Summary; Aria Evans was lonely. She was quite a loner who hid in the shadows at camp, with only one person by her side. Until, she was betrayed by the ones she loved most. So she left, in hopes that maybe it was just a dream. Chaos soon found her and offered her to join him, without any hesitation, she joined. She left her past behind, not even looking behind once. So, 5,000 years later, she is sent back to camp to help. Reluctantly agreeing, what could go wrong? - ''A hero's fate is anything but tragic.''

Pairings; Percy/Annabeth | Piper/Jason | Frank/Hazel | Reyna/Leo | Aria/Will |

Aria Evans began to wonder when she started to hate the demigod world.


Now that she thought about it, that wasn't really a good question to ask. Aria always held a small hatred deep in her heart.

When she lived at camp, she always wished for her sweet charming, in hopes that he would take her away, far away from here.

But that dream ceased to exist anymore.

When she found out she was a demigod, her hopes raised and for once, she felt like it began to come true. Her sweet charming was here. ( but later on, she realized what a big, fat lie that was. )

There was the war, the prophecy, Kronos, Gaia and hell, - Percy Jackson was on her list too.

He was impulsive and sometimes selfish, - something that she hated in a guy. Everyone looked up to him, except her.

The hate began with Chiron once she was sent back home to her abusive step-father. It bothered her that no one checked up on her. It bothered her that no one even dared to ask.

But he had no excuse, and sent her back home in times of need. She had shown obvious signs of abuse of course, but all he worried about was his favorite camper, - Percy fucking Jackson. (who was missing.)

But oh, she knew that Chiron knew. She knew the glances that he sent her when she would walk up him. Hell, she even had her own bed in the infirmary. Aria knew that the Apollo campers knew from the overnight stays and the check up tests.

Had it begun when they turned their backs on her? When Silena Beauregard died from the drakon? (aria still had no idea why they blamed her - could it be that she was the child of death himself?) Or someone she thought she could've been friends with if she had simply given them a chance?

The demigod world was so much bigger than her tiny room in the attic, long ago, it seemed like it was the only way out. And now, the people who ruined her life was dead, Kronos was dead and the war was over. She knew she should've felt relief, after all, everything was back to normal, right? But Aria was just tired.

When did she realize that she hated the community, she spend her entire life fighting for?

that was just an intro. enjoy.