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Sensual Insanity

A Garrus and OC fan fic


November 10, 2014

"Are you sure you wish to do this Mrs. Shepard?"

"It's Miss Moreno now."

"Oh... I am sorry."

With a slightly trembling hand, I signed the contact with a flourish and threw the pen aside. My signature remained in fresh black ink, an almost illegible scrawl, on the stark white printer paper. The fine print of the contract I had just signed remained in my mind's eye, poking and prodding me with all the "what if"'s of what my life could have had. I was signing my life away...

Yet, my life was already over.

Cancer of the aggressive kind had a hell a way of making you take things into perspective.

I let loose a heavy breath as I sat back against the stiff chair I was in. I looked at the woman who sat behind the desk across from me. Her gaze was sympathetic as she reached out and pulled the papers toward her. "It is done then. Your family will be given full financial compensation on the day of your death. They will not be burdened."

A muscle ticked in my jaw but that was the only reaction that I gave as I nodded, the tears threatening to break though. My parents, my sister, my brother, and my nephews and niece, would be all right. It would be for the best. My husband- my ex-husband... He was free from the burden of having to care for me. I hoped he would find another and grow the family he deserved...

"We appreciate and value your business Ms. Moreno... and... I am truly sorry," said the woman as she took the contract and placed it within a file among a stack of others. "I promise that we will treat your body with the utmost respect. Any positive results that will further our research will be worthwhile."

"It won't matter to me much longer Mrs. Lawson," I said as glanced down at my clasped hands. "Yet, if it will help increase the chances for the survival of others who are or will get sick... It will mean something to future generations."

I could hear a creak in the woman's chair and I looked up to see her leaning forward, her eyes studying my face. "Estella, you are a brave woman. Not many would be so willing to give all that they are for the good of science and medicine."

"It is all I can do at this point," I said in reply as I looked away. "Whatever you do with me, I won't be alive to care." I stood up and reached out my hand to her. "Thank you for taking care of my family... Amanda."

The woman named Amanda Lawson gave a sad smile as she stood up as well and took my hand in hers, giving it firm shake. "It is my pleasure Estella. I hope that you enjoy the time you have left."


September 28, 2015

The sound of laughter bubbles up all around.

"This is our time! For me? A year before I get shipped out to hell! For you? A year or more before you get shipped out to heaven! Woo! I still think you got the better end of the deal."

More laughter, the sight of long auburn hair swaying and a bright smile bringing such joy.

"El, no matter what happened between you and my brother. You are still my sister..."

Music pumping loud and clear.

Strobe lights flickering on and off.

Lasers light shows.

The smell of sweaty bodies and the sight of them bumping and grinding against one another.

Dancing and liquor.

"Alice, I don't think I can bend that way."

"Estella Moreno! You get your big breasts and your big ass down here and get on this dance floor! You ain't dead yet! Be alive tonight!"

Swaying motion, laughter, so much fun...

Black out.


More swaying though at rest.

"Don' w'ry El... Slip it 'ff... Got a desig- designater... A sober driver. Get us home..."

Warm arms... Warm hug... Safe...

"Lov' ya girl... My sis forever..."

The sound of squealing tires.