It was brought to my attention that my dialogue is sometimes difficult to interpret who is actually speaking. So italics are thoughts, bold is when animals are speaking. A single word in italics is indicative of my trying to emphasize a particular word. Also, if a single word is bold during italics it means that I'm trying to emphasize something in their thoughts.

Bella was quite sure she had never been normal. She wasn't even so certain anymore what would even constitute normal. But she certainly wasn't it.

When she had been younger everyone thought she was just shy. That she had taken to talking to animals she saw as a way to mitigate her feelings of loneliness. Well, they weren't entirely wrong. Bella was lonely. She still was. The soft spoken and painfully shy girl was now a teen and still spoke to the animals around her. Only now she had the forethought to do so only when others weren't in hearing range. The brunette was certain they'd think her strange, the best case scenario, if not mentally addled, the worst case. She'd never be able to explain the reason she did this to anyone. That she was also certain of.

Cause the animals? They spoke back in a cadence that only Bella was able to interpret.

Stepping off the small, domestic plane onto the tarmac, Bella was little surprised to find that it was raining. Of course it's raining, moron! When isn't it? Sighing to herself, Bella resolved herself to hurry inside the airport, where it was, thankfully, warm and dry. The brunette fluffed out her hair slightly in an attempt to rid it of the moisture it had gathered during her quick walk into the building. As she did so, she took a quiet moment to look around the lounge she had entered. Always the same, down to the very last detai- oh! No wait, is that a new Starbucks I spy? Slathering on the sarcasm in her thoughts the teen started her slow way to baggage claim. Won't do to trip already. Slow and steady Bells, slow and steady.

Baggage claim was always the worst part of any plane trip. Always, and Bella detested it with a burning passion. The bags took forever to meander past and the odd angles they rested at made Bella fume at the image of the airport staff just tossing everyone's belongings around like that. It's just not right.

Once she had her meager possessions in hand, Bella trudged her way to the Airports entryway. She looked this way and that way but no where could she spot the familiar figure of her father. She released a huff of breath and lamented being so short a second before letting out an undignified squeal. Charlie Swan had tapped his daughter innocuously enough, so he had thought, on the shoulder.

Way to go Swan, least he already knows you're a spaz. Picking herself up from the heap she'd landed in she resolutely refused to acknowledge the laughter threatening to escape from her father.

"That's got to be a new record huh Bells!" A, thankfully, slight chuckle got released before Charlie picked up her discarded bags and continued. "First time you've tripped before either of us spoke before. I doubt you'll ever beat that..." He seemed to grow serious and slightly concerned for a moment. "Uh.. please don't ever try." Bella snorted.

"Oh yeah sure Dad! Next time I'm planning on throwing myself down the escalator hoping you'll see." Rolling his eyes good naturedly Charlie lead the way to the police cruiser and threw his daughters small bags into the back. Noticing her shiver in the chill, he took his jacket off and placed it around her shoulders before clearing his throat gruffly and jumping in behind the wheel. Not quick enough, however, as Bella had clearly seen the blush lightly rising on his cheeks. Aww, Charlie. Without saying a word to embarrass her father Bella joined him in the car and silently thanked him for being so attentive. For proving to Bella that he was in fact okay with her being essentially lumped on him.

Neither Bella herself, or her father where big talkers. She assumed that was where she had, in fact, gotten it from. So they both just sat in amiable silence for most of the trip back to Forks. Forks, where Bella would be spending the remainder of her Junior and Senior years. The brunette was thankful for the silence also, as it gave her time to reflect and really absorb everything that had transpired in the last few days.

"Bella?" The voice was faint, but the girl in question clearly heard her mother call up the stairs for her.

"Would you come down here for a minute please? I would like to talk to you about something important." Well that sounds ominous, Bella thought absently as she descended the stairs.

"Yeah Mum, what's up?" Renee waved her over to the couch to sit beside her, which she silently complied to.

Renee seemed to take a breath before deciding to herself how to begin with a nod of finality. "You know Phil travels, an awful lot, and I thought I would be prepared for this. He'd be back for home games and for the off season but now that it's getting so close I don't really know that I am." She peered at Bella apprehensively before continuing. "There's no way I could consider leaving with him when I'd be leaving you here, unsupervised-" When Bella looked to argue Renee held up her hand to stop her "I know you are the most mature seventeen year old in existence Bella, but until you are officially out in the world on your own you should have a parent there doing the work and worry so you can enjoy being a child still." Renee took Bella's hand and that was when the teen started to get a bit worried for what was coming next. "Bella sweetie, I was wondering whether you'd be interested in staying with your father in Forks for the rest of this year and the next, before you go off to college?" Renee sounded and looked so hopeful that Bella barely gave it a moments thought. Besides she thought Mum will be miserable if she has to stay here and be with me.


"Okay?" The expression was disbelieving that it would be so simple.

"Okay. Really" Bella smiled slightly at her mother, assured she was doing the right thing.

"Oh, my sweet girl! Thank you!" She hugged Bella tightly to her, so missed completely the shocked and hurt expression at her next words. "You start holidays the day after tomorrow so I've booked your flight for Saturday. That gives you the entire two week holiday to get settled in before you have to start in a new school. I rang Charlie, he's expecting you." She squeezed Bella tighter one more time before flouncing away without a backward glance.

The illusion of choice, that's what she gave me. Just like the Joker did Harvey Dent; told him to pull the trigger and end it then and there, but held the hammer so the gun was never going to go off regardless of what was chosen. Bella sighed for what felt like the millionth time that week and decided to let it all go. It wasn't like she'd had any friends in the enormous school she'd left. She merely blended in with the furniture and could only hope that after the holidays that that was what she continued to do. Packing in two days hadn't been a bother either, Bella only owned a handful and shirts, vests and jeans. Mostly she just borrowed library books too, so there hadn't been that many of those to transport either. A few other nicknacks she'd acquired over the years accompanied her in her carry on. Figures mainly from shows she watched or games she'd enjoyed over the years.

Before she knew it, they were passing the familiar sight of the tawdry green 'Welcome to Forks!' sign. This was when Charlie cleared his throat and decided to speak. "I got you a bit of welcome home present Bells." A bit of enthusiasm leaked into his voice. "I know you want to argue but please, it is something you're going to be needing for the upcoming school years." He chuckled a little. "Besides, Billy's been wanting to get rid of the thing for years and Jacob had so much fun fixing the girl up. Gave me a great price on it too. I know you're gonna love it!" Charlie really did sound excited to see her reaction to his gift so Bella decided to be grateful, and not admonish the fact that he gave her a gift in the first place. Besides, she was actually curious know as to what he could have gotten her, from Billy, that Jacob could fix up, and that he thought she was liable to need for school. Guess I'll find out soon.

What is it? "What is it?" Is that even a vehicle?

Charlie barked out a bit of laughter that had Bella smiling at him in confusion. "It's a truck Bells. Or rather, your truck." Bella was gobsmacked. He got me a CAR!

The brunette walked over the hunk of metal on slightly shaky legs, tears slightly clouding her vision. She was touched beyond words that Charlie was so happy to have her here. Woah, this thing is... clunky. Bulky even. "Oh Char- Dad, I love it." She managed to breathe to Charlie's relief. He had no idea how his teenage girl was going to take to the chunky, old pickup he'd been able to afford for her. But she, to him, genuinely seemed to like it. So he was proud he'd managed to do something right as a father. He didn't know how to admit it, but he was enormously excited and pleased to have his little girl under his roof again, this time for longer than the holidays too.

Bella was still admiring the dated vehicle she'd dubbed 'Brick' when Charlie put an arm around her from behind in a slightly awkward, but loving, hug and whispered "welcome home," in her ear. Quickly marching into the house with her things, Bella could hear him clear his throat in his normal I love you but don't know how to show it routine. Bella couldn't remember a time when she'd felt so loved and wanted.

Spinning in a slow circle in the front yard before following Charlie in, Bella really took in Forks again. Almost for the first time. Sure she'd come at least once a year for a few weeks at a time during school holidays to spend some time with her dad but she'd never really payed attention to the place. Her reasoning was that she was caught up in just being with her father again and never really ventured outside during the rain. Also, that she was trying very hard not to slip up and do something weird. Now that she was allowing herself to take in the nature surrounding her she felt overwhelmed. Voices from all directions, seemingly, all speaking or yelling at once. The teen supposed to anyone else it would be deemed relaxing, the sounds of nature. When you can understand it all as words though, it becomes slightly less majestic and more mortifying. Especially in Spring. Animals were really interested in procreating and very vocal about it. Bella blushed hotly and quickly went inside to unpack her things.

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