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Kagami woke up late at 10 in the morning on Thursday to Kuroko's text.

Kagami-kun, today's evening class is canceled.

Kagami threw his fist to the air in happiness. He'd been tired lately from a busy schedule and there'd been a long time since he had a whole day off from work and classes. He really needed some time to himself.

Yawning and rubbing his eyes, he went showered and dressed himself in less than 5 minutes. Kagami has grown used to save water and electricity. He has developed the positive habit after has been living and supporting himself for about 2 years now ever since he left high school. Feeling fresh after a shower, he went to the kitchen to fix a large serving of brunch for himself.

He spent the rest of the day doing things that he hadn't had time to do before. He cleaned his house, did the laundry, changed the bed sheets, did some homework assignment and even went to an evening jog around the park. After that, he made himself his favourite dinner and watched a movie while eating. No one knows about it, but romantic comedy is his guilty pleasure. He'll be damned if anyone knows this side of him.

He went to sleep early that night, to get back all those sleeping hours he'd been missing. It didn't take long before he'd lost into the dreamland.

The next day, Kagami went to the morning class as usual.

It was Hyuuga sensei's class, and Kagami pitied him as he watched his lecturer trying to hide his miserable state while teaching the class. He looked awful, there were dark circles under his eyes that was obvious despite the glasses he wore and the lecturer even made a couple of mistakes. He snapped when a student pointed it out but apologized a second later after realizing what the student said is true. He really tried to give his best though and despite the tense atmosphere it was indeed a good lecture. He ended the lecture with a sigh, and asking for everyone to pray for his wife's health.

Hyuuga Aida is a lecturer too. She had taught him in his first year here before she got sick. It was not serious back then but apparently the sickness had gotten worse as time passed. She is a great person, very determined and optimistic and Kagami admires her for those traits. To imagine once a bright and active person now lay helplessly in the hospital bed is an unpleasant thought. Kagami wished for her to get well soon, for her own good and also for her husband's sake.

It must be really tough to see your love ones battling for survival when you have no power to do anything about it, isn't it? Kagami never feels that way, he's never been really attached to anyone for him to understand the feelings. And he was really glad because from what he'd witnessed, it looked kind of sucks.

Kagami had friends that he treasured. But that's different. As for parents, he'd never been close with them anyway. His mom died when he was a kid and his father is too busy with work. He rarely spends time with him even when they lived together in America, so that's why he decided to live by himself in Japan.

But then, even if he and his father are not that close, if his father would ever fall ill, he'd be lying if he doesn't feel sad too. He'd probably be flying back to America as soon as he can to be by his father side, even if he has nothing to talk to him. He'd just stand there to let him know that he's not alone.

That must be what Hyuuga sensei was feeling right now, except ten times worse, considering how much he loved her wife.

Kagami sighed and then he looked at Kuroko.

"Kuroko, I'm thinking about paying Hyuuga sensei a visit tomorrow after work. What do you think?"

"Sounds good, Kagami-kun. I'll go to your place at 6pm then so we could walk to the hospital together."

"Sure. I think I'll bake and bring some cookies."

"Should I bake cookies too?"

"I don't think that's a good idea." Kagami frowned, thinking of the last time he ate Kuroko's hard rock cookies. His gum ached for days after the incident.

"I think so too. Well I'll just bring some apples and oranges then."

"That'll do."

With that they walked to the cafeteria to eat before going to another class.

Kagami managed to get to the florist on time to work his night shift. He greeted Sakurai as he put on his apron and began doing his work. First thing first, he made a flower arrangement that he knew Aomine will pick later, humming some random song as he was doing it. Without him knowing, he actually anticipated Aomine's visit to the shop.

Okay, so maybe they were not exactly on a good terms and Kagami didn't even think that they can be classified as friends, but he couldn't deny the connection between them. For these past weeks, they kept bumping into each other and even their encounters had not been that pleasant, he had learned a lot about him. Apart from that, let's not ignore the fact that he kept buying and would only buy flowers that was made personally by Kagami, and now that he knew the bluenette is not what he thought he was and practically his neighbour too, his interest was hooked.

Maybe he's not that bad. And if this random meetings keeps on happening, maybe they could be friends. Maybe they will, who knows.

Kagami's thoughts interrupted as a certain bluenette burst into the shop.

Speak of the devil.

Kagami gave the bouquet he just finished to Akashi and then he went to help Sakurai arranging the heavy flower pots in front of the shop. His eyes wandered inside as he worked, wondering what they were talking about.

Was his eyes playing tricks, or did Aomine actually look sad and troubled?

Kagami couldn't hear what he and Akashi were talking about but he saw that Akashi pat his back, as if comforting him. Kagami also noticed that Aomine wasn't his usual self. Usually, one can sense with just a glance that he has presence, and that air of self confidence does not come only from his large build. He gives off an aura that is different from ordinary person with the way he presents himself.

But the Aomine he was looking at right now was like a different person. His shoulders dropped and his body was slightly crouched as if he was carrying a great burden, revealing a fragile side of him which Kagami never expected he had.

Kagami just watched as Aomine made the payment and Akashi gave him a comforting smile once he made a turn towards the shop entrance. Aomine walked out of the door and Kagami expected him to just go pass him, but the bluenette looked up and saw Kagami. He smiled slightly at Kagami just to acknowledge his presence and then he walked across the street.

Kagami just stood there, watching as the bluenette went out of his sight. He was stunned by the sadness in that smile. Aomine looked so hurt. Somehow it tugged at Kagami's heart, making him want to go after him and tell him that everything is going to be alright even if he had no idea what had been bothering the tanned male. Kagami made a mental note to ask Akashi about that later, as he slowly resumed his task.

When he and Sakurai finished the job, he walked in and asked Akashi out of pure curiosity.

"No complains today?"


For the first time, that answer bothered him. He was hoping that Aomine would complain, just so he knew that everything is alright with the other guy.

Kagami sighed as he continued working, the thing he wanted to ask Akashi about was long forgotten as he became immersed in his task.

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