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"I-It can't be…", Ash muttered, shocked that his Pikachu was completely obliterated by Trip's Serperior. "Heh… Oh it be. And I thought, you're going to at least be a challenge here. You're weak!", Trip yelled at Ash arrogantly. Ash didn't bother retorting and just took Pikachu to the Pokemon Center.

At the Pokemon Center

"Hey Ash…", Iris called Ash tapping his shoulder to get his attention. "Huh…. Oh, her Iris, Cilan. Sorry for letting you watch that pitiful display". Ash replied sadly, tears threatening to fall.

Cilan intervened before the tears fell, "No Ash. You did a great job! You both were down to the last Pokemon, and Pikachu was already tired after his previous fight. And let me tell you this, Pikachu's willpower brought a truly exquisite flavour.", Cilan answered Ash with a smile, trying to cheer up Ash.

"Yeah Ash!, You did great! You and Pikachu were awesome, right to the end. I'm sure next time You'll definitely win", Iris added with vigor, bringing a smile to Ash.

"You… Really think so", Ash asked quietly. "We know so", Iris and Cilan, answered at the same time. "Thanks guys…", Ash hugged both of his friends. "No problem, now let's check on Pikachu if he's awake already", Iris said while breaking the hug. "Yeah sure, let's go", Ash and the group then went to Pikachu's treatment room.

At the port

"Well Ash. It's been a blast…", Iris said, tears already falling from her eyes. "Always remember to feed your Pokemon with delicious food okay. Who knows what will happen to you if Pikachu ate something bad", Cilan said, trying to joke his way away from crying. Trying and failing.

"Thanks for everything guys. I-I won't forget you both. Why don't you visit me in Pallet Town sometime. You're gonna love it there. I'm even going to introduce you to all of my friends, Brock, Misty, Gary ,Tracey, May, Max and Dawn. ", Ash said crying freely already.

"Pika, pi, pikachu", Pikachu said in his own words trying to say goodbye. "Haha, oh we will Ash! You better stop acting like a kid when we get there", Iris said with a grin. "And your friend Brock should be there too. We are going to have a Cooking Competition to see who really is the best!", Cilan smiled at the thought of having a cooking contest against Ash's first male companion.

The honk , signalled that the ship was soon leaving. "Bye guys, and see ya later!", "Pikapi!", Ash and Pikachu answered simultaneously and ran to the ship. "Bye Ash", Iris yelled. "We'll miss you!", Cilan yelled as well. Ash waved at the both of them, and soon the port had already disappeared from sight.

Back in Pallet Town

"Mmmm, Well Pikachu, we're home", Ash stretched while looking at the outskirts of town. "Pikapi!", Pikachu was also excited of being back home. "Race you to the house?", Pikachu only grinned and ran off first. "Oh no you don't! Get back here!", Ash ran off soon after.

They were able to reach their house quickly. "Pikachu, haah..haah, that was unfair", Ash grumbled sweating from trying to catch up. Pikachu just laughed, furthering Ash's grumbling.

"Well, whatever… Mom! I'm home!", Ash yelled from outside the house. "Hmm? Ash you're home!", Delia, quickly ran to hug her son to suffocation. "Mom… Can't… Breathe", Delia ignored her son's desperate plea, much to Pikachu's amusement .

"Mime..?", Mimey, went outside to check on her Master, and found Delia, hugging her son. "Look Mimey! My baby's home!", Delia said to Mr. Mime with glee. "Mime! Mime! Mime!", Mimey was also happy seeing Ash home.

Ash was able to break the hold from Delia's death grip, causing her mom to grumble. "Yes mom, I'm home!'', Ash told her mom with a smile.

Pikachu then ran off to hug Delia "Pika Pika Pikachu!", "Hah, looks like Pikachu, also missed you.", Ash added with a grin from seeing his partner act like a baby.

"Awww, and I missed you too Pikachu", Delia smile at the Yellow Pokemon while patting his head. "Well Honey, come on in! I was just making lunch", Delia told her son. "Finally, I'm starved", Ash and Pikachu's stomach both rang, making both Delia and Mimey sweat drop, "Same old Ash", Delia said to herself, getting a nod from Mr. Mime.

3 months later

Ash was sleeping in the morning, when he was awaken from his slumber. "Huh, who are those voices coming from… C'mon Pikachu, let's check it out", Ash wore his clothes and Pikachu climbed to Ash's arm to check downstairs, he saw all of his friends, his mom, and surprisingly Trip, talking with each other.

"Huh, guys what are you doing here. And why is Trip with you?", Ash asked narrowing his eyes. "Uh, Hi Ash. We were just talking about you…", Brock said seriously.

"Huh, what is it Brock", Ash asked him, intent on finding out what they're talking about. "Uh er well,…", Misty was stuttering. "Well, w-we want you to…", May added. "You want me to what?", Ash asked again, getting impatient from their stuttering. "We want you to quit your dream!", Gary yelled getting his and Pikachu's attention.

Ash was dumbstruck from what he heard, "Wh-what. You're joking right. Gary,", "No Ash. Look, we want you to quit being a trainer. Because honestly, you'll never be a master", Max answered, completely shocking Ash and Pikachu.

"Ash we know, that it's your dream, but every time you join a league, you never win", Dawn added his own opinion, further shocking Ash. "Look honey, this is the best for you. I want you to stay here, and find something that you're good at. Even Trip thinks so", Delia continued, awakening Ash from his shock when he heard Trip's name.

"Yeah Ash. Quit your dream already. Because you'll never accomplish it weakling", Trip finished, getting a nod from everyone.

"I see… So that's what you think.", Ash then walked off to his room. "Well, he took it better than expected ", Brock said, breaking the silence. "Yeah, he's probably just going to let off some steam", Misty shrugged.

They were talking about other things when they heard rustling near the door. They saw Ash and Pikachu getting ready to leave, "Ash..? Where are you going", Delia asked hoping that his answer will be different from what she's expecting.

"I'm leaving.", Ash answered coldly. "What! Oh c'mon stop being childish. ", Misty berated Ash. Ash just stared at her coldly, making her wince.

"I'm going to prove you wrong. I'm going to accomplish my dream of being a pokemon master, and you will all regret betraying my trust, for a bastard like Trip", Ash glared at them shocking them from seeing the hate in his eyes.

"Good bye…", Ash walked and closed the door leaving them. Delia cried, finally realizing what she had done. "Ash… Please wait!", Delia opened the door quickly, hoping her son was still there, but failed when Ash was already out of sight.

At Professor Oak's

"Professor!", Samuel Oak, was knocked out of his stupor, when he heard Ash's voice. "Oh, Ash my boy! What are you doing here? Are you here to visit your Pokemon?", Oak asked Ash, then he noticed Ash's dull expression.

"Hey Ash, are you okay?", Oak asked the boy. "Well, you see…", Ash explained what happened earlier emotionlessly. Oak was shocked and angry at Gary and the other's from what he heard, he was also shocked that Ash explained it like he didn't even care what happened.

"Why would they do that. I mean no offense Ash, but you're thirteen for Arceus's sake. You were able to climb up to top 16 in the league, heck, you were able to beat a Darkrai and a Latios in Sinnoh!", Oak was outraged from what his friends and mother had said to Ash.

"Thanks professor. I appreciate your support. But that's not what I'm here about. I actually want to ask you a favour ", Ash asked , happy that someone still supports him and his dream. "Yes my boy? What is it?", Oak asked curiously.

"Is there a way for me, take all of my pokemon to my journey", Oak looked at Ash's eyes, to see if he was joking, but Oak only saw the fire of determination in his eyes.

"Well Ash. I can understand why you want to take all of your pokemon so, I can cut you a deal. I'm going to allow you to take all of your pokemon, and register your pokedex, to keep track of all of them. But you are only allowed to use up to six pokemon in battle, is that fine with you ", Oak stared at Ash.

"Yes professor. I appreciate your help", Pikachu smiled at the idea of having all of Ash's other pokemon with them in their greatest journey yet. "Think nothing of it my boy. You have done this world a favour, when you saved it multiple times already. Good luck Ash, and you too Pikachu in your journey",

"Pikapi!", Pikachu smiled at the kind professor, and Ash nodded at Oak. Ash gave his pokedex to Oak and went inside the lab.

Professor Oak then came back with Ash's pokeballs and new Pokedex in tow. Here you go Ash, your Pokemon, and your brand new Pokedex, complete with the functions of a Pokenav, a Poketch, and a C Gear.

Ash was surprised that the Professor is giving him so much. "You deserve it my boy. This Pokedex was supposed to come out next year. But I know that you will find use for it. Just promise me that you will at least contact me from time to time ", Ash smiled, "Thanks Professor, don't worry I will.".

Ash then looked at Pikachu, "Well buddy. I guess it's time for us to go", Pikachu nodded. "Alright , Professor Oak. See ya later", Ash then run off.

Well, this is my first Pokemon Fanfic. I always read Pokemon fics, where Ash is betrayed by his friends, but they always tends to be incomplete. Damn that pisses me off so, I wrote my own. Hope you like it. Oh and by the way , I am going to write this without following any plot. I won't follow a plot, due to multiple reasons, that I don't really want to tell you. Anyways, for the coupling, I'm wondering if I should go for Cynthia(Rayshipping), Elessa(Raimeishipping), or both. Tell me what you think. Now, I hope you enjoyed my Fanfic and have a nice day.

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