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"Taiga, have you finished arranging the fresh roses that arrived this morning? The customer will come to pick it up tonight."

"Why can't you just ask Sakurai to work on it? My hands are already full," retorted Kagami while continuing redesigning the flower arrangement for the front display of the florist shop.

"He's a regular customer, Taiga. And he specifically asked for YOUR design. Do it now before your shift ends."


"No but. When I say do it, do it. Never defy my words. Ryou, continue Taiga's work on the front display. Leave the cash register to me."

"Oh, o-okay boss," Sakurai stuttered, nervously rushing to the front shop. His tiny body crouched down on the display, continuing Kagami's work that was halfway done. "I'm sorry Kagami-san."

Akashi's words are absolute, Kagami knew that. The redhead groaned in dissatisfaction and forcefully dragged his feet to the working space near the back of the shop to do his new task.

Kagami is a part timer at a florist owned by Akashi. His works includes making flowers arrangements and bouquets, dealing with the supplier, designing the display, keeping the flowers fresh, being a cashier at the counter, cleaning, well basically anything that could be done in the shop, really. Truthfully, it is kind of odd to think that a guy like him works at such place. First of all, Kagami has a large muscular built, sun-kissed skin, and chiseled face with high cheekbones and distinctive split eyebrows. His hair is a mess shades of scarlet, which also matched with his fiery eyes. He's also often misunderstood as rude and impolite for the odd, informal choices of words that he used, due to his lack of experience using Japanese language since he's a returnee. And trying to be polite despite the fact just makes him sound a lot more awkward than it already is, which is why he prefers to keep quiet and speak only when needed. His often fierce expression isn't being helpful either.

Therefore, to watch such man wearing a pink apron roaming around a shop full of pretty, delicate flowers are quite a sight to behold. Male customers often frown at him and female customers often stare and occasionally giggle, but Kagami pays no heed. This is the only job near his apartment which able to give him a good amount of income while giving him the option of flexible work hours, which is tough to find considering the classes that he assigned. He's not one to be over concerned about what others think of him anyway.

Besides, deep down, despite his raging personalities, he actually enjoys his job. Being surrounded by flowers and the serene scent of the shop actually gives him a peace of mind, which is what he exactly needs as being a hot-headed person he is. He finds comfort and solace in these flowers, although there's no way in hell that he'll admit to such a thing.

Once he was at the counter that was completed with tools next to trays of fresh uncut flowers, Kagami closed his eyes and sighed, while massaging his temple to calm himself. He gave a thought about bouquet designs that he might do this time, but the thought of the mysterious customer who had given him a frequent headaches recently came interrupting, and Kagami mentally cursed him.

They've never met each other, but the mystery customer has been a real pain in the ass; complaining, demanding, last minute requests. He often criticised his flower arrangements in front of Akashi, who later would definitely scold him.

However, even with the constant complaints, he still chose the flowers that Kagami arranged anyway. It ticked Kagami off because he usually could handle critics well, but there was something about this customer that just pissed him off. Somehow his complaints just sounded... arrogant. Like he's better and no one could beat him. And Kagami hates that kind of attitude. Furthermore, he liked to order on the last minutes, making it stressful for Kagami who loves to work at his own pace.

Kagami shrugged the unpleasant thoughts off and started working on the bouquet. Soon he was immersed in his work, like he always did. He often gives his best at everything he does, which is why it was easy for him to focus and be engrossed in the task.

After he had finished, he took a step back and took a good look at his work. Satisfied, he showed it to Akashi who seemed to be pleased with the result and dismissed him to end his shift for the day.

Grabbing his bag, Kagami bid farewell to Sakurai and made his way to the shop entrance while checking messages on his phone. There was a text from Kuroko.

'Kagami-kun, please don't be late this time. One of the students said that the lecturer is being rather mean today, locking the door so that late students can't get in.'

'Shit' Kagami cursed mentally, quickening his steps while still focusing on the phone to reply the message once he was out of the shop. Unaware of his surrounding, he headbutted with something, making him stumble backwards while rubbing his forehead in pain.

"Oouch!" groaned Kagami.

"The hell-" came a low growl.

Curious, Kagami brought up his gaze, and his eyes were locked in on the person before him whom had almost-perfect imitation of himself albeit the stranger had a darker skin, with a pained expression and a tanned hand rubbing the bridge of his nose. The stranger gave him a cold look once their gazes had clashed.

Kagami knew it was his fault. "I'm sorry."

"Watch where you going, idiot! That fucking hurts!" he shouted.

"I said I'm sorry alright? There's no need to be a jerk."

"I'm a jerk? You're the one who stupidly bumps into me while looking at your phone!"

"Yeah and I said I'm sorry!"

"If you want to apologize at least do it properly!"

"I did! It's not my fault that you weren't listening!"

"Oh, now you're saying I'm deaf? You crashed into me, said that I'm a jerk and apparently now I'm deaf too? Wow, you're unbelievable."

"That's not what I was saying, you moron!"

"Great, now I'm a moron too. Tsk. It's not worth arguing with a person as stupid as you."

"Fuck off. You're the one who started it."

"You're the one who's texting while walking, dumbass."

"And for the last time, I said I'm sorry!"

"Well the answer is no then. Apology is not accepted."

"You know what, fuck you. I don't even care anymore."

"That's my fucking line!"


Kagami shot the obviously irritated guy a deadly stare before making a way past him. He was already late. He had no time for this shit.

The other male could only grunt in obvious anger while watching Kagami fade away into the crowd. He gave out a long irritated sigh and scratched his blue locks in exasperation before turning his heels in the direction of the florist that Akashi owned and proceeded to enter, eyeing the place to search for the owner to pick the bouquet he ordered last night.

"Has everyone arrived?"

Hyuuga-sensei locked the door to the class without even waiting for an answer, accompanied by the nervous look on his students' faces.

"I have an announcement to make, and I will only tell this once. You may tell your friends who are not here, or not. I don't care, I have no time to repeat."

Kagami was still panting in his seat from his running session to the class. Thank god he managed to enter the class just seconds before the lecturer did. Kuroko offered him a tissue paper which he accepted with a 'thanks'.

"The thing is, I have to reschedule our night classes. My wife has fallen ill and now are staying at the hospital. Therefore, I'm afraid that I can no longer able to come at night to make things more convenient."

The tensed looking sensei, then, proceeded to write something on the whiteboard.


TUESDAY 8pm – 10pm → TUESDAY 10am – 12pm
WEDNESDAY 8pm – 10pm → FRIDAY 8am – 10am

Hyuuga-sensei turned to his students.

"Any objection? No? Okay then let's proceed with our class. I'm gonna be strict following our syllabus now, since I don't want to have any further replacement classes. So pay attention, and don't come late to disturb my teachings."

Kagami could only nod.

"Changes in classes schedule? Let me see."

Kagami handed out the new schedule that he had written on his notebook to Akashi.

"Hmm.. I see. No more night classes. Ryou, you did say that you're hoping to work the morning shift when you first interviewed for the job, right? Does that still apply now?" asked Akashi suddenly, causing Sakurai to jolt in shock at the counter.

"Ah, I said that? Umm sorry! Err yeah I guess I did, because morning shifts are kind of more convenient for me since I don't really prefer coming home late... But I'm also okay with night shift! Yeah anything is okay really, I don't really mind." Sakurai forced a nervous smile.

"Well then you're changing some shifts with Kagami, since now he has only 1 night class which is on Monday night. Kagami, you will have to work the night shifts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, in addition, morning shifts on Saturday and Sunday. Sakurai with the same work schedule as before, except on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you will have the morning shifts. Is that okay for you both?"

"Yes, Boss," said Kagami firmly.

"Oh, okay. Thank you, Akashi-san! Kagami-san, sorry you have to work on the night shift."

"It's not your fault Sakurai," Kagami gave out a laugh. He gave Sakurai a reassuring grin, which the smaller guy returned with a tiny smile.

"Besides I'm okay with the night shift, no problem."

Little did he know problems were coming in his way.