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Draco flushed at Harry's question, "What! No. I mean… it's just… I…damn…" He covered his face with his hands, "Maybe."

Harry laughed. Draco glanced up at Harry through his fingers, when they boy continued to laugh Draco felt his temper rise. He stood and leaned over the boy, who seemed to take notice of Draco's ire.

"You know what, Harry?"


"You are an insufferable prat. I finally build up the courage to talk to you about this and then you go and flirt with that stupid pretty boy Hufflepuff-"

"Wait, Dray!" Harry cut him off, barely holding back his smile, "It's not what you think! Do you want to hear what he said or not?"

"Sod off, Harry! I do not need to know what your precious Cedric said that encouraged you." Draco began to walk away.

"It didn't mean anything to me!" Harry fought over what to tell Draco, but Gryffindor honesty won out, "H-He was flirting- I guess. But I was a little distracted, by you."

"Harry just let me go, we can talk about this later."

"No. We will talk about it now! You need to hear what he said," He tried to control the blush rising to his cheeks, and Draco waited, "It-He-Well…"

"Just say it Harry."


"Well when he wrapped his arm around my waist he may have said something like," Harry turned even redder, which Draco had thought impossible at the moment, "Alright, he said 'Careful Harry, wouldn't want you to injure that pretty little arse of yours,' and he may have winked and patted said arse, but I didn't even think about it until after I walked away."


"I swear I didn't. And I might have looked at him afterwards, but it wasn't anything. Just sit down and we can talk. Please don't walk away."

Draco did not sit back down though; he basically just told Harry that he was jealous because another guy had his hands all over Harry. Okay, maybe not all over but still…

"Look, I can just go and then you can get back to Weasel and it will be something to laugh about later okay?" He turned away and started walking back towards the castle.

Harry watched Draco's shrinking figure for several moments before his Gryffindor courage kicked in and he was chasing after the blonde boy.

"Dray! Just wait okay!" Draco did not slow down- he did not want to hear this.

"Leave it alone, Harry."

"Draco Malfoy! You will stop this instant and give me the respect I deserve by at least listening to what I have to tell you!" Draco stopped short and growled in frustration before turning to look at the Gryffindor.

"What do you want to say then? Hmmm?" Maybe he could get out of this with his dignity at least.

"Okay this is going to seem a little random, but" Harry took a deep breath before stepping over the edge of their friendship, "do you remember when you asked me about why I acted so strangely in Potions?"

Draco nodded, confused about where this was going.

"Well, I was jealous." Harry's face turned red and he began to study a rock next to his shoe.

"That I had a date, we've been over this." Draco just wanted to go lick his wounds in private.

Harry threw up his hands in frustration, "Not of you, prat. I was jealous of Parkinson."


"She got to go to the ball." Harry spoke slowly as though that would help Draco with you wrap his mind around it.

"Yes, because she was my date." Draco felt as though he was missing something very obvious here.

"Look, apparently I'm going to have to cut straight to the chase with you." Harry walked closer to Draco until he stood only inches from the taller boy, "I like you. I more than like you. I was jealous because Pansy could have the one thing that I couldn't. She could have a relationship with you. Until about five minutes ago I was a hundred percent sure you were straight. Now I'm really hoping that you would consider possibly…"

Draco stared at Harry shock etched over his face. Harry could not be serious, all of those nights wishing he could hold Harry. Only to find out weeks later that Harry had wanted him to do just that.

"Harry, are you sure you-"

"Draco." The blonde looked down into the green eyes, "Will you go out with me?"

Draco's smile covered the entire half of his face as he nodded, "Of course!"

Harry was entranced at his smile, shaking his head clear with a small smile and went to back away but Draco grabbed the front of his dress robes and kept him from moving.

"But first, I need you to prove to me that this is not a dream." As Draco spoke he lowered his head until their lips were barely apart, their breath mingling in a single cloud and Draco finished, "Harry, kiss me."

Harry felt his heart soar as Draco whispered those two words. He ran his hands up Draco's chest and used them both to lock him in place. With one hand in Draco's hair and the other on his shoulder, Harry raised himself up slightly and pulled Draco down until their lips met.

Harry felt heat course through him at the contact. He pulled back after the light contact to look up at Draco. He was shocked and flattered to see Draco's eyes and mouth open as he stared at Harry's mouth and licked his lips. With a small groan Draco gave in and pulled Harry closer for a deeper kiss, one arm locked around his waist and the other slid up his back to run through his messy black hair. Harry moaned when Draco's teeth grazed his lower lip and Draco took advantage. Harry went felt his entire body relax as Draco took control of the kiss. When he became too much Harry broke away from the kiss. Draco was not deterred and took his mouth along his jaw and down his neck. Harry arched his back against Draco's arms. He let out a small moan when Draco's teeth closed along the base of his neck and Draco's mouth quickly covered his own with light teasing kisses until Draco slowly eased away. Harry felt Draco's arms pull him into a standing position once again and leaned in until he rested his face against Draco's shoulder.

"That was… Thank you." Harry words were muffled against Draco's robes.`

Draco chuckled, "Your welcome, Harry."

Harry pulled back and frowned, "Don't patronize me."

"But your so cute," Draco placed a kiss on the tip of Harry's nose.

Harry blushed and giggled, then frowned, "You did it again."

Draco laughed and pulled Harry into his chest again. "Sorry."

"No you're not. You're still laughing." But Harry stayed where he was.

"Come on, let's go back to the dance, your date will be missing you."

"And your date won't?"

"Are you kidding? She's the one who sent me after you."

"She knew you were gay?"

"Yours didn't?"

"I didn't. Until two hours ago. And I wasn't positive until about five minutes ago."

"Wait. That was… I was… That kiss… It's…"

Harry giggled again, "So suave, Dray." He looked up at him, "Yes that was my first kiss."

Draco smiled and kissed him again soft and sweet, before standing up straight, once again. He pulled Harry against his side and started to guide him back the way they came. Harry leaned into Draco's side and wrapped an arm around his waist. Draco smiled and placed a kiss on top of his untidy hair.

They walked in silence up the stairs and into the entrance hall. Harry took a step away and grabbed his hand. Harry looked up at Draco with a question in his eyes.

"What?" Draco asked him.

Harry swallowed, "Were you serious about going out with me?"

"Absolutely," Draco promised.

"Will it have to be a secret?"

Draco gave him a small smile, "For tonight. We both have dates. And I need to tell my father about us before he finds out by someone else."

"Can you tell him tonight?"

"I will." He kissed him lightly again, "Now go see your date."

"I'm going to tell my friends. They're going to freak."

"Blaise may have a heart attack."

"Ron's going to go to the library to research a cure."

Draco frowned, "Because your gay?"

Harry shook his head, "Because it's you. He finally got used to us being friends."

Draco laughed, "Does this mean I have to like him?"

"Nah, then he would have a heart attack."

"Go on, I'll tell my father. Then we can talk about this later."

"Good night, Dray."

"Good night, Harry."

With that Harry walked back towards the Great Hall and towards the dance. All of the sudden Harry stopped. He looked back at the Slytherin and paused.



Harry smirked, "Can I have my hand back?"

Draco looked down to see he was still holding Harry's hand, his arm extended, he blushed. With a final squeeze he dropped Harry's hand.

"If you must."

Harry giggled again, then frowned, "I feel like a girl."

Draco shuddered, "God I hope not."

Harry laughed out loud, "Good night, Dray."

With that he turned and walked out of the entrance hall and into the dance where he was greeted by both of the twins.

Draco grinned and turned to head down to the common room. He had a firecall to make.

"Hello Mother, Father."

"Hello Dragon. Happy Christmas, did you have a good time at the Ball?"

"Happy Christmas, mother. Yes I did, and that's actually why I'm calling."

"Oh. What happened?"

"Well, as you know I went with Pansy as friends."

"Yes you and she were both quite forceful on that point in your letters." Narcissa replied. She managed to look amused and expectant. While Lucius looked as though he was dreading what came next.

"I know." Draco took a deep breath, "Well I asked her because I did not think that I could go with the person I wanted to."

"Draco. You can tell your father and I anything we will always be there to support you."

"Well I met the person I wanted to there and it seems that they wanted to ask me, but did not think I would agree."

They looked at him expectantly.

"We-uh- we decided to give a relationship a try. Or at least we decided to date."

"And this person would be….?"

"Er. That's the part I am not sure you will be pleased about. I agreed to date," Draco's throat felt like it had closed up. He swallowed hard and looked back at his parents. "It's… ah…"

"Oh. Bloody hell. Draco." He looked at his father, "Your mother has been waiting for this day for years. Just spit it out. Who is-"

"Harry Potter." His dad looked like he was choking.

His mother looked smug, "Told you."

It was Draco's turn to choke. "Told him what?"

"That you were interested in wizards, rather than witches."

"Yes, yes. You were right. Draco Malfoy. Are you intending to begin and maintain a serious relationship with this boy?"

"I, well, I was hoping to."

"How well do you know him, dragon?"

"Pretty well, we've been friends for a while now."

"How long is a while?" His father sounded suspicious.

Draco felt a blush rise to his cheeks, "Almost a year."

"And you didn't tell us?!" His mother was furious.

"Well Dumbledore was intercepting our letters to each other, over the summer. So we weren't sure if it was going to last."

"What happened to change your friendship?"

"He jumped in front of a hippogriff to save me, but because of his injury he could not play in the quidditch game the following week. And you know how there were dementors on the property," They nodded, "Well they came into the stands, and of course Harry is susceptible to them, and when they caused him to faint he fell out of the stands." He swallowed again, "And I gave up the snitch and caught him."

"You gave purposely lost a game?!" His mother scowled at his father.

"Don't you see how romantic that is?" The men rolled their eyes at her.

"So are you okay with this?"

His mother looked pointedly at her husband, "Lucius."

"I. I am going to be honest. I do wish that you would marry a pureblood witch to carry on our name." He paused, "But, I also want you to be happy. Besides the Potter family is also a very old and rich pure blood family- Ow."

Draco laughed as his father rubbed the back of his head and his mother scowled at him.

"Thank you, both."

"Of course, Draco. We will be here for you when you announce your relationship and afterwards. I suggest that you make sure Harry figures out that clue in the egg long before the challenge arrives. He will need all the preparation he can get."

"Thank you again, Father. The ball is about to end, people will be coming back."

"Alright, dragon, sleep well."

"Good night."

Draco ended the call and rested back on his heels. He grinned, that had gone better than he had hoped. His mother was always there for him, and continued to drag his father along with her. He changed into his pajamas and slid into his own bed.

Harry walked into the Great Hall and found himself covered by the Patil twins. They dragged him over towards the table occupied by a lone Ron Weasley. Sitting down on either side of Harry they bombarded him with questions.

"Where did you go?"

"Was it a nice walk?"

"Did you meet someone?"

"I feel like I should feel abandoned." That was Padma he felt guilt stab through him.

"I'm sorry," He started but she waved him off.

"I should, but I don't."

"Tell us."

"I met someone."

The squealed on either side of him and exchanged pointed looks. They opened their mouths but were cut off by one Hermione, with perfect timing.

"You guys having fun?" She asked and Harry nodded.

"You look wonderful tonight, is it all you wanted?"

"More or less," she admitted.

Harry pulled her into a hug and whispered in her ear, "Blaise hasn't been able to take his eyes off of you."

She looked at him in surprise and he grinned before nodding to the Slytherin along the wall behind him. "I understand."

"Where's your precious, Krum?" Ron cut it.

Hermione glared at him, "Viktor's gone to get us drinks! This has been wonderful."

"He's not good enough for you, you realize that right?"

"Well you know what the answer is then don't you?"


"Get up the courage and ask me before someone else does!"

"That's not the point." He protested, but Hermione was not looking at him. Her eyes were locked on brown eyes behind him and Harry smiled.

With that Hermione strode away and went to find her date. Ron watched her go. Harry sighed before he bid the twins good night and led Ron up towards the seventh floor. Ron was moping all the way up to their dorm. They both shrugged out of their robes and changed for bed. Ron was silent and Harry decided that tomorrow would be a good time to tell his friends about him and Draco. They both sat on their beds facing each other, they were the only ones back and had the room to themselves. Eventually Ron collapsed back on to the bed. Feet still touching the floor. He mumbled something into his arm.


Ron sighed, "Hermione."

"What about her?"

"We-she-I…" He looked at Harry, "She's falling for someone isn't she?"

Harry shrugged, no way he was going to share her secrets.

"And it's not Krum."

Harry shook his head, "I think they'll just be really good friends."

"I don't stand a chance do I?"

He thought about how to answer, then went with the truth- "No, Ron, I don't think so."

"Just like Ginny doesn't have a chance with you."

Harry sat up straight and looked over at Ron, "WHAT?!"

"She's been after you since she met you four years ago."

"She's like a sister to me, like Hermione," He shuddered.

Ron smiled, "I know."

Without any more words they nodded at each other and slid their curtains shut.

Blocking out the world Harry allowed his thoughts to fill with Draco and their walk in the garden. He hoped that Draco had good luck with his parents. He rolled onto his side and shut his eyes. That night was free of nightmares as he and Draco walked hand in hand through an endless winter wonderland.

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