Chapter 2-Jamie A. Mare

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"Jamie, wakey wakey!"

I groaned and opened my eyes a bit, but not enough for the annoying idio- Oh. It was my mom. Mom sat down on my bed and shook me lightly. "Jamie, wake up! Its your birthday!"

I opened my eyes a bit more, and Mom smiled. Suddenly, my obnoxious little sister, Jackie, barged into my room and started hitting me with a pillow.

"Happy birthday to you! You're 102! You smell like a monkey, and you look like on to!" she sang, still hitting me with the pillow. Mom looked at the two of us and stood up quickly as to not get hit by the pillow.

My dad, who is usually already at work by this time, joined the rest of the family in my bedroom. Before I got a chance to speak and ask him what he was doing here, they all start singing the Birthday Song, the normal version this time: "Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Jamie, Happy Birthday to you!" Then they started clapping and Jackie threw some confetti on me. As I shook my head to get rid of the confetti in my face I said: "Mom, Dad, Jackie, Thanks! I love you guys." When I turned back to my family, Dad stepped forward and held out a tiny box. the size of a computer mouse. "This is your present from the three of us, enjoy!" he said.

I was a bit disappointed, as I expected something a bit bigger than that. As I opened the box, a bunch of pink and white sparkles flew out and covered the room, and as I turned to my family, I realised they weren't there. They had left. Suddenly a small fairy flew in front of my face and started coughing.

"I *cough* hate *cough* SPARKLES " The fairy said. Then she waved her hand and the sparkles disappeared.

"Umm... Hello?" I said, "Who are you?"

The fairy turned to me and said: "Im your fairy of course."

"Oh... So do i get three wishes or something?" I ask, surprised.

"What? No! Those are genies, and they dont even exist!" She said. "You only get one wish, and stop being so greedy if you know whats good for you." The fairy scowled.

Wow. I get one wish, anything I want! What should I ask for? Well, I always wanted that MP3... Or maybe i should ask for a couple of tickets to The Script? Nah, Ill just get Dad to buy them... What should I choose...

A few hours later, I have finally made my decision. "I wish I was an extremely powerful Demigodess Witch in a crossover world of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter!"

The fairy looked disappointed and a bit mad. "I was locked in that stupid box for 3 months and then you phrase your wish specifically? That's just mean."I didnt want to be mean, but I really wanted to be a powerful Demigodess Witch!

Then the fairy huffed and said: "At least phrase it differently." I shook my head, remembering what my friend, Daniel, told me about fairies. The fairy sends a few... colorful words at me and huffed again. Then she pointed at me and a sends some sparkles at me that get into my eyes.

When I woke up, I saw Percy Jackson himself standing over me.

"Jackie?! Jackie?! Is that you?" he asked.

"Yes, why? How do you know my name?" I asked.

"Its me, Daniel!" he said.

"What? How?" I said, then remembering what he had told me using Facebook a few days ago.

"We are in a war against the Wizarding World, with Harry Potter and all those people, over who gets you on their side." he says. "And your the only person who is of both sides! You are a Demigoddess Witch, and you must choose, whoose side are you on?"

Oh shit! I cant beleive it... I just started a huge war!

-The End-

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