Draco woke to the bright light of the sun shining down on his face. He slowly opened his eyes. His brain pounding behind his eyes as he looked around. An over large green bed in a room with an impressive view of a beautiful garden monitored by a startling white peacock. He lay his head back against the pillow and closed his eyes again. All of the sudden the blonde sat straight up much to the displeasure of his aching muscles. White peacocks. Looking around again he suddenly recognized the room as his bedroom in Malfoy Manor. He stood from the bed and collapsed to the floor. The muscles in his legs were protesting the very idea of holding his weight. Eventually he got up enough energy to shuffle closer to the window. Definitely at the Manor.

He racked his brain trying to figure out why he was here. Tournament, Harry, the maze, the portkey. His eyes were filled with panicked tears as he recalled the visions from the graveyard. Without a thought Draco pulled on a pair of pants and a t-shirt, grabbed his wand from his bedside table, and pulled open his door. Racing through the many hallways he soon found himself standing in front of his father's empty study. He cursed and called on a house elf. Before the crack had finished echoing Draco demanded to know where his father was. The nervous elf stuttered that Master Lucius was in the dining room. Without listening to anything else Draco was on the move again tearing down the halls to get to his father and the answers he hopefully had.

The door was around the corner, just before he reached it and he took a second to calm himself before stepping into the room. The solemn looks on the face of his father and godfather were enough to send the blonde into frightened hysterics. He opened his mouth to ask the questions he had but he found that the only sound he could make was a small squeak. That was apparently enough. The two men in the room turned to look at the worried face of the child in front of them. The confusion was palpable for several minutes and then they were smiling, laughing, and crying as they pulled the boy into a group hug.

Draco froze. He was beyond shocked at the display of affection. In the end he decided to go with it. He folded himself between the older men and let them mumble out incoherent phrases as the looked him over before pulling him close again. Eventually though, Draco had enough. The young blonde disentangled himself, stepped back, and faced the two men.

"What happened?"

Lucius suddenly looked petrified and turned to the potion's master. Severus sighed and motioned for everyone to sit before he explained the story. Draco found himself immensely glad of this fact because his momentary adrenaline surge was leaving him feeling weaker than he had when he had woken up.

"Do you remember what happened in the graveyard?" Draco nodded and Lucius seemed relieved, "Before the destruction of Voldemort, several of the members of the Hogwarts staff and the ministry took it upon ourselves to track you to where we needed to go. By the time we got there you were in the middle of the connection that ultimately led to the destruction of the Dark Lord. The powerful magic that you embodied proved to be too much strain for your body and your magic, hence you passed out among the battle. Not long after that all of the Death Eaters were rounded up by the ministry and were taken in for trial." Draco sent him a questioning glance, "Your father and I were exempt due to our positions as spies for Dumbledore and the Order.

"After the battle Dumbledore explained how Voldemort was able to return. Apparently he had made several horcruxes in order to become immortal. One had been destroyed already with a basilisk fang. Another was destroyed in the graveyard. However there were still five more out in the world, well thankfully they were all in this country. Myself, Minerva, Albus, Kingsley, and several other aurors used the sword of Gryffindor to destroy the remaining horcruxes in order to assure that the Dark Lord would remain dead this time. Your mother is currently in France to try and help develop a cure for you." At Draco's shocked eyes he smiled, "And yes Lucius just sent a message to her, she should be here soon.

"However I am sure that you would like to know how you managed to defeat Voldemort?" Draco nodded although he felt as though he was missing some vital information, "The wand you used held the core that was the twin to Voldemort's. When you cast your spells they connected and you began a battle of wills to an extent. The more powerful your magic behind the spell the more it began to overcome Voldemort's. In the end the power behind your spell caused Voldemort's killing curse to rebound once again, combined with the spell you sent created the resultant death of a mad man. You saved the wizarding world as we know it and gave everyone the chance to start over in a new age of peace."

Draco thought about it a moment longer and he knew that he was missing a part but for the life of him he could not figure out what it was that his godfather was avoiding. Nodding to show that he understood, he was told to go lie down and rest longer before he needed to go out and face the world. Nodding mutely he turned to leave. He reached the doors and froze. The two topics that had been so carefully avoided came to the forefront of his mind. He slowly turned on his heel to face the men, both looking wary as they took in the expression on his face.

"How long has it been since the graveyard?" Draco decided to get the least dangerous question out of the way.

Lucius looked at Severus who was avoiding his gaze before looking back at his son, "Six months."

Draco blanched he had been expecting a month at the most, "Six months?"

Lucius nodded, "Your body was trying to repair itself and your magic was trying to recover from the amount of it that had been used and channeled."

Draco nodded again, knowing that magical depletion was the usual cause for magical comas. He took a deep breath and leaned against the door jamb, debating whether or not to ask his only other question that he needed answered. He wanted to know but he was terrified that it was going to be something that he would rather have lived without knowing. In the end, he had to know. Not knowing was making him look at the worst possibilities that were out there. Quite frankly he was certain the truth would at least be more plausible than the stories he was creating in his head. He nodded to himself, making up his mind.


The two men exchanged a glance and stood together. Draco followed them in silence as they left through the doors. They followed the path that Draco had raced through not an hour ago as though walking to a funeral. Draco's dread grew with every step. They stopped at the door just before his and both men swallowed as they opened the door. They stood by the open door and Draco nervously walked past them and into the room. He took a brief look around to realize that it looked surprisingly like his own before he had gathered enough courage to look at the bed.

Lying there among the pillows, hands folded perfectly over his stomach, lay the brunette Draco had asked about. Without question Draco walked closer to the bed and sat down on the edge. Harry looked so small, fragile, weak amongst the immaculate bed spread that Draco valiantly held back his tears. He looked up towards his now blurry godfather as he stepped into the room, he was proud of the fact that even as his eyes filled he was able to keep them from running down his cheeks.

"What's wrong?" Draco asked even though he was positive that he knew the answer.

"Same as you. Except he is going to need much more time, in fact we were worried that if you did not wake up soon both of you were going to..." He broke off with an obvious catch in his throat.

Draco nodded not wanting to hear the words but needed something explained to him, "Why were you worried about me waking up?"

Severus smiled weakly, "Draco, Harry's magic basically used you as a conductor. Your emotions and the way that you were tied to Harry amplified his powers." Draco nodded again and motioned for his godfather to explain, "Your body was not strong enough to support that kind of power for any length of time, in fact alone it would not have healed and you would not be here."

Lucius apparently decided that it was his turn to speak, "But. Harry was keeping you alive. His magic has basically spent the last six months sustaining you so that you would survive and be as good as new. The problem is that his magic has also had to sustain him, meaning that it was draining him as much as it was keeping him alive. Even magic as strong as his is not meant to divide itself like that. You were kept in the same room for the first four months, when you started to show signs of waking we separated you by a single wall so that you would not wake and panic when you saw him."

"Draco," Severus called his attention once again, "You need to be here for him, call to him, make him fight to come back. I am afraid that he will give up now that he no longer has a driving force."

Draco began to panic openly at that, "No. No. Nonononono. No! He can't do that to me, I need him. He can't leave! He promised to stay, we were going to do everything together. He wants to do so much and he inspired me to help and work with him! He can't! He can't..." Draco's voice drifted off as he realized that Severus and Lucius were both trying to calm him.

"I know. You need to tell him that. Sit by him talk to him, draw him out, it is going to take a long time Draco. It will not be easy." Lucius' voice was comforting, something that Draco was not expecting.

"But, Draco, you need to be understanding that nothing is guaranteed. He-" Lucius tried to stop him but Severus continued, "He may never wake."

Draco accepted that and the sudden flames in the fire place caused all three men to jump. They saw Narcissa step from the flames and upon seeing her son burst into tears and pulled him against her chest. The two men left and Narcissa calmed enough to talk to her son. Her reassurances barely reached his ears as he pulled from her grasp and went to sit next to Harry. The woman felt the tears still sliding down her face but left her son to watch over the sleeping form of his boyfriend. The door shut behind her on her way out and Draco reached a hand out to touch Harry's where it was folded over the blankets. He looked up and saw the light rise and fall of his chest, the faint pulse of his heart in his neck, the slightly parted lips, and closed eyes. Harry's hair was brushed and well groomed although longer than when Draco had last seen him. That thought brought a block into Draco's throat. He took a deep gasping breath and felt the pain and anguish cut through everything else. He collapsed into the chair next to Harry's bed and allowed himself to sob into the sheets next to the boy he loved.

Months crept by and Draco remained by Harry's bedside. He slept in his room next door and came to Harry's side where he ate every meal, at night he pressed a gentle kiss to Harry's forehead before slipping into his own room. After a while Draco would allow visitors who he would meet in the room across the hall and with a spell on Harry to tell him when he woke up. He caught up with all of his friends and made peace with the Weasley's, Ron was going out with one Daphne Greengrass much to Draco's surprise and they became exceptionally close. Hermione and Blaise had been among his first visitors and came by at least once a week. One time they came in and Hermione was sporting a stunning ring on her left hand. Draco had smiled for the first time that day. Everyday Draco made sure to sit and talk with Harry, whether it was telling him the latest gossip, reading from a book, or recalling memories, he just talked. When the school year ended and Harry still had not woken Draco felt his hope fade. He only came out of Harry's room to talk with his parents and the few friends who were particularly close.

A year had passed since Draco had opened his eyes and still Harry had not woken. He spent the days talking to the still form and studying for his tests. He read the books out loud thinking that Harry would become annoyed enough to wake up. Nothing happened. He became even more withdrawn only coming out to talk to his parents, Severus, Ron, Hermione, and Blaise. The stress was tearing him apart. Then it all fell into place. One evening Draco was crying in desperation next to Harry when the pressure became too much he was begging for a sign anything. He reached out to hold Harry's hand and the limp fingers were almost too much for Draco to handle. He started to pull his hand away when the fingers closed around his before releasing. Draco did not move from his side.

On the second anniversary of the graveyard the brief hand squeezes and the eye fluttering that had been sustaining him all this time were getting on his nerves. It was almost as though Harry was enjoying torturing the blonde. After about an hour of one sided conversation, Draco lost his patience.

"God damn it Potter. Wake up! I have been sitting here for a year and a half and you are ignoring me. I am a Malfoy, I get what I want, and I want you to talk to me!" The hand in his squeezed and Draco practically threw it down onto the bed, "Enough with the stupid hand holding! You need to grow up! I get it you're sick but man you are such a wimp sometimes! Just open your goddamn eyes and look at me! I can barely even remember what color they are!" His eyes fluttered slightly, "That does not count either!

"You know what, screw this. I am going to go out and get drunk and forget about you for one night. I am going to go celebrate Voldemort's death, even if few people know he came back in the first place, and I guess I am going to have to do it alone! Because you are a selfish BASTARD!"

Nothing, not a twitch and all of Draco's anger faded away and he felt near collapse. "Fine! Be that way, fuck you."

He sat down on the bed next to Harry and leaned in to brush his lips across the scar on his forehead, and whispered against his skin, "I love you, you know. I just wish you would wake up."

He did not realize that he had been yelling until he opened the door to see the stunned faces of Lucius, Narcissa, and Severus. They opened their mouths to say something but a single voice cut through whatever they were going to say.

"Dray?" Draco spun on his heel and looked at the bed. Their among the pillows was the now awake Savior of the wizarding world.

"Harry?" The green eyes focused on the blonde and he gave a weak smile.

Suddenly the three behind him squealed in joy (Not that Severus would ever admit to it) and went off to let everyone know that he was awake. Draco found himself moving slowly toward the bed, terrified that this was a dream and that he would have to wake up with a still Harry once again. He reached the bed and stretched a hand out to the brunette. Harry leaned his head into the touch before struggling to sit up. Draco helped him lean against the headboard without a thought.


"I'm here Dray."

"Oh god." And then Draco was holding Harry close to his chest while he cried into the long locks of his boyfriends brown hair. He felt a wet spot growing on his shirt and realized that Harry was crying as well.

"Dray?" The blonde pulled back, "I love you, too."


That had been seven years ago. Harry had been contrite when he said that he had heard everything from the day Draco first sat by his bedside. All of the stories were there along with most of the text book knowledge, the thought of Draco leaving had been enough of a wake up call that his magic had suddenly flooded his system and Harry was able to open his eyes. The boys had taken their OWLs and gone back to school for their seventh year slightly behind. With an intensive study program and help from their teachers they had graduated along with everyone else and no one ever questioned the fact that Harry had only been sent to the hospital wing for Quidditch injuries. Draco had quickly studied up on his Potion's mastery and had opened up an apothecary for muggles and wizards alike down the street from the Leaky Cauldron. Harry had started on track to becoming an Auror, he finished the training went his first assignment and promptly quit. He never explained what it was, but Draco figured that it was in response to his partner taking a deadly curse for him. Said partner was alive and kicking in the Auror program, but Draco thought it had been a wake up call for Harry.

Thinking over all that had happened in their lives Draco shook his head with a smile and walked into St. Mungo's. The nurse at the desk nodded at him and offered him a cup of tea. Smiling Draco shook his head and continued on his way. Peaking into the room he smiled at the sight that greeted him. On the bed sat a familiar head of bushy brown hair over an unusually dumb expression and next to her sat a petrified Blaise.

"Pregnant?" Blaise whispered. Draco felt his mouth fall open. Hermione had been told that she was more than likely never going to have a child and the couple had been devastated. They had adapted. They adopted a beautiful girl six years old and a three year old boy not long after. Rose was just starting at Hogwarts and was his and Harry's goddaughter.

"Pregnant. Nine weeks, and it looks like twins." The mediwizard seemed just as surprised as them, after all he had been the one to suffer through telling them about Hermione's condition in the first place.

Hermione squealed with joy and looked at her husband of six years. He sat there still trying to understand what exactly was going on, laughing at his expression she took one of his hands in her own. Slowly he moved his hand from hers and pressed it against her stomach in wonder.

He looked up at her, "Babies?"

She smiled, "Ours."

Blaise laughed in joy and wrapped her up in a hug. Draco knocked on the door and stepped into the room. He smiled at the happy couple as the wizard in white turned around and began to leave the room.

"Congratulations are in order." The couple barely even glanced at him.

He followed the other wizard out and stepped behind him to catch him in a hug. The other man smiled and rested against his chest. The two stood there in the hall looking into the room. The brunette wrapped his fingers through the blondes and pressed their hands against his slightly rounded belly. Draco pressed a kiss to the smaller man's neck before placing a chin on his shoulder. He glanced down at their entwined hands and smiled at the twin bands of gold.

"It's a miracle, Dray."

"They deserve it," Harry sighed and snuggled closer, "But if her mood swings are as bad as your's are I can only wish Blaise luck." Then cringed as he worried what reaction it would bring.

Harry laughed and turned his head to brush his lips against the blonde's jaw. Glad that he was going to get by without too much trouble Draco pulled the brunette in closer. After several minutes they stepped apart and Harry led Draco to the main desk so that he could let them know that he was leaving. As they moved towards the apparition point to the sound of several "good-bye's" and "See you soon's," Harry caught Draco's hand in his.

When they reached the apparition point Draco dropped Harry's hand and pulled him in close, Harry leaned up and wrapped his arms around Draco's neck before whispering in his ear.

"You do realize that mood swing comment earned you a place on the couch tonight, right?"

Draco chuckled under his breath, "I know, love, I know."

"Good," Harry grinned and laughed along with his husband before placing a chaste kiss on his lips, "I love you."

"I love you, too." Draco replied pulling the smaller man closer and apparating them away to their home in Godric's Hollow.

~The End~

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