drew sighed, and said, "You got one part right. The full meaning of a thornless, red rose, is 'love at first sight', May."

I blushed as I felt my heart beat. Love at first sight? He fell for me at first sight? I honestly felt that was a bit surreal.

"I... Don't really believe you, Drew," I said, as I got out of the hug. "It just seems too outlandish for you to fall for me."

As the Beautifly continued to flutter around us and Masquerain, as well as my Beautifly continued with their dancing of sorts, I looked at Drew, who had more red roses in hand, and gave them to me. As I looked at them, I blushed, and all of a sudden, Drew kissed me on the lips.

I was rather surprised he would pull something like this. If dad knew... Oh, he's going to kill Drew for this! I pushed Drew away, and backed off a bit.

"May, what's the matter?!" Drew asked. "Don't you feel the same about me? I love you!"

"It's not that I don't feel the same," I said, causing Drew's face to fall. "I honestly do, but to be fair, it just seems to good to be true."

"May," He said, sighing, as he came closer to me. I was sure he was going in for another kiss. "You're the only girl who doesn't go gaga over me like some lovesick Growlithe."

Wait... What?

"Because I can see you for more than just talent and looks. You're a conceited jerk." I said. To be fair, someone had to put him in his place.

"I know that's what you think of me," Drew said. "But giving up on you...! I'll never do that!"

"But my father..." I said.

"I already talked with him, May. What are the odds that the girl of my dreams would be a Gym Leader's daughter?" Drew said.

HE KNEW?! Drew already knew that the Petalburg Gym Leader is my dad?! But how? I never told him...

"How did you know about that?" I asked.

He flinched before sighing, and said, "Okay, fine. I was in town last night, and I saw those Beautifly fireworks. I followed them to the source, which was your house, and then instead of going in and crashing the party, causing myself to look like a stalker, I decided to just hide and see what was going on."

So he noticed the Beautifly fireworks and got curious? Okay, then... That made me feel better.

"I then overheard your mother talking about why the fireworks were Beautifly. You know, about your father proposing to her in a flower field filled with Beautifly, just like this," Drew continued. "So I thought... This would be the perfect way to confess my love to you, since the roses weren't working."

"I thought those roses were for Beautifly, but in the back of my mind, I knew you were teasing," I told him. "So... You really feel that way about me?"

Drew then held my chin with his hand while hugging my waist with his other hand, and then he kissed me again. And yes, on the lips again.

"I always have." Drew said, as he broke the kiss, and then he snuck another rose between us again.

Beautifly landed on my head, as Masquerain landed on his. For some reason, our Pokemon were blushing. Brock always told me that the Pokemon often reflect the feelings of their trainers, so if our Pokemon were getting all romantic with each other, then I think it was safe to say that Drew and I were sparking a love fire between us, too.

However, Drew hugged me again, before giving me one last kiss on the cheek before saying, "I hope you'll travel with me someday."

He then left, with a wink, and to say I was on the verge of fainting would have been an understatement.

"Hey, May!" I heard my brother, Max say, as he came over with Ash and Brock.

"Oh, hey..." I said, still lovestruck and on cloud nine.

"Wasn't that Drew just now?" Brock asked.

I went red in the face, and nodded, before saying, "Let's just hurry and get back to the Gym for Ash's battle, okay?"

I soon led the way, and thought, 'Oh, snap... Drew certainly has a way of charming girls...'

That's that for this one-shot. I also hope you guys will look out for my other ContestShipping story, "The Princess And The Politoed", which will come out in a while. Meanwhile, take a look at "Beauty And The Breloom", a PenguinShipping story.