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Harry slid off of Buckbeak carefully to avoid messing up his feathers. Buckbeak reared up at something Malfoy said. Harry saw. Without hesitation he pushed Malfoy out of the way, Buckbeak's claws raking down the back of Harry's shoulder. Harry felt the pain rip through his back he tuned facing the beast and stood over Malfoy until Hagrid had calmed Buckbeak down enough to go eat his yummy dead ferret. Harry laughed at that thought, or at least tried to as the pain turned it into more of a whimper. He felt his knees give out and he collapsed into the arms of the person who he had just saved.


Malfoy was staring wide-eyed at Potter standing above him. Potter had pushed him out of the way and now he was sitting on the ground as Potter faced off with a hippogriff. Not ten minutes ago he had been making fun of him and the dementors, and yet Potter pushed him out of the way. In all honesty, Malfoy probably would have barely gotten a scratch. He watched as Potter stood guard even as his white shirt soaked with blood. He heard Potter whimper and watched as his knees gave out and he started to fall. Without thinking Malfoy moved closer, catching Potter before he hit the ground. Avoiding the scratches on his back Malfoy gently held him in his lap as Hagrid tried to calm Buckbeak.

"It's killed him." Malfoy breathed out, hoping no one could hear him. He heard Harry chuckle beneath him, and then groan in pain. Apparently someone had heard. Malfoy grinned at the irony the boy-who-lived could survive the killing curse but not a lousy hippogriff attack. Malfoy chuckled with Potter over the absurdity of it. He brushed Potter's hair away from his face and noticed that the boy had passed out.

"Hagrid! He needs to be taken to the hospital wing." Hermione cried out startling Malfoy who had completely forgotten about the rest of the class.

Malfoy hooked his arms carefully around Harry and stood up. Before he could move Hagrid bent down and scooped Harry into his own arms. Malfoy started to protest then saw the looks on the Slytherins' faces. He carefully turned his face into a sneer and strutted over to where everyone was waiting. Malfoy walked by Weasley then he had an idea. Turning back he glanced at the Slytherins now standing behind him.

"What was he thinking? Didn't he hear the oaf say hippogriffs were dangerous?" Malfoy heard the Slytherins laughing behind him and leaned in closer to the mudblood standing next to the now furious Weasley.

"Tell Harry I'm sorry. I didn't mean for him to get hurt." He whispered into her ear.

Then he pulled back and saw a confused look on her face. The others looked at him expectantly, "Looks like even Miss-Top-of-the-Class can't tell when she's being insulted."

He started walking back towards the others who decided to head back to the school. Glancing back he saw Granger was still standing there now with a scowl on her face. He whispered two words hoping she would understand and then headed off with his house.


Ron was furious, Hermione was in shock. They both watched as the Slytherins walked away before hurrying to the hospital wing. They spent every minute they could with Harry only leaving to go to class, as Hermione refused to let Ron skip. They went and sat by Harry after classes watching as he slept. Madame Pomfrey had given him something that helped to heal him but it made him sleep on and off until he was completely healed. Hermione thought about what Malfoy had said before walking away, she couldn't decide whether or not to tell Harry.

Ron's stomach started growling as soon as the food was set out in the Great Hall. Hermione grinned at him and told him to go eat, she would wait with Harry.

"But aren't you hungry too?" He asked as he stood up.

She smiled and shook her head. Ron shrugged as he turned and walked out of the hospital wing. Hermione thought about that morning. Malfoy had seemed sorry when he whispered in her ear, and again when he mouthed the words before he left with the rest of the group. But why would he be upset that Harry had gotten hurt? She shook her head, it didn't make any sense. Well it couldn't hurt to tell Harry and then at least she would have someone else to talk it over with. A course of action decided she pulled out her potions book, some parchment, ink, and a quill- she had an essay to write.

Not ten minutes later Harry groaned in his sleep and looked up at Hermione's expectant face. "Where am I?" He looked around, "Oh. Never mind." He fell back on the pillow.

Hermione watched as he struggled against the potion to stay awake and remember what had brought him here. She watched his eyes as his memories came back, he turned his head to look at her again.

"Is Malfoy okay?"

Hermione's mouth fell open. That was the last thing she had expected him to ask. "Um… Yeah, he's fine." She thought about it for a second, "Well I think so anyway. He might have hit his head when you pushed him out of the way."

Harry's eyes were worried, "What makes you say that? Is he in here?"

He tried to sit up before small hands pressed to his shoulders pushing him back against the bed. "Calm down. He's not in here, I was joking because of something he said."

Hermione was struggling to keep her voice calm when she saw how scared he was for Malfoy. Malfoy! She wondered if maybe they had both been hit by some kind of spell that altered their personalities, she seriously considered it when she noticed Harry staring up at her waiting for her to explain what she had meant.

She sighed, "Malfoy said to tell you that he was sorry. And that he never meant for you to get hurt. Then he apologized for insulting me as a cover up for the Slytherins who were watching him talk to me."

She watched as Harry smiled at that thought briefly, a light filling his eyes, before covering it up with a scowl. "Maybe next time he'll listen to Hagrid and we won't have to worry about this ever again."

It was too little, too late as far as Hermione was concerned. There was something going on between the two seekers, and she was going to find out what it was.

At that moment Madame Pomfrey walked in to check Harry's progress. She shooed Hermione off to bed saying she could come back in the morning if she wanted to, but Harry needed rest to heal. With a quick goodbye to Harry she packed up her homework and went to the common room to finish her essay before heading off to bed.


Harry was release from Madame Pomfrey's care with just enough time for breakfast before class. She had forbidden him from flying for the next few days while the muscles finished healing in his back and Harry couldn't believe it. This was the big Gryffindor v. Slytherin match! He couldn't be out this week. Madame Pomfrey had apparently guessed that was what he would be thinking. As he walked to the great hall he noticed Professor McGonagal carrying his broom and taking it to her office. He walked in and dropped into his seat between Ron and Hermione. Hermione guessed the problem and immediately started comforting him. Ron gave Harry a blank look.

"I'm banned from my broom until further notice." Ron's mouth fell open.

"They can't do that! It's the big match this week, McGonagal will talk to them."

Harry winced, "I just saw her. She confiscated my broom."

"Bloody Hell!"

"Ron!" Hermione snapped at him, "No need for that kind of language. Besides Harry has practiced enough that he should be able to practice the day before and still be in perfect condition for the 'big match'."

You could hear the quotes in her voice, but the boys didn't care. 'Mione was right it shouldn't be a problem, Harry would play with the team and show Malfoy and the rest of the team who were the best once and for all.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT PLAYING!" Harry stared at his teammates.

"Well we really can't have practice without you and expect you to just know the plays…"

"We want to do what's best for the team."

"I know you want to beat the Slytherins. It'll be good for the team and the house."

Harry took a deep breath, they had rehearsed this, chosen their words carefully.

"Alright then." They opened their mouths and closed them glancing at each other. Apparently Harry had thrown off their speech. "So who is it?" They stared blankly at him.

"Who. Is. Playing. Seeker?"





"Oh for the love of…" A small body pushed their way out from behind the larger team members. "I am."

Harry stared at Ginny then nodded. "Keep the wind to your back it will make it easier to catch the snitch when you spot it." And with that Harry turned to walk up to the school.


The Weasley twins looked at each other. One was grinning the other had their mouth pinched closed.

"Come on Fred, hand it over." George told his brother.

Grumbling Fred handed over the bet and turned to look at the disbelieving team. "Oh please. Don't act surprised. We bet on everything and you know it." Fred shouldered his broom and walked towards the field.

With a unison shrug the team followed Fred towards the field. No one liked setting Harry on his own like that, but no one wanted to lose to Slytherin either. Harry understood they were sure he wanted them to win. No matter who was playing the game.


Harry walked towards the Gryffindor tower before realizing that everyone probably knew. He couldn't stand the looks on their faces, turning on his heal he walked in the opposite direction. He didn't know where he was going and, frankly, he didn't care. That wasn't important. He was the best seeker in the school, never lost a match in his life, and they kicked him off because he wouldn't be able to practice the whole week before. It's not like he needed to be on a broom. He could listen to the strategies, plan his own, watch the team, even help them out if they needed tips. But no they weren't letting him play.

He wasn't going to play in the match of the year, and it was all Malfoy's fault. Harry sighed and propped his shoulder up against the nearest stone wall. He ran his hand through his unruly hair before massaging his shoulder. That wasn't fair to Malfoy. It was Harry's fault, he was the one who decided to "play hero" once again and now he was paying for it. Glancing at the time he started to head back to the dorm, potions started soon and the last thing he wanted to do was loose points for being late.

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