This one is fairly… Um… Winged? Is that a good way of putting it? Winged? Sorry. This one-shot is when Drew falls for May on her first day at school. However, she only knows him for the negative traits she's seen in him (the way girls are all around him and such), but Drew insists on being close to May. When he tells her how he feels, May is slightly skeptical. She tries to walk away, but Drew stops her by singing - a talent that nobody knows. The song included is "Let Me Be Your Wings" from "Thumbelina".

The bells ran for the beginning of the day for all of the students and teachers at the prestigious school of Pokémon Academy. It was bustling with activity in the hallways, and even outside of the school buildings. Inside, the teachers were preparing their lessons for the day, the students were mingling before classes started. Principle Oak, that is, Professor Samuel Oak, was in his office, preparing for the day's events. Outside, Pokémon of all kinds, from Kanto to Kalos and everywhere in between, were running around the school grounds, playing, interacting with the students and faculty and eating the fruit in the school gardens.

The students each had at least one Pokémon out of their Poké Ball to bring to class; it was actually a rule to do so, which was one of the fun rules of the school. Not one student had an objection to it.

One girl came up to the school, and was looking at it in mild intimidation. Her hair was brown and her eyes were blue. Her hair had a bandana, and the girl had a Beautifly on her head. She was wearing the school uniform, which consisted of dark knees socks, mary-jane shoes, a plaid skirt, with a female blazer that was maroon-red colored with a Poké Ball as the school's insignia, that was the pin of the ribbon on her uniform.

"Here we go… It's my first day…" She said, and then the girl nervously walked into the building.

Meanwhile, in a certain classroom, there was a boy sitting at his desk, with a Roserade at his side. The boy was, for lack of a better word, handsome, and he had emerald green hair, with matching eyes. He had his face propped up by leaning it on a hand and his elbow on the table. He was looking out the window, bored.

The reason he was bored: there were about five or six girl students around him, talking up a storm with their own Pokémon in tow. This appeared to be an everyday occurrence to him, and it was getting old. VERY OLD.

"Oh, Drew!" A girl said, with a Surskit on her shoulder. She had reddish-brown hair, that was cut above her shoulders, and her eyes were green, but not the emerald-green ones Drew one. "Don't you think that my Surskit will become an amazing Masquerain like yours someday?"

Drew, as the boy was named, absentmindedly said, "Yeah, if you raise it right, Brianna. But remember: all Pokémon are unique in personality, even if they are of the same species."

"Oh, my gosh! I just got told that I will have an amazing Masquerain! Kyaa!" Brianna said.

"Drew, my Budew is cute, isn't it? Any advice on how to raise it into a fabulous Roserade?" Another girl said, with black hair and silver eyes, as she put her Budew down in front of Drew.

Drew took a look at Budew and then told the girl, "Come ask me later when it becomes a Roselia."

"Kya!" The girl said.

"Wow, Drew is not only cute, he's such a great Coordinator, too!" "Any girl would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend!" "Any girl who wouldn't want Drew to be their man isn't very smart!" The girls said, from behind.

'Man, this popularity of mine is getting old; I'm sick of all the girls crowing around me like I'm such a treasure or a dress that almost every girl wants… If only there was a girl here who was different. Who saw me as a human being or even someone not worth liking… That would definitely make a difference.' Drew thought.

The teacher for the class, Miss Cynthia, a woman with blond hair and silver eyes, came inside the room, and then she said, "All right, class, settle down."

Drew tuned out for a bit as Cynthia was talking about the announcements for the day, but Drew tuned back in when she said, "We have a new student joining our class today."

Drew looked up to the front of the room and saw a the blue-eyed brunette come into the classroom. He took note of how well-cared for her Beautifly was and he also noticed how cute the girl herself was. Drew immediately took interest in her and he grew a slight smirk.

"Everyone, this is May Maple from Petalburg City. She's here to study to become a Coordinator, although ironically, her father is actually the Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman." Cynthia said.

"Oh, please, Miss Cynthia, I don't want to be known for who my father is. I want to make a title strictly of my own." May said, with a light giggle.

'A girl who wants to succeed on her own… Very good. Score one for her.' Drew said, as he started going red in the face a little bit.

"Now, I'll need someone to give her a tour…" Miss Cynthia said, but then everyone heard Drew stand up from his seat.

"I-I-I'll do it!" Drew said, volunteering, while stammering a bit and looking very nervous, as well as a pink tint in his cheeks.

"Mr. Drew Hayden? Very good. I'll leave it to you." Miss Cynthia said.

"Drew making the first move? That's definitely out of character." "I don't get it… He's never done this before." "I'll bet he thinks May will be like the rest of us, fawning over him!" The girls whispered.

May seemed to hear this and she looked at Drew, who still looked nervous and then he thought, 'She looking at me… I hope she thinks I'm cute or something…'

May did not seem to be impressed and took a seat next to a blue-eyed, blue haired girl with a Piplup.

"I'm Dawn," The girl introduced herself. "It's nice to meet you, May."

"Thanks, but what's the deal with the grass head over there?" May asked.

Drew heard this and there was a dagger to his head; Drew thought, 'Did she call me 'grass head'? That's a new one…'

"Oh, Drew Hayden? He's one of the top Coordinator students here at the school. The only ones who're above him so far is an alumni student named Solidad, who graduated last year, and me. He seems to have this aura or something that attracts girls like Combee to honey. Almost every girl in school wants to be his girlfriend." Dawn explained.

"Is that so? He looks more like the arrogant type to me." May said.

Hearing this, Drew then felt a rock on his head and then he sat back down in defeat. He then thought, 'So, she thinks I'm an arrogant person, huh? No problem; I'll prove her wrong.'

May then started to pay attention to the lesson at hand for the day. A lot of the girls were staring at Drew, while tuning out during Miss Forsythia's lecture on which kind of berries matched which Pokémon nature. (the Character of the day from the episode "Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan?" from season 10) The point of the lecture was so the students could experiment with each kind of berry combination to make their own Poké Block and Poffins.

The only ones who were not tuning out were Drew, May, and Dawn. May was paying attention to the lecture, as was Dawn, but Drew would often sneak glances at May every few seconds.

Later, Drew left the classroom, and girls were fawning over him left and right; he was getting sick of it.

He then saw May come out of the room, and then he called her over, shouting, "May! Over here!"

May then came over to Drew and then she said, "Hey, Drew. Ready to show me around?"

"Yes!" Drew said, taking May's hand, and walking her through the hall.

All of the girls were shocked to see Drew acting so friendly to a girl. Drew was more focused on May right now, rather than the girls staring at him, and then he started the tour.

Drew made it to the Breeding building of the school, where there were eggs and Pokémon of all kinds in the room. May was pleasantly aghast at all of the eggs and Pokémon. Even her Beautifly was impressed.

"So, what do you think of our Breeding center?" Drew said, albeit in the back of his mind, he was thinking, 'I hope she DOESN'T say 'Almost as good as YOU'...'

"It's amazing!" May said, as she looked at Drew with sparkling eyes.

Drew was surprised that the sparkle in May's eyes was from the Pokémon in the room, not from him. Drew went red in the face and he chuckled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

"Really?" Drew said.

"Yes, it is!" May said, as she smiled. However, she turned to Drew and looked at him with what seemed to be a flirty face. May then inquired, "But do want to know what's even better?"

Drew then sweat dropped, thinking that she was about to turn out like the other girls and tell him that he was better than the Breeding room; he asked, "What is it?"

May turned around and then she pointed over to two pairs of Pokémon couples and then she said, with a sparkle in her eyes, "The fact that I can see many pairs of Pokémon being romantic with each other at once! It's so romantic!"

May then went to look around, and Drew sighed happily as he saw how happy May looked being around the Pokémon, not being around him. He blushed as he watched May interact with the Pokémon.

Drew leaned on the wall as he looked at May romantically with a smile, and then he thought, 'I knew it… She isn't like the rest...'

Drew then showed May to the gardens at the back of the school and May was immediately looking around at the berries and all of the Pokémon.

"Hey, Beautifly, want to look around! Go for it!" May said, as she turned Beautifly loose.

Beautifly was immediately flying about the gardens and May was laughing about it. May turned to Drew and then she said, "I really love it here, Drew. But guess what I love more?"

"Um… What?" Drew asked, hoping he was not the answer.

"All of these berries and Pokémon in one place! It's so special!" May said, as she spread her arms out in joy.

"That's great, May!" Drew said.

May then ran around the gardens happily while Drew looked at May in joy while knowing that she was the girl he wanted.

Drew then completed the tour by taking her to a more private area of the campus that only a few students used at a time. At the time, there was no one else and it was just May, Drew, and their Pokémon.

"This is going to be a great school for me, Drew!" May said, turning to Drew.

"Thanks," Drew said. "I'm glad you think that way."

May smiled brightly, which caused Drew's heart to melt and then he stammered, "U-U-Um, I-I-I-I hope that you enjoy the school! Really!"

"I know I will!" May said, as she then started to run back to the school. "The Appeal Class is about to start! Come on!"

Drew then followed behind her, thinking, 'I know it, now… She's the girl for me.'

The next few days, May had Drew guide her around and teach her some of the basics; May also became best friends with Dawn, and the girls in class were getting very jealous.

About a week later, Drew then saw that there was going to be a dance at the school; he then thought, 'I'll ask May to be my date!'

Drew then ran off to find May, and then he saw her in the gardens with her Beautifly once again.

"May, I've been looking for you!" Drew said, as he ran over to her.

"Oh, Drew," May said, turning to him. "What's the matter?"

"May, you know the dance coming up?" Drew asked.

"Um, yes." May said, as Beautifly landed on her head.

"Are you going with anyone?" Drew asked, as he was about to ask her; he was going red in the face.

"No…" May asked, starting to look a little nervous.

Drew smiled and then he asked, "Do you want to go with me? As my date?"

"Excuse me?" May asked, as she as shocked.

Drew then hugged May out of nowhere and then he said, "I think you'd be beautiful in whatever you'd wear for the dance… So how about it? Want to go with me?"

May then scowled and then she shoved Drew away from her and said, "Don't get cocky!"

"What?" Drew asked, surprised.

"Don't think I'm like the rest of the girls!" May said, upset. "I'll bet you think that you'll seduce me at the dance and then brush me off later like you shrug the girls off!"

"Where'd you get that from?" Drew said, but then he got his answer; he remembered that whenever he and May were not alone together, almost all of the girls in school would flock to him. "Oh… The way all of those other girls crowd around me."

"Right! I'm not like them! I'm not going to fall for you at the drop of a hat! So my answer is 'no'!" May said, and was about to walk away.

Drew was not about to take 'no' for an answer; not this time.

"May, wait! I actually really like you! A like you a lot! Love, even!" Drew said, keeping after May.

"How can I believe you? Your aura just reeks of 'Don Juan'…" May said, crossing her arms as she began to leave. "If you really are sweet on me, like you say, prove it!"

May kept walking away, and then Drew sighed, his heart starting to break. However, he had an idea, but his facial expression just said, 'Oh, great… I can't believe I'm doing this...'

"May, stop! I really love you!" Drew said.

"Then prove it to me!" May said, glaring at Drew, before walking away.

Drew then took a deep breath and started to sing; "May… Let me be your wings! Let me be your only love! Let me take you far beyond the stars!"

May turned around. She was, for lack of putting it more eloquently, shocked; she had no clue that Drew could sing in a tenor voice the way he did. What she did not know was that this voice of Drew's was a big secret. He never sang in public; heck, he never sang in front of anyone else beside his family until then.

Drew sent out his Flygon and then he grabbed May's wrist before bringing her on top. Drew then signaled for Flygon to fly, and then they were higher up in the air. May looked down and was amazed at how far away she was from the ground.

May was about to freak out, but Drew held her by the waist while singing, "Let me be your wings. Let me lift you high above! Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours!"

May blushed as she kept listening to Drew's voice. May then smiled as she relaxed.

"Anything that you desire! Anything at all! Every day I'll take you higher, and I'll never let you fall!" Drew sang.

Flygon then went higher into the air while May and Drew hung on tightly.

"Let me be your wings," Drew sang, as May looked down at the school. "Leave behind the world you know! For another world of wondrous things."

Drew then motioned for Flygon to fly in a circle while May hung on tight, a bit spooked.

"We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings. Fly with me, and I will be your wings!" Drew sang, as they soon sped over a flower garden in another part of town and spread some petals.

Drew then turned back to May, who was blushing, and very surprised by Drew's singing.

Drew chuckled a bit and continued to sing, "Anything that you desire, anything at all!"

"Anything at all…" May sang, surprising Drew, and causing him to blush.

"Every day I'll take you higher, and I'll never let you fall!" Drew sang, but May slipped and fell off Flygon, but Drew motioned for Flygon to fly down and catch her.

"You will be my wings," May sang, as Drew and Flygon caught her, much to her delight. "You will be my only love."

"Let me be your only love." Drew sang, at the same time. "Get ready for another world of wondrous things!"

"Wondrous things are sure to happen." May sang, in a mezzo-soprano voice that made Drew blush.

"We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings!" Both May and Drew sang together, as they headed back to the school.

"Heaven isn't too far." Drew sang.

"Heaven is where you are." May sang, as she hugged Drew from behind.

As they started to descend on campus, May and Drew sang, together, "Stay with me, and let me be your (you will be my) wings!"

May and Drew then got off of Flygon and then Flygon was put back in its Poké Ball.

"Oh, Drew that was a great flight! And I had no idea you could-" May began, but Drew put a finger to his lips while gently covering May's mouth.

"Sorry about that, May, but this must be kept secret," Drew said. "I don't know what would happen if anyone knew. I just don't want to become more popular with girls than I already am. If they found out, then…"

"It would get worse?" May inquired.

Drew nodded, as he put a hand in his hair in frustration, before telling her, "I've never told anyone about this secret, much less given any girl a flight on my Flygon with me. You're the first, and only one."

May blushed, and then she said, "I'm the only one…?"

Drew nodded, and then he hugged May while putting his chin atop her head. He then asked, "I'll ask again: will you go to the dance with me?"

May then melted with a smile and then she said, "I will…"

A few days later, it was the night of the dance. It was a formal event with pop and rock music of sorts and student-friendly drinks; the whole nine yards. Several girls, mostly from Drew and May's class, were crowded around in a group, and they were talking and gossiping.

"I heard through the Cheri Berry bush that Drew Hayden is going to be coming tonight!" One girl said, surprised.

"I don't believe it! He never comes to these!" Another girl stated.

"What made him start?" Brianna asked.

May was there, too, wearing a yellow dress with a red rose corsage. The rose was from Drew, who got it for her as a present.

"Hey, May," Dawn said, as she came in, wearing a blue dress, and her hair tied in a ponytail. "You here alone?"

"No, I actually have a date." May said.

"Really?! Strange thing is, Drew's coming to the dance, too." Dawn said.

"What's strange about that?" May said.

"Oh, right… You're still getting used to things around here," Dawn said. "Drew actually never comes to school functions. There are just too many girls swarming around him here at school during the day. I guess he doesn't want or need it here."

"Funny you should mention Drew…" May said, sheepishly.

"What's wrong?" Dawn asked.

A commotion then started up and then May and Dawn turned around to see Drew, decked out in a tuxedo, come into the room.

Drew seemed to be scanning the room for someone; the girls were screaming, and crowding around him, asking "Will you share a dance with me?" "How about a snack? I can get it for you!" "Oh, Drew, you never come to these functions! What's with the change?" "Need anything?"

Drew ignored all of the girls, and he soon saw May. He then pushed through the crowd, saying, "May! There you are!"

May then stood up and then she held her hands together, ready for Drew to come over to her. Drew immediately made a beeline for May, and then everyone was shocked to see Drew kiss her hand, much to May's delight.

"Drew's your date?" Dawn asked.

May merely nodded, and then she said, "See you later, Dawn."

A waltz then started, and Drew and May started to dance, while they were looking in each other's eyes with love. May smiled, with a blush, while Drew kept his eyes on May.

May said, "This is great…"

"It is…" Drew said, as he and May were focused completely on each other.

"Who is she?" "Isn't that the new girl, May Maple?" "Why is SHE dancing with Drew?!"

"Ignore them." Drew said, noticing May's discomfort.

"Are you sure?" May asked.

"I always tune out when they try talking to me," Drew said, with a chuckle. "But it doesn't seem to do me much good."

"So…" May said, trying to find a topic of discussion for the two of them.

Drew then pulled May in closer and then she blushed as she felt really close to Drew.

"Every day I'll take you higher, and I'll never let you fall." Drew whispered, in song.

May blushed with a smile as she relaxed, resting her head on Drew's chest. All the girls were looking at the pair in shock, horror, envy, etc., and such. May was very nervous with the stares.

The next song came up, but it was not a slow song, but Drew took advantage of his closeness and May and then he gave her a kiss on the lips, something that May did not see coming.

Every girl screamed and such when they witnessed this, and Dawn was shocked, but at the same time, pleased. May kissed Drew back and the girls were not happy about it at all.

Drew broke the kiss, turned to the girls, and then as the music died down, Drew declared, "Sorry, ladies, but May Maple is my girlfriend!"

The girls were all screaming in sadness, and almost every girl ran out of the dance in "heartbreak", but Drew did not mind, as he was finally free from all the attention the girls gave him.

"Weren't you just a tad harsh?" May asked.

"I don't think so," Drew said, as he kissed May on the cheek. "Because now that they know we're an item, at least they'll leave us alone."

May giggled and then smiled, telling Drew, "Sweetie."

They hugged once more.

Like I said. Winged. I was winging this whole one-shot. It's not like I didn't try… I had a hard time, so I hope you all liked it. Now, next on the agenda SHOULD be "Kiss The Girl" - Ashley Tisdale's version, but… If you have any suggestions, let me know.