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Why to Never Trust Fairies

Third Person

An alarm clock rings. An 11 year old boy wakes up from his sleep and groans. He gets up and yawns. He climbs down the stairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast, but instead of the regular clean kitchen, there were balloons hanging from a chair and confetti was covering the floor. On the table was a cake on a plastic plate. Next to it was a card.

First Person

I opened the card and read: "Happy Birthday Danny! We're sorry we can't be here with you on your special day, but we have something special for you! Its waiting under your bed. P.S. Save us a bit of the cake."

I was so excited about my present that I forgot to eat the cake. I ran back to my room as fast as I can and looked under the bed. The only thing there was a tiny plastic teapot. Not exactly the best present ever. I was disappointed, but I took the teapot from under the bed anyway. Suddenly, the teapot shook in my hands and I let go of it, surprised. Then a tiny winged girl exited the teapot from its spout. It flew up to me and took out a card. The girl sat in the air and I asked her:"Who are you?"

She looked at me: "I'm your fairy, of course. You get one wish, and I'll make it come true."

I looked at her bewildered:"Seriously?"

She looked at me as if I was stupid:"I wouldn't be lying to you, would I?"

Being an immortal? Being superman? Being invincible? My brother would have picked being part of the world of Percy Jackson, with gods and all that. I don't like the series. I got it! I'll wish to be a wizard in the world of Harry Potter! After 3 minutes that felt like forever, I decided what I would choose. "I wish I would be in the world of magic!" The fairy nodded and threw some kind of glittery sand at me, and then I lost conciousness.

A few hours later

I opened my eyes and looked up groggily. A middle-aged centaur with bushy eyebrows and a scruffy beard looked at me. "He's awake!" he said to a tall blond girl, who quickly turned around and ran over to me. "Percy! You're awake!" Suddenly a satyr with black hair also came, and he looks at me happy. "Percy! I missed you!"

Satyrs? They werent mentioned at any time in the books! A tall blonde girl? I dont remember her from the series! Percy? My name is Daniel!

Then it hit me. The birthday fairy took me to a magical world. Not the one I wanted, the Percy Jackson magical world! Im never trusting any fairy again. Not even the tooth fairy. And you shouldnt either. And if you do, dont say I didnt warn you!


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