So. I didn't figure my next full-series fan fiction would be a Pokemon story. I blame several things for this: 1. General stress from school that needs to be let out. 2. I've been playing X and Y, and have come up with some very amusing ideas. But as a result, you now have this. Some things I should probably cover before the story starts:

1. A bolded word in the course of a story means a time or perspective change.

2. God-willing, this story will be updated weekly.

3. A lot of the pokemon in this story probably won't have nicknames, at least not at first. Therefore, there are times when their species names will be lowercase, and then times when they'll be uppercase. (Like 'my mom' versus 'Mom.')

Well, those things being said, read on, and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: In Your Hand

Eris stepped off the plane, a sigh escaping her lips. "Finally in Kalos." She hiked her backpack closer, checking her watch. She pulled her phone out of her pants pocket, speed-dialing her mom.

The phone on the other end rang twice before her mother picked up. "Hi, honey! How was your flight? Are you almost at the college?"

"It was good. I'm still in the airport." She looked out across from it towards the sprawling area. "Lumiose City looks so big, and I haven't even seen all of it yet."

Her mother laughed. "Well, I'm sure it'll be fine." She heard talking on the other end, and her mother added, "Have to go. Call me when you're settled in, alright?"

The dial tone blared in her ear, and she sighed, pulling the phone away. "Always the same, huh, mom?"

Eris made her way through the crowd, picking up her suitcase and hurrying out of the building, silently praying that she'd be able to find the college in the maze of the city. She brushed against various people, pokemon clinging to their shoulders or walking along beside them.

She was so busy trying to struggle through the crowd that she didn't notice the man until she'd run into him. She yelped, and the two of them sprawled across the ground in a heap, her luggage flying everywhere. "I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, righting herself quickly and extending a hand to the man.

"It's not a problem; you shouldn't worry." The man looked up, and Eris was suddenly aware of how strange he looked. He wore a form-fitting, elegant suit, his red hair sweeping out and up on either side, an equally-red beard capping his chin. He accepted her hand, arching an eyebrow. "You're staring. Is there something wrong?"

Jolted out of her stupor, Eris shook her head. "No. You just startled me, is all."

The man eyed her, then looked away, commenting, "It seems you've lost your luggage. Let me help you pick it up."

"It's no trouble." But she didn't protest any further as he bent down and helped her pick up her scattered belongings.

He lifted a book. "These are some interesting books. Mythologies of the various regions?"

She took the book from the man self-consciously. "It's one of my courses. I'm going to the college here."

"I see. I don't suppose you've heard Kalos's myth?"

"I haven't started reading my texts yet."

The man smiled oddly, but didn't elaborate on what he'd said, instead simply helping her finish gathering up her belongings. "Would it be too much trouble to catch your name, miss?"


"Eris," he repeated. "It was nice to meet you." He took off abruptly, leaving Eris to stand alone, people and pokemon filing past her and her luggage in her hand.

Finally she shook her head. That was weird. Still, she supposed, it could be worse. Checking her watch and nearly panicking when she realized how late it was, she hurried out of the airport.

Outside, Eris found herself greeted by bright light and a cacophony of noise. She squinted, wishing she could do the same for her ears, and waited for both to adjust. When they did, she was greeted with the sight of yet more people, a few small pokemon - skiddo, she reminded herself - sleeping on the sidewalks, and tall buildings as far as she could see.

She shook herself and headed off down the street.

Eris made her way between buildings and through alleyways. She stopped in a large, open square, sighing, her shoulders sagging, when she realized she'd managed to get herself lost. "Well, I can check my map. Or maybe there's someone around here who could tell me where to go." She settled onto a bench, sliding off her backpack and reaching into it to draw out her map.

Something brushed against her arm as she pulled the map out. She looked over, frowning when she saw something that looked oddly like a sword propped on the side of the bench. Who would leave a sword lying around? Is that even legal? She picked it up, staring at the pale bronze and gray. Who uses swords still, anyways? Don't most people just use pokemon? She sighed, standing, slipping her backpack on. "I guess I'd better take this to the police station."

The length of blue cloth attached to the hilt reached up, wrapping itself around her arm.

Eris yelped, releasing the sword. It dangled from the cloth, slicing back and forth through the air like a pendulum. Her mind winged back to her lessons on the pokemon of the Kalos region, and she cursed herself for her stupidity. Honedge. A pokemon shaped like a sword that would attach itself to unsuspecting humans and drain their energy. She tried to pry off the cloth, looking around frantically for assistance, but, much to her dismay, it appeared this was one of the few places where she was unable to find a person.


Eris stopped her struggling, looking at the dangling sword pokemon. The blue eye in its hilt shifted, almost seeming to glow as it focused on something across from them. Following its gaze, she saw two almost-identical blue flecks of light staring at her from an alley. She froze, watching as the figure slowly made its way out of an alley. An absol.

The absol examined her, its eyes glittering with an uncanny intelligence, then lowered the scythe on the side of its head, barking out something. Eris backed away, trying to remember what little she knew about absol. The disaster pokemon. It comes just before disasters strike, right? "Is something bad going to happen?" She pointed to the honedge. "Does it have something to do with this?"

The absol snorted, seeming for all the world as if it were unimpressed, then lunged forward. Eris yelped, stumbling back as the scythe on its head glowed a vibrant purple as it slashed down towards her.

A clang resounded through the air. Eris blinked, realizing the honedge had reacted to Absol's attack. It had shot through the air, parrying the scythe and forcing Absol to fly a short distance backwards. The dark-type pokemon landed easily, scratching its claws across the ground to slow it down and barking out a sound at the honedge.

The sword's eye turned to Eris, the blade hovering horizontally above the ground. "Hone." It nudged her hand with its pommel.

The idea of what it wanted came into her mind. She couldn't hide her disbelief. "You want me to fight with you?"

It nudged her hand again as answer.


Absol's cry caught her attention, and she saw it charging again. She grabbed onto Honedge's hilt, swinging wildly. Absol ducked to the side, running around behind her, its footsteps near silent. Eris spun around, trying to follow it. What do I do? I don't know how to sword fight!

Honedge answered for her, dragging her around. Her arm felt like it was about to be torn out of its socket as the sword pokemon slashed at the scythe that tried to strike them, parrying twice before Absol had to jump back. Instead of charging again, as Eris had expected, wind whipped into a frenzy around the dark pokemon. Eris backpedaled, knowing a razor wind attack was coming and looking frantically for a place where she'd be able to escape the wrath of the attack.


Eris hardly had time to look up before two large claws had wrapped around her shoulders. A flurry of wing beats and wind buffeted her as she and the honedge still attached to her were lifted into the air.

Absol heard the familiar screech and nearly panicked. No! The noviern descended, claws stretching for the girl. In desperation Absol released his razor wind, hoping to cut the beast out of the sky before it could escape. The dragon hissed in response, lifting himself higher, too high for his attacks to reach. Absol charged after him anyways, running desperately through the square, breaking into an alley, attempting to jump the height of buildings that were too high for him.

He was forced to stop when the alley gave way to streets, filled with people and pokemon that would panic at his presence. He glared after the noivern, now only a speck in the sky, then trudged back into the deeper shadows of an alley. I was so close. But it appears my hunch was correct. He'd tracked that honedge for days, the tingling in the tip of his scythe indicating it may be the cause of great destruction. Now that one of Yveltal's minions had come to grab the girl - and, by extension, the sword - he knew he'd been correct in his fear. But why send such a high-ranking soldier for it? His scythe ached, and he scratched it against a building, the sound producing a high-pitched shriek. Bad times are coming for Kalos, I fear.

Well, that's the end of the first chapter. Let me know what you think! Anything I need to work on, fix, ect? Anything you liked? Feel free to drop a review.