Here's another Pucca-shot! This one is based on "Romancing The Clone", but rather than a ninja skill that goes awry due to an outer influence, it's the doing of a Pokémon famous for transforming: Zoroark!

So, here's the storyline: Drew and his newly-caught Zoroark are practicing an Illusion ability and Double-Team combo, but something goes wrong and ones of the doubles becomes real! He doesn't act like Drew at all, and this doesn't really bode well for the real thing. However, when May is thrown into the mix, it's a battle of copy VS. original!

Nearby Petalburg City in Hoenn, there was a thick forest nearby that was used for training Pokémon for all types of Trainers, Coordinators, and such. The forest was open to anyone and everyone, even the Gym Leader, Norman. It was also an area famous for being the home to many kind of rare Pokémon that could only be found in Hoenn, as well, so passing Trainers often stopped by to catch some rare Pokémon, as well. However, this also had a disadvantage, because often times, poachers would come around, but they learned to think twice whenever Norman was in the woods, at the time.

At this particular moment, one Pokémon was practicing some of its moves. The Pokémon was a bipedal, gray-brown fox with crimson accents around its body, including claws.

The Pokémon's eyes started to glow light blue and its body became surrounded by a crimson aura. It raised its arms above its head, and the aura around its forearms got thicker. It slammed its arms down into the ground. A pink and crimson glowing forcefield of energy appeared from the aura around the Pokémon's arms and grows larger, spreading all around it.

Once the energy stopped, the Pokémon took a deep breath.

"You're ten seconds off your time, Zoroark!" A male voice declared; behind Zoroark was its trainer. "I know I just caught you, but I can't have you slacking off even for a little bit."

The boy seemed to be in his late teens; his hair was emerald green, as were his eyes, and he was wearing a black shirt with a purple biker jacket, green pants, and black shoes. The boy flipped his fringe out of his hair and then sighed. The boy's name was Drew, and he was an experienced Pokémon Coordinator.

Zoroark nodded in response to its Trainer, and then Drew said, "Now, next time, let's see a little more hustle, okay?"

Zoroark was ready to listen to its Trainer; it was not really used to the training, but Zoroark was starting to understand that in Pokémon Contests, power came after pizzazz.

"Okay, so let's continue our training with your Illusion ability," Drew said, as he smiled. "Now, transform!"

Zoroark closed its eyes and then it transformed its body into that of another one of Drew's Pokémon: Roserade.

Drew nodded, and then said, "Okay, now change back."

Zoroark, as a Roserade, changed back into itself and then Drew nodded in satisfaction, before telling Zoroark, "Good work. Now, thirty Night Slashes!"

Zoroark's claws started to glow crimson and it started slashing the air over and over again to practice making it look as good as it was powerful.

Meanwhile, some Pokémon Poachers were nearby, setting up traps to catch Pokémon and were ready to get started on poaching Pokémon. They were mainly after some Wurmple because of their ability to evolve into either Beautifly or Dustox, and apparently, Bug-Type Pokémon were going for a high price on the black market as of late.

"Heheh! We're going to get a lot of Pokémon here! This part of the forest is supposedly chock-full of Wurmple!" One poacher said, as he finished up setting a trap with Pokémon berries for bait.

"I've heard rumors of an occasional Venonat around here, too, and that would be perfect!" Another poacher said.

"Let's keep setting traps," A third poacher said, as he tried to set up more traps for Bug Pokémon. "The sooner we do, the sooner we'll get more money for what we'll sell from these little guys."

"But we just need to watch out for Norman…" The first poacher said. "We can't have that sneaky Gym Leader ruining things for us."

"He's too busy with challenges today," The second poacher said. "That's why I chose today to get the Wurmple."

"Good thinking!" The third poacher said, as he finished the last trap. "Now all we need to do is lie in wait and catch us some Pokémon."

After what seemed like a few hours, Drew was walking through the woods to exit and go into town, with Zoroark out of its Poké Ball.

"Good work today, Zoroark," Drew said. "You deserve a nice rest at the Pokémon Center when we get out of these woods."

However, the pair soon heard cries for help from some Pokémon; up ahead, they saw a number of nets that had wild Wurmple trapped inside. The Poachers were taking down the nets and then shoving he Wurmple into a large, heavy cage.

Drew started to growl as he saw this, and he said, "Let's go, Zoroark! Use Rock Smash!"

Zoroark's forearm started to glow white and then it punched the bars of the cage, which released the Wurmple.

"Hey! What's going on?!" The first of the poachers said.

Drew was still out of sight, so he put Zoroark back in its Poké Ball and then shouted, "Hey, you stupid poachers! Catch me if you can!"

Drew ran through the crowd to try and give them a good look at him; he had a plan.

"Get him!" The lead poacher shouted as he and his companions took off after Drew.

Drew ducked into the underbrush of the forest and then he let Zoroark out of its Poké Ball again.

"Zoroark, use your Illusion ability and change into me." Drew whispered.

Zoroark morphed its body to look identical to its trainer, and then Drew nodded, pleased with the change.

"Where's that brat?! Get him!" The Poachers' leader shouted once again.

Drew then said, "Double Team!"

Zoroark doubled itself to look like Drew had a few clones and then they all started to run.

Seeing all of the Drew clones, the poachers were confused as to which Drew was the real Drew; the leader shouted, "Split up! Find him!"

Drew decided to remain silent; Zoroark was unable to mimic his speech like a Chatot could, so he knew that in order to make the trick work, he had to keep his mouth shut.

One poacher took out a grenade and then he threw it to the ground, causing one Drew clone to be thrown back, but for some reason, the impact did not cause the double to disappear.

The real Drew came out of a bush and tackled a poacher to the ground; he punched and kicked all of the other poachers, while his doubles were running around, trying to take the poachers down.

After all of the poachers were knocked out, Zoroark changed back and retracted its Double Team.

"That combination might be good in Contests should we tweak it a bit," Drew said, as he took out Zoroark's Poké Ball. "Good work, Zoroark."

Putting Zoroark back in its Poké Ball, Drew was about to begin walking out of the forest, when...

"Hey!" A familiar voice shouted, causing Drew to stop in his tracks; he turned around to see.. Another Drew. "Where do you think you're going?"

The second Drew crossed his arms and put on a cheeky, if not arrogant smile, and Drew blinked a few times, thinking that this was probably a dream that he had yet to wake up from.

"Um… Am I seeing things?" The real Drew said, as he rubbed his eyes, only to see that his copy was still standing there. Drew walked over to his double and looked up and down him, in examination.

"Aren't you handsome?" Drew's double said, chuckling. "You're just as hot as I am."

Drew poked his double in the chest, saying, "Are you sure you're real?"

Drew's double then decked the real Drew down on the ground, saying, "Hey, if you poke me, I'm going to poke you back!"

Drew slapped himself in the face when he heard his double say this, and he knew that he was not going nuts; this situation was, in fact, too real for its own good.

At Drew's house, Drew's double changed his clothes and altered his hair style to make him a little easier to tell apart from the real Drew. He was rummaging through the fridge to find something to eat, but every time he found something, he just threw it behind him, making a mess.

"Too nutritious… Too green… What's this?" Drew's clone said, as he threw behind him some berries, a head of romaine lettuce, and even some chicken salad that he did not recognized.

"Hey, stop that! You're making a mess!" Drew shouted, as he saw what his clone was doing to the kitchen. He had no idea why what was happening was real, but all he knew was that he had to find a way to get rid of his clone, and fast.

"Don't you have anything good to eat in this place?" Drew's clone said, as he closed the fridge and turned around.

Drew was about to take out Zoroark from its Poké Ball to try and figure out how to get rid of his clone, but Drew's clone picked up the phone and dialed the most popular restaurant in the city.

"Yeah, hello? Got any pasta? Good, send some to Drew's house, on the double," Drew's clone said, ordering takeout. "What? Is this Drew? Yeah, sure, I guess."

Hanging up the phone, Drew's clone turned to the real thing and with a snap of his finger said, "Got any cash?"

"What?! You're the one who ordered and you have the nerve to make me pay for it?!" Drew asked, quite upset that his own copy was making him pay for the food that his clone ordered to eat.

The most popular restaurant in the city was where the scene transitioned to; the chef/owner and his two brothers were working in the kitchen, and the owner just hung up the phone.

The restaurant itself was popular for inexpensive, yet flavorful foods that were so good that it was hard to believe the prices were such a bargain; the owner made it a policy to have good food that could be eaten at a great deal, and the service was top-notch. It got to the point where the restaurant was able to start doing deliveries and takeout to increase profits and get their name out in the community. One of their regular customers was Drew himself, not just for the great food, but for another good reason.

Their surrogate niece, and a girl who seemed like family to them, May. She was a brunette girl with a red bandana in her hair, blue eyes, and had red as her predominant color in her clothing. She had a Beautifly as her main partner, and May was also the daughter of Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman; she also happened to be the main crush of Drew himself, and would often eat at the restaurant to see her. In her off-time when she was not training for Contests, May would work at the restaurant as a waitress, and delivery girl. Whenever her shifts were covered, May would often contribute to the ambiance of the restaurant by putting on Appeals with her Pokémon, mainly Beautifly. Drew, because he liked her so much, never ordered for delivery or takeout.

"I think Drew just ordered for a delivery." The chef/owner said, as he hung up the phone and began to talk to his brothers; May, hearing the conversation, turned her head as she was loading her scooter.

"Drew? He never orders takeout from here," The chef's younger brother said, as he noticed the abnormality of the situation. "What's gotten into him?"

"Hungry people will act out of character, plain and simple." The chef/owner's older brother said in response, not really caring how strange the event was.

"May, you know what that means," The chef/owner said. "You're making a delivery to your sweetheart."

"Um… I really don't think he feels that way about me." May said, as she kept loading the scooter; she put her Beautifly back in its Poké Ball.

"Don't be so bashful, May," The chef's younger brother said. "Drew always requests a table in your section whenever he comes here, and he's always looking at you when you work."

"Still doesn't mean he likes me; could mean something else…" May said, as she started to get the scooter ready; she brought it outside, put on her helmet, and turned on the engine. Pressing the gas, May started to drive her scooter all the way to Drew's house to deliver the order to him.

Back at Drew's house, Drew was sitting in a chair, reading a book, trying to ignore his unpleasant houseguest of a clone. The book he was reading was on Contest battling, so he knew that he could at least distract himself for the time being. However, Drew looked up at his clone, and smirked a little bit.

There was a snare trap set up, without any barbs or anything. Drew intended on trapping his clone to make sure he would not cause any more damage to him or his house. Drew's plan after trapping his clone was to get out his Zoroark to help him get rid of the clone, and make sure he was gone for hood.

However, Drew's clone noticed the rope, and then he chuckled; he jumped the rope, and then as the rope zipped up, a large sandbag fall to the floor. Looking at the trap, Drew's clone shook his head in annoyance.

He scoffed, and then he said, "Man… Why are there so many traps around here?!"

This statement implied that Drew had set more than one trap, and the clone had dodged all of them. It would not be so outlandish to think that Drew and his clone shared the same brain, so it would not be that big of a surprise for Drew's clone to have seen through the traps.

May soon made it to Drew's house, and she parked the scooter in front of the door. She turned off the engine and her helmet, got out Drew's order, and then, taking a deep breath, she approached the door and rang the doorbell.

Hearing the doorbell, Drew's clone made his way over to the door, and he said, "It's about time! I'm famished!"

Opening the door, Drew's clone came face-to-face with May; he liked what he saw, and he grew a flirtatious smile on his face. Leaning on the threshold of the doorway, he said, "Aren't you the cutest delivery girl I've ever seen?"

"Drew… You see me all the time, nearly every day, and you've never said this to me. You're acting a little strange." May said, a little nervous.

"Either way, come on in, cutie." Drew's clone said.

May blushed at the compliment, and with a smile, she walked inside the house; Drew's clone then waved his hand in front of his face, as if trying to cool himself off, and then he followed May inside.

May soon got into the kitchen, only to see the real Drew there; seeing his crush in his house, Drew, red in the face, said, "M-May?! What are you doing here?"

"I can ask you the same thing," May replied. "Because I just saw you out by the… door?"

She turned her head and saw clone Drew over there, too. Clone Drew smiled at May, with a flirtatious glint in his eyes, causing her to be confused; clone Drew said, "Cutie."

May looked back to the real Drew, who was giving her a glare, albeit it was directed at his clone in actuality. May kept looking to the clone and the original Drew, an seeing that there were, in fact, two Drews, she got dizzy, and then she lost her mind.

"What's going on here?!" May shouted, as she dropped the order on the floor; the food spilled out of their containers, much to the surprise of both Drews.

"May?! Are you okay?!" The real Drew asked, as he came over and waved a hand in front of May's face to calm her down.

Clone Drew, on the other hand, complained, "NOW what am I supposed to eat?!"

May was looking pretty scared, as she was completely confused as to why there happened to be two of Drew, and whether or not this was a prank of his or not.

However, Clone Drew noticed May, and getting an idea, he stood May up, while giving the real Drew a sly look.

"Um…" May said, looking into the clone's identical green eyes.

"Hey, honey; since you dropped dinner on the floor… Why don't you and I go out for a bite instead?" Clone Drew offered, and May blinked a few times, thinking over the offer.

She turned back to the real Drew, who was glaring at his clone with hate, almost as if his eyes were saying, "Stay away from my girl!"

May looked back to Clone Drew, and then he gave her a wink, tongue click, and a finger gesture. Seeing his charm, May blushed, and then she said, "Sure! I'd love to!"

The real Drew's jaw dropped, and he protested, "May, you can't! This guy is the result of a combination gone awry! He's not…"

May did not seem to listen to the real Drew, and clone Drew said, "Just wait for me outside, okay, hon? There's something… I need to take care of."

Clone Drew gently led May out the door, and then shut it, before turning back to the real Drew.

"How can you drag May into this?!" The real Drew said, as he got angry with his clone.

"How can't I? You see how cute she is," Clone Drew said, as he replied to his original. "But either way, you win: I'll hit the road…"

"Really?" Drew asked, his eyes wide; he was not expecting this.

"Yes, but…" Clone Drew began, before holding out his hand. "Let's shake hands first. I want to show that there aren't any hard feelings between us."

Drew blinked a few times, before sighing; feeling his clone got the hint, Drew held out his hand to shake.

"Gotcha," Clone Drew said, as he then decked Drew into the same trap that he had set up earlier; Drew was then hanging by his stomach in the rope. "Hehehe! Have a nice evening."

Clone Drew left the house, but he remembered to turn out the lights and shut the door; the real Drew groaned as he tried to get himself out of the trap and he said, "Let me out!"

Clone Drew, holding on to May's hand, was walking with her to the restaurant; May was looking at Clone Drew with some sort of anxiety, but she had a smile on her face.

"Drew never really did this for me," May told Clone Drew. "He'd usually come to the restaurant to eat there instead of this, but…"

"Hey, I'm better than the original!" Clone Drew said, as he pulled May a little closer to him.

"You know, the opposite is usually true…" May sheepishly said; she tried to make sure looked the clone in the eye, as if she was trying to make sure she could see some sort of difference in Drew's eyes.

"Not if I can do anything about," Clone Drew said, with a cheeky smile. Once he and May made it to the restaurant, he raised his nose to the air to smell the food. "Delicious! This has to be the place."

"Um, yes." May said, as she started to act a little shy with her dinner date.

Taking May's hand into his own, he started to lead May inside, while telling her, "Come on, honey-pie, let's eat."

"Um… Okay!" May said, as she was led inside the building.

May was politely eating her meal inside the building, but looking up and seeing her date's lack of table manners, such as gobbling his food, not using the silverware, and such, made May feel a little uncomfortable.

"Are you really Drew's copy?" May muttered, as she looked at her date in disdain.

He kept eating his food with his hands, but once he finished, he spat out some of his food, causing a bite to skip on the floor in front of the chefs.

"That was horrible!" Clone Drew said, before using his sleeve to wipe his mouth.

One of the chefs got so upset that he was about to go and tackle the clone, shouting, "Let me at him! Let me at him!"

"Cool it!" The chef/owner said, as he held back his brother, and he dragged him back into the kitchen, before going back out to the dining room to watch; he knew how to behave in and out of the kitchen. Even if the customers snub the food, one cannot get into their face.

"So the food was a little dull," Clone Drew said, before turning his attention to May, who was still eating. "I'm just glad you're here to share this with me."

"Oh, you…" May said, as she giggled and blushed; she felt like he had this charm about him that was irresistible.

"Thing is, I'm flat-out broke, babe," Clone Drew said, causing May to be quite surprised. "Think you can cover this?"

May slapped herself in the face before taking out her wallet to pay the bill for the both of them; luckily, she was employed at the restaurant, so she got a discount.

"That's great!" Clone Drew said. "I could use some dessert; how about you?"

However, the real Drew burst through the door, really angry at his clone. Everyone's head turned to him, and people who knew Drew were confused to see two of him in the same room.

"Drew?!" May asked, as she turned to see the real Drew out in the open like this.

"How did you get out of the trap?" Clone Drew asked, as he stood up and glared at his original.

"I just had Roserade use Magical Leaf to cut the rope," Drew said, as he confronted his clone. He tackled his copy and he started to beat him up. "I can't believe the nerve you have, trying to drag May into this nonsense! You might be my clone, but you're not me! You won't get my girl!"

"Oh, yes, I am, and I will win over the girl!" Clone Drew shouted, as he started to fight back his original.

Drew and his Clone started getting into a fist fight and either they knew Kung-Fu or were just winging it, because they were fighting each other like ninjas without swords or shurkiens.

May stood up and she said, "Cut it out!"

The boys did not seem to listen and they just kept going at it; May rolled her eyes and looked to the chefs to see if they would help, but they were just looking at the scene in surprise.

"Drew, you can't beat your own clone! Biologically speaking he literally is YOU!" May shouted, breaking up the fight between the two boys.

However, Clone Drew shoved the real Drew into a wall, only said, "Only I'm better! I'm stronger, and I'm much more good-looking!"

May sighed at the conceit that Clone Drew had within him, but she knew that while they were the same person, they were at the same time, not.

"I don't know what to do! Is this a dream or a nightmare?! You're both the same person, but at the same time you're not the same person!" May said, referring to the fact that clones are biologically identically, but personality-wise, they are not even close to one another.

"It's him or me, May!" Clone Drew said, looking May in the eye.

"Nice to see we're on the same page for once!" The real Drew said.

May was not sure who to choose, because they were both the same person, but their personalities were not identical at all to her.

"I think there's only one way to settle this situation!" A random voice shouted out, causing heads to turn.

Immediately after saying so, May found herself sitting on a nice sofa, and she looked around, with a nervous facial expression. She saw an audience looking at her from the bleachers off the set of wherever she was at. Music was playing, and the man from earlier was on a podium, playing host for the event. On the other side of the stage, Drew and his clone were sitting in individual high chairs. Clone Drew was looking confident while the real Drew was looking a little nervous and feeling a bit anxious.

'How did I end up in this mess?!' Both May and Drew thought together, not happy with the situation.

"Welcome to "Love Or Loss"! The show where one Trainer wins love, and the other wins loss!" The man said. "And I'm your host, Breyar!"

Everyone in the live audience started to applaud happily, while May was sitting sheepishly.

"Alright, Drew #1, tell May what your ideal romantic, first date would consist of." Breyar said, talking to the real Drew.

Drew tensed up, as he had no idea what to say. He was thinking, 'What would I know?! All I'm good at is being a Coordinator and garnering fan girls all around! That and giving May roses… But what can I say that doesn't involve any of that.'

Drew just sighed, in defeat, and he said, "I'm afraid I have no answer for that…"

"Okay, moving on…" Breyar said, as he then looked to Clone Drew. "Drew #2, what about you?"

"That's an easy one," Clone Drew said. "I'd take May out on a picnic in the park in the evening. She and I would watch the sunset together eating a handmade picnic that I made. After the sun has set, I'll use my Pokémon to put on a show for May. Once all is said and done, I'll make my move and kiss her..."

Hearing every detail and how his voice used it, May blushed and smiled as she kept hearing each aspect.

"Once we've kissed and eaten our picnic, I'll bring her to a nice ice cream stand and we'll share a nice, big portion of ice cream, before sharing another kiss, and before bringing her home and giving her a nice, big good night kiss." Clone Drew said.

May was on the verge of swooning and she felt so lightheaded that she had to shake her head 'no' to get her head back on straight. She smiled and blushed a little bit.

Drew, seeing this, thought, 'It can't be… She LIKES that?!'

Seeing May's reaction, Breyar said, "Looks like Drew #2 is our winner!"

Hearing cheers in the crowd, Drew was in shock as May ran into the arms of his clone; she said, "I love the idea!"

Clone Drew and May started to go into a full-out make out session. Drew, heart-broken, left the set, about to cry, feeling like he could not watch the scene he was seeing at the moment.

Everyone else in the crowd was cheering, but Clone Drew soon looked up with his open eyes while still lip-locked with May. He saw a girl with blue hair and blue eyes coming downy he stairs, with a popcorn and soda in her hands, and a Piplup on her head.

"Look, Piplup," She said. "An open seat!"

Clone Drew shoved May aside, slicked back his hair, and said, "Hello!"

May was confused, as she saw Clone Drew run over to the girl, and he said, "Hey, babe, what's your name?"

"D-Dawn…" She said.

"What just happened?! Was I just dumped?!" May said aloud, as she was in complete shock at what she was seeing.

"What are you so upset about, May?" Clone Drew said. "It's not like we're in a committed relationship, right? Come on..."

Hearing this, May grew livid; she took out a Poké Ball, and she shouted, "We were! For about FIVE SECONDS! Sic em', Blaziken!"

May sent out her Blaziken, and she hollered, "Mega Kick!"

Blaziken's head feathers started to glow metallic blue before kicking Clone Drew in the stomach, before gritting her teeth; she was so angry with her 'boyfriend' for turning on her after a dream-turned-nightmare.

"Now use Quick Attack!" May shouted, tears streaming down her face.

Blaziken started to run, with white streaks going down its body before slamming into Clone Drew, and throwing him into a wall; Drew, seeing this, turned to May with a smile, feeling like his dream had come true.

"Heh… Can't you do any better than that?!" Clone Drew said, albeit he felt like he felt a few bones were broken.

"Why you…! Sky Uppercut!" May shouted.

Blaziken then used its claws to punch Clone Drew up into the sky, and then the real Drew took out a Poké Ball, before saying, "Hey, May, don't have all the fun yourself."

May saw the real Drew looking at her, and she realized something: she loved the real thing the best, and she smiled, before saying, "Join in."

"Thought you'd never ask! Absol, come on out and show this bastard some manners!" Drew shouted, sending out his Absol. "Use Iron Tail!"

Absol came out of it's Poké Ball, and then with a glowing, white tail, hit Clone Drew on the head.

The Pokémon continued to beat Clone Drew up with a lot of gusto and after a few minutes, Clone Drew fell onto his back in pain, and dizzy.

"That's what you get for being a player!" Drew declared, as he and May were standing over his clone.

"Girls! They'll always be an enigma to me! Good luck, dude! She's yours for the taking! I'm leaving!" Clone Drew said, as he soon vanished in a puff of smoke.

Everyone was so thrilled with the outcome, and then Breyar said, "New winner! NEW WINNER!"

May smiled at Drew shyly, and Drew opened up his arms to May before saying, "Come on, cutie!"

"Drew!" May shouted, as she ran into Drew's arms and then they shared a hug.

May and Drew began kissing each other over and over again; Drew was stroking May's hair gently, while May had her arms around Drew's neck. They were so happy to be where they were, and then Breyar smiled in approval.

"See you next time on 'Love or Loss'!" Breyar said, before the scene changed back to May and Drew, sharing a big, fat kiss with each other.

"How about we go on the date my clone described, but I'll add my flair to it." Drew suggested.

"Yes, please!" May said, as she and Drew left the studio, hand-in-hand.

I hope you all liked it! Now, I know that Garu only got his clone from a ninja move that went awry due to Tobe's interference, so this is the best I could come up with.

I'll try and figure out my next one later, but school's going to start up for me in a few days, so it's going to be slow going if it all.