Here is my fourth of nine Pyscho Trent one-shots. This one is rated T, as it's very disturbing and has some gore.

One day, in late October (the tenth month, oh dear!), Trent was sitting idly at his kitchen table, doing nothing but strumming his fingers. His fingers were long and thin, with his thumbs not quite as long or thin. There were five digits on one hand, and five digits on the other, for a total digit count of ten.

Wait a second.


As soon as he noticed that detail, he couldn't stop obsessing about it. Somehow, someway, somewhere, somewhen, and somewhy, he needed to get rid of one of his digits. Then he would have nine, and all would be well. He selected his little finger on his left hand as the digit to amputate. The psycho teen tried pulling it off, using a butter knife, biting it off, dropping a weight on it; nothing would work. He even tried the pull-out-your-loose-tooth trick of tying a string around it, tying the other end to a doorknob, and yanking, hard.

That's when he got the idea to use hedge clippers, and the finger chopped off easily into his hand. After tossing it in the trash, he enjoyed a moment of peace as the amputated area clotted. Then another terrible thing hit him. He had ten toes too!

Trent tried using the hedge clippers, but he couldn't reach his feet, and his balance wasn't good enough to lift the leg off the ground. So he jammed his toe in the hinge of a door and jumped backwards forcibly. He was met with success on the ninth try.

From then on, people assumed Trent had been born with nine digits owing to a birth defect. Even his parents thought they had just previously miscounted. His piano teacher never noticed and just shook his head when he missed a key. No one ever found out the truth. And if anyone ever does, they'll soon find themselves missing a digit too!

Yes, this was impossibly short, but I'm not the type to write long one-shots. More Pyscho Trent will be out soon. Thanks for reading and please review!