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BROKENSTAR- light brown she-cat with yellow eyes


HARESCAR- ginger tom with amber eyes and a long scar down his side

Medicine Cat:

RATPELT- dark russet-orange tom with amber eyes


SHORTHAZE- short-legged tabby tom with hazy gray eyes

WILLOWBERRY- soft-furred gray she-cat with big blue eyes

MINNOWCLOUD- slick gray tabby tom with river-blue eyes, half RiverClan

BIRCHFUR- light brown tom with amber eyes, Shorthaze's son

CHERRYFUR- tortoiseshell she-cat with pale brown patches and yellow eyes

BEECHFLIGHT- tall pale tabby tom with green eyes


SKUNKFLIGHT- thick black-and-white tom with green eyes


FIRETAIL- tabby tom with a bright ginger tail and green eyes


HOPEPUDDLE- thin white she-cat with gray patches and mellow blue eyes

BIRDSPRING- dark brown tabby she-cat with a distinctive spotted chest and amber eyes

RAINSNOW- gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes

FLASHNIGHT- black tom with a white muzzle and yellow eyes


BERRYFANG- ginger-and-white tom with green eyes


SANDPAW- sandy-colored tom, amber eyes

DEWPAW- dark gray she-cat, green eyes

BREEZEPAW- sleek black she-cat with shiny fur, green eyes

LEOPARDPAW- pale spotted tom, blue eyes


LIGHTNINGDROP- dark gray queen with startling yellow eyes (Mother to Flashnight's kits: Creamkit, a cream-colored tom, and Hazelkit, a light-colored she-kit)

SKYCLAW- light brown tabby queen with white chest and paws, formerly a loner called Sky, Pup's adoptive mother (Mother to Minnowcloud's kits: Streamkit, a fluffy pale gray tom, and Frostkit, a white tom)


BLACKSTORM- old black tom, Flashnight's father

MOLE-EYE- frail, blind brown-and-cream tom



COLDSTAR- dark black-and-brown tom with ornery amber eyes


DULLNIGHT- smooth-furred black tom

Medicine Cat:

VOLEEYES- old brown tom with failing sight


INDIGOWHISKER- black tom with indigo-blue eyes and long whiskers

BLIZZARDTAIL- white she-cat


GRAYSTORM- gray she-cat

AMBERMASK- dark gray she-cat with a ginger head and amber eyes

SCARCLOUD- battle-scarred, mottled black tom

IVYWING- tortoiseshell she-cat with a white underbelly, chest, and paws

CREEKMEADOW- ginger tom with blue eyes

OWLLEAF- dark brown tom with a spotted chest


JAYSNOW- gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyes

ROWANFALL- dark ginger tom

KESTRELFROST- brown-and-gray tom with white paws

LIONNOSE- golden tabby tom with a distinctive gold nose



TORNPAW- dark tabby tom with shredded ears

SOFTPAW- furry gray she-cat

MORNINGPAW- tortoiseshell she-cat


MOONTOOTH- silver tabby queen (Mother to Dullnight's kit: Littlekit- pale tabby tom)

LARKEAR- dark tortoiseshell queen with torn ears (Mother to Scarcloud's kits: Flowerkit- black-and-brown she-kit, Pouncekit- light ginger tom, and Blossomkit- black she-kit with blossom-shaped white patches on her pelt)


SPARROWFOOT- dark brown tabby tom



SECRETSTAR- silver tabby she-cat


THRUSHEYE- gray-brown tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat:

SHALLOWFROST- dark tabby she-cat with white paws


PEBBLEFALL- gray tom with darker flecks


APPLESMOKE- light brown-and-gray she-cat


MISTYCLAW- black tom with gray claws

STREAMWHISKER- gray she-cat with long, flowing whiskers

SWEETHERB- tortoiseshell she-cat

HIDDENSCAR- gray tom with white chest and paws

ROSESTEM- white-and-cream she-cat with a pink nose

BRACKENSTRIPE- fluffy gray-brown she-cat

BOULDERPELT- dark brown tom

SILVERHEART- silvery gray-and-black tom

ASHFLAME- gray she-cat with fiery yellow eyes


TULIPPAW- pure white she-cat

YOWLPAW- talkative black tom


FINCHCHIRP- small white queen (Mother to Mistyclaw's kits: Hawkkit, a ginger tabby tom, Featherkit, a black tom, and Echokit, a black-and-white she-kit)

AMBERFACE- gray queen with amber eyes (Expecting Boulderpelt's kits)


CROWBEAK- black-and-white tom with sharp teeth, retired early due to leg injury

WHITETAIL- really old white she-cat



HONEYSTAR- friendly golden tabby tom


FREEWHISPER- light brown tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat:

CLOUDFLOAT- soft white she-cat


CALMBROOK- light gray tabby she-cat

WINGFEATHER- long-haired black-and-white she-cat

ICEGLADE- white she-cat with dark brown markings around the face and ears

WHISPERBREEZE- black-and-white she-cat

GOLDENFINCH- dark ginger she-cat

SECRETHEART- thin white she-cat with brown patches


NIGHTSTEP- gray tom with black paws

SILENTECHO- gray-and-white tom

OWLSCREECH- black tom with a dark yellow muzzle

RAVENCRY- black tom with dark yellow paws


MINTPAW- ginger tabby tom


MOUNTAINDAPPLE- dark tortoiseshell queen (Mother to Honeystar's kits: Rollingkit- plump pale gray tabby tom, Bluekit- bluish tabby she-kit, and Wolfkit- bright ginger tabby she-kit)

EBONYSTRIKE- jet-black queen (Expecting Ravencry's kits)


MOONSHINE- wise old black tom

FIRESTALKER- dark gray she-cat with orange markings and blazing amber eyes

Cats outside Clans

BRACKEN- golden-brown tabby tom with blue eyes (loner)

TALLIE- pretty gray tabby she-cat, Bracken's mate (kittypet)

Other Animals

PUP- brown, black, and white puppy

LISSA- mostly black-and-brown she-dog with white flecks; Pup's mother

CARLY- young yellow female Labrador puppy


The pain was nearly unbearable. Mother Dog had to leave her puppies behind. She was a fairly large breed, mixed with something medium-size that had already been a mutt.

Mother had had four puppies, two males and two females. The sisters were weak, but the males were strong. Mother left the female puppies' bodies behind, and took her two sons to a new den that formerly served as an old badger burrow. However, the badgers were long gone. In their place was a few age-old droppings and stale scent.

There Mother nursed her puppies for a little under a half-moon. However, she noticed that something was wrong with one of her offspring. He dragged himself around long after his brother started walking. While his brother progressed, grew, and flourished, he struggled. Eventually Mother realized that he would never be able to walk. If he couldn't walk, he couldn't hunt or start a safe life on his own. So, one night that dreadful leaf-bare, Mother killed the crippled puppy and ate him with her last son. There had been nothing else but rabbit skin from leaf-fall and berries to eat for them to eat.

Another moon passed. By then Mother had moved her and her son, whom she had indifferently named Pup, to another home, to rid them of the memory of their third loss. This new place was nestled among the roots of a large oak tree. It was much more welcoming, even including pre-dug burrows in the earth under the tree (which was supported by its roots, lifted up from the ground a bit like a beach house on stilts).

It smelled as though the burrows had never been lived in. Mother happily carried Pup by the scruff of his neck into a small yet comfortable burrow on the far end of the large tree area. There they lived peacefully for a quarter-moon until havoc struck.

It was in the middle of the night. After a rare feast of a sizeable hare, the mother and son pair was snuggled together in the tight burrow, bellies full and eyes closed. Even Mother, for once, wasn't as alert as she usually was.

It was an unfortunate night to not be alert.

Meanwhile, a wildfire-red fox with snow-white paws crept through the bushes near the great oak tree without a sound. Ears pricked, the tips just visible above the bush the fox was crouching behind, a sound was heard. Back in the burrow, Pup had just rolled over onto his other side, facing his mother's soft underbelly. Soft, exposed underbelly.

The fox took a chance and stepped forward uncertainly again. She had a litter of her own, and her kits were about a moon older then Pup. They were starved and certainly had not had a hare meal for ages. Mother Fox was determined to find something to eat, hare or no hare.

She took another daring step closer to the oak tree. Among its enlarged roots were several burrows, and she scanned each one with interest, each time her sharp gaze one space closer to where Mother and Pup slept.

The fox's black, dog-like nose snuffled along the path of hare blood and strands of white and black dog fur which she was following. Suddenly she stopped at the sound of gentle breathing and faint snoring. She glanced up, and her heart immediately started beating faster with relief and joy. She had found her next supper.

In the warm, snug burrow, Pup suddenly awoke from a dream. He had been chasing a hare, with his mother just on his tail. He sighed happily, and his tongue lolled out of his mouth as he leaned his little head back onto his mother's steadily rising and falling chest. Suddenly his nerves were alive, buzzing like a squirrel running for its life from a predator.

Pup sat up straight and tall and perked up his ears. He could hear the sound of another animal in the distance. Pup's nostrils were clogged with the smell of the hare and its blood, along with his mother's and his own scents. He couldn't pick up anything unusual.

Well, I better just go outside and check real quickly, just to be sure. I bet it's just some leaves rustling. That's all it is.

The young canine inched out of the den and looked around wildly. His gander didn't help him one bit. Pup returned to his mother's side, but he still felt unsure. He finally decided to go to his last resort- although he knew very well from painful past experiences that his mother hated to be woken up in the middle of a nap or the night.

Pup nudged his mother's chest with his nose. He felt her heartbeat through his muzzle and was instantly warmed all over, but quickly urgency and fear swept him back to reality. "Mother," he whispered. He tapped her again with his cold, wet nose lightly. "Mother, please wake up." His voice grew more urgent with each word.

"Mmm," Mother lifted her head and stared at him, her brown smudged face dark in the dim light. "Pup, you know I-"

"I know, Mother, but I feel there is an intruder outside." Pup was confident enough to interrupt Mother, and he knew she was already irritated. She opened her mouth to protest, but he cut in again. "I'm not joking. You have a stronger nose. Can't you-"

Suddenly, a sharp screech erupted like a volcano in the air. This jolted Mother awake, and she sat, muscles tensed, listening. "We must evacuate," she murmured. "Pup, come with me."

Pup stumbled after his mother, surprised that he still had his fur on, he was so scared. Mother wouldn't stop moving, and soon she broke into a run. "A fox," she informed her son over her shoulder. "And it's on our heels."

The dogs scrambled continuously, but before long Pup felt his short, stubby legs becoming tired and weak. He felt as though he could run no longer. But he knew that he couldn't slow down.

Just then, another wail echoed in the atmosphere. Pup jumped nearly three times his height in the air. Then he closed his eyes and ran into the misty dawn, unstoppable.

Then he opened his eyes. He was under the shade of a weeping willow tree. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, ready to rise for the day.

Pup felt like weeping just like the tree, though, because Mother was nowhere to be seen.

She was gone.

Sorry for crappy prologue.