Chapter 2

A pregnant girl is trying to get up from the floor.

"Khushi, be careful. In your state, you could easily get hurt. I wish we had a maid to help you."

"It's okay. It is good of you, chichi to keep me here when I came 5 months back with a broken hand and an unborn child."

"Khushi that is what is known as humanity. I and Chachu had to help you."

Khushi walks to the balcony and thinks."Chachi, in this world there are many who just don't have this quality like my parents, my Shlok and many others. I wonder how Naina Bhabhi is."

"Khushi beta, it is raining please come inside."

"Teek hai Chachu."

Someone knocks on the door.

"Beta, you go in. I will call you later." Chachu says then goes and opens the door.

"Ji, could you let us stay here until the rain stops our car broke down." A girl requests, meanwhile a young man is standing next to her."

"Who are you both?"

" I am Shlok Agnihotri and this is my niece, Aishu." Replies the man.

Ok beta, come in. Khushiiiii get some tea for the guests."

"Ji chachu."

Khushi comes into the room with some tea on a tray.

"Ji, will you please come here."

"Beta, take care of the guests. I will go check on Chachi and come."

Chachu exits.

Shlok gets up. Khushi feels scared.

"Khushi, huh? Planning to rob this family of their happiness, Aastha."

"You are Aastha. The one who destroyed my chachi's life."

" Aishu, I did not…"

"Aastha just shut up. DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO MY NIECE?"

Chachu returns.

"Beta, I don't think the rain will stop today. You stay in our house.

(In the night)

Khushi is praying to Ganesh ji.

"Hey Bhagwan ji. Why did Shlok have to come here? Why?"

"Aastha meri jaan, aap akelein?"

"Shlok, please go."

"How can I,Jaan?" Shlok smirks and closes the door.

"Shlok, I will scream."

"Oh really. Aastha you wouldn't dare."

Shlok clings onto her dress and rips it.

"Shlok, please no. At least for the child."

"Whose child is it? Which other man did you hurt like me?"

"Shlok no please."

He moves closer and she leans onto the bed. He throws her and his clothes to a side.

"Shlok no. Please n…"

He kisses her. He burns her out.

(In the morning)

"Baby, are you okay? I am sorry for what your father did yesterday." Aastha spoke to her baby.

Shlok and Aishu left early next morning.

"Chachu, why are you smirking so much?"

"Nothing Aish. Ab chal."

Agninotri Mansion

"What you met that witch?" Sheetal shrieked.

"Haan ma. Did you know she is pregnant? Chavvi kaise hain?"

"Didi, why did you leave me and go? Ashna also missed you."

"Sorry Chavs" replied Aishu.

Sheetal leaves her daughters and Ashna and goes to Shlok's room.

"Bhabhi, she is pregnant with someone's child. That sl**."

"Devarji, leave it. She is not worth your time."

"Bhabhi, she hurt Naina and now she is going to have another child happily. While Bhabhi has not even held her baby. I won't let her."

"Shlok…. "

Shlok walks out of the room.

"Raj, find out about Khushi Gupta in the hospital records."

"Yes sir. Five minutes."

(After 5 minutes)

"Sir, Khushi ma'am is pregnant with twins. Her doctor is your cousin Sia."

"When is her next appointment?"

"tmr, sir."


The following day

Aastha gets out of an auto and walks towards the hospital. She is looking very tired and helpless. Shlok is watching from the car.

"Aastha, be careful of your health. You are stressed about something. Please don't stress your body. It is not good for your body."

"Yes doctor."

Aastha takes some medicines and leaves. While she runs towards an auto, she crashes into a hard chest.

"So sor…..aap. Let me go."

Shlok drags Aastha and makes her sit in the car.

"Let me go, Shlok. I did not do anything."

"Come jaan, let's go to our honeymoon spot. No one will hear you scream."

"No Shlok, please no."

At the Island Mansion

"Jaan, remove your sequined attire. I don't want to destroy it."


"Ok, I will tear it apart."

"No Shlok, my children will get hurt."

"I don't care."

And he tears her of her already broken dignity.

"Shlok, no….."

In the morning

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh. Shlokkkkk I am dyinggg."

"Aastha, what happened?"

"It hurts." Whimpers Aastha.

Shlok calls Maya. Maya arrives and concludes that Aastha has gone into labor. After about an hour.

"I am sorry Bhai, one child was unborn. I could only save one."

Shlok enters the room. Aastha is crying.

"I hate you, Shlok. You are a monster. You killed your own daughter. Go away."

"I am sorry, Aastha."

"I and Sanya will shift to my flat abroad and don't contact us. I don't want her to know that she has murderer."

"Aastha no."

Aastha leaves with Sanya.

Sia comes back to the house with a baby screaming.

"Bhaiya, I revived your child."

Shlok goes quickly goes to airport with child but Aastha has already left.

He gets a phone call.

"Devarji, Naina opened her eyes." Sheetal trilled.

Shlok goes to the hospital. Naina seems frantic about something.

"Where is Aastha?"

"Oh, we send that girl away for hurting you." Sheetal says.

"Kya, hurt me? She saved me. Shlok, is that Ashna?"

"Di, what do you mean by saved you?" Vivaan asks.

" She only helped me out of the car after the accident. Had she not been there, I and Ashna would be dead now. Where is she? Whose kid is that? Why is no one answering my questions."(Rest of Family is dumbstruck)

They tell Naina the story. Shlok introduces Sanaya, his daughter but does not mention Sanya. He says that Aastha has left him.

10yrs later


"Papa, I want to go for the camp. It is in Manaali. My classmates are going. Even you have yourr shoot in that area."

"No Sanaya, you are not going." says an agitated Shlok.

"I will run away, Papa."

"Fine you can go. But be careful."

"Ok papa."

"Remember to be nice to the poor kids. Always be kind and gentle like your ma."

"Why do you always bring up her topic and make me feel bad? I hate her she left me."

"SANAYA!" thundered Shlok.

"Your mother died. Ok. She did not leave you."


"Mom, do I have to attend that camp? It is so lame. I want to be with my friends here."

"Sanu, you know that I am a model and can't leave you here alone."

"I just cannot understand why you call me Sanu, it sounds like a beggar's name. My name is Sanya Merchant a.k.a Sans. Do I have to go for the camp?"

"Yes Sans. Now pack."