"Ash…", Delia gasped seeing his son's face again after 3 years in TV. Delia didn't went with Brock and the others since she was angry with Trip, Ash's friends, and herself.

She couldn't believe what she did. Why did she even trust Trip's words. She then remembered Trip's reasoning, 'If Ash stops training then he'll finally stay home after so long', look at what happened then. Her son ran away.

Delia wasn't even supposed to watch Trip's fight, but a call from Prof. Oak told her to turn on the TV.


Delia was cleaning the living room with Mimey when the phone rang. "Huh… I wonder who's calling..?", Delia stopped cleaning to take the phone.

"Hello? Who is this.", "Delia! It's me, Samuel! Quick turn on the TV on Trip's fight", Delia frowned when she heard what Oak told her. "And why should I do that Prof. Oak?", Oak just replied, "I suggest you turn it on now. You'll find out soon enough.".

Delia took Oak's advice and turned on the TV. What she saw shocked her. Ash, her son is fighting Trip right now. "Professor! What, what's going on!? Why is Ash facing Trip right now!?", Delia frantically asked, tears falling from seeing his boy, all grown up.

"Isn't it obvious Delia. Trip's scheduled to fight the Kanto Champion remember…", It then hit Delia like a speeding truck. Ash's the Kanto Champion.


Delia was both proud, and ashamed. Proud that his son, born out of love had finally achieved his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.

Ashamed at herself for even thinking that his son will never accomplish it. And now, she doesn't even know if Ash would ever forgive her. Delia broke down in sobs, "Oh Ash… I-I'm sorry…", Oak had already hanged up knowing that Delia will need some time for herself.

Back at the VIP room:

" You girls already know what happened to me and my former friends right?", Cynthia, Elesa and Iris, then frowned at remembering what those traitors did.

Ash noticed the tension and decided to break to break the silence, "Well after that happened. I travelled again, training was the only thing I did for a whole year.", Ash reminisced his days of training.

The girls were all listening intently, all three of them were curious of Ash's training days. "I clearly remember it. It was the last day of that year when-".


"Pika…", Pikachu nudged Ash, who was lying at the grass staring at the sky. "Pikachu… What is it buddy?". "Pika pika!", Pikachu then ran off to the woods.

Ash wondering what Pikachu wanted followed him. It took Ash an hour before he reached Pikachu who was already waiting at the center of the forest. "Pikachu, why did you run off..?", Ash then noticed his surroundings.

A beautiful shade of green covered the forest, Trees were abundant and Pidgeys were singing. All in all, Ash felt at peace.

"Pikachu. Is this why you made me follow you? For me to see this?", Ash was surprised when Pikachu merely shook his head. Pikachu then pointed up, Ash looked up and was shocked to see a sudden burst of energy covering the center of the forest.

When the energy built up, a green fairy looking Pokemon suddenly appeared, "Bi!". Ash was wide eyed to what he was seeing, "Celebi..?", "Bi,bi!", Celebi, flew around Ash and Pikachu, smiling at them.

Ash was surprised when Celebi hugged him, Memories blew at him, remembering his time with his friend, who he just met for a short time, but became one of his best friends nonetheless, "Celebi.., Is that you?", Celebi nodded, Ash then took hold of Celebi to return the hug.

Another burst of bright surprised Ash and broke their hug. A yellow and blue Pokemon appeared.

Ash was again wide eyed at seeing another legendary who became one of his friends in his adventures, "Jirachi..? Manaphy..?", Jirachi and Manaphy smiled and hugged Ash, "Hi Ash.", "Mana…". Ash returned the hug and broke it.

"Wait, what are you three doing here? I know Celebi travels time, Jirachi was sleeping for another millennia, and Manaphy was staying at the Sea Temple. Why are you all here then", Celebi, Jirachi, and Manaphy then frowned, "We… we saw what Max and your other former friends did to you "Jirachi answered, "bi,bi…" Celebi muttered, "May…" Manaphy teared up remembering her mother.

Ash had a bitter smile, "I'm sorry about Max and the others of what they did to you. I'm very disappointed in them ". Jirachi spoke sadly . "It's alright you three, It's not your fault. ", Ash said to the three, "Pika, Pikachu.", Pikachu added to try and calm the three.

"Oh yeah, Like I said earlier, What are you all doing here? You have your duties right?", Ash curiously looked at the three who only smiled.

An unknown voice answered instead, "That's because of me.". Another burst of light shined, and Arceus appeared. Ash was agaped at seeing the Alpha Pokemon a second time.

"A-Arceus? What are you doing here..?", Arceus stared at Ash and replied, "I am here chosen one, because of the recent things that happened last year", Arceus saw the hard look Ash is showing.

"Chosen one, you have already did this world too many favors. Now it's time for us to pay you back", Ash wondered what Arceus was talking about. Then a blinding flash covered the whole area.

When Ash opened his eyes, he saw something that he'll never forget anytime soon. All the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and a group of legendaries who he had not seen before appeared. Arceus saw the gaping Ash and smirked, knowing what he'll say next would shock Ash.

"For all your efforts in saving the world. All of us are now at your command.", Ash's jaw opened wide, "W-w-wait, by that you don't mean…", Pikachu's mouth was also wide opened of what Arceus was saying.

"Yes Ash. We want you to capture us, and become your Pokemon". "I-I don't know what to say. Are you sure you want to become a part of my team?", Ash asked the legendaries, who merely nodded in response.

Ash then lowered his head, "Then…", Ash then looked up with his eyes burning with determination, Ash then threw each of them a Pokeball, "Pokeballs, Go!". All of the legendaries were all caught. Ash then released them out of their Pokeballs. "Well guys, Welcome to the family", All of the legendaries smilrf, accepting their new Master.


"And, that's what happened. Mr. Goodshow made me the Kanto regional champion. It turns out that Arceus already spoke with Charles to make me the champion at 14, since I was already above Champion level back then. And the rest is history", Ash finished his explanation.

The three girls were all stunned to hear that Ash doesn't only have one but ALL legendary Pokemon of each region. Iris was the first to break out of the stupor, "I-I'm sorry Ash… If Cilan and I were there, we would've been able to help you…", Iris muttered with tears, Ash hugged Iris lovingly and said, "No Iris, it's okay. You did nothing wrong, You and Cilan had always supported me back in Unova. I really thank you both for that…", Ash then kissed Iris's forehead.

Iris's face burst in flames, while the other girls looked down, sad that Ash seems to be taken already. Ash noticed this and smiled softly. Ash broke the hug and went to Cynthia and gave her a loving hug, Cynthia froze, "Cynthia, you had always made me attracted to you. Even back then when I was still at Sinnoh. You're personality, your style, everything about you made me attracted to you. So don't be sad okay…", Ash then kissed Cynthia's forehead as well, making her burst in her cheeks as well.

Ash then broke the hug, and went to Elesa to hug her lovingly as well, "Elesa, back in Unova, you had always shown a certain appeal for me. An appeal that made my heart beat faster every time I see you, your smile, your grace, every time I see it brings me to a new world. The time when I asked you to join my Elite Four was probably a nervous time for me. I had to train you for almost a year for you to become Elite Four material. And never once did I regret the time I stayed with you ", Ash then kissed Elesa in the forehead as well, turning his pale face turn dark red.

Ash then broke the hug and went in front of them, "Girls, I know each of you have feelings for me. But I can't choose just one of you. All of you three, made a mark in my life. And I'm going to tell you three this now. I love you all…", Ash confessed with a determined face.

Cynthia, Elesa, and Iris, were all shocked to hear Ash confess to not only one, but all of them at the same time. Elesa then asked, "If, if we share you. Will you love us all equally?", Iris and Cynthia then stared at Ash waiting for his answer.

Ash smiled softly, "Of course. You three are my ladies, my angels, my queens. I will do anything to make you all happy ", the three smiled and blushed at hearing Ash, call them his queens.

The three then went to Ash to give him a hug, "Then, we're yours Ash.", Cynthia spoke. "We'll stay by your side, whatever happens.", Iris added. "We will love you, like you love us Ash Ketchum", Elesa finished. Ash smiled and was about to close in to give each of them a kiss in the lips when someone entered the room.

"Ash! How have you-", Cilan was unable to finish when he saw their current situation. "Cilan, why did you…", Lance was also unable to finish and was wide eyed to see Ash hugging three girls.

"Huh? You two why did you stop?", Steven then saw the situation and smirked, "Oh, are we disturbing something here?", A collective voice of "yes", were heard.

The rest of the Kanto Elite Four saw it as well and smirked. "That's our Champ! Good with Battling and great with girls!", Rock exclaimed seeing the hug.

"Oh, to be young again. Elesa dear, you deserve it.", Anya said to Elesa who smiled at the old woman. "Master Red. You are truly an amazing person.", Jin said and looked at the grinning face of Ash.

"Hahaha. Well now you know. They're the girls of my life now.". The three smiled and continued their hugging session.

The men muttered in an audible voice, which can be vaguely heard as 'lucky bastard', Ash only chuckled at them.

For Ash, this is a good day. He was able to make a reputation at his official debut to the world. Humiliated Trip, in front of National TV. Was able to confess to the girls he loves, and accepted the fact that they agreed to share with one another. For Ash, this is indeed a very good day.

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