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Stratusfaction in Dudleyville: chapter1

Trish sat in her locker room thinking of Bubba Ray Dudley. She had always thought he was such a jerk. Putting women through tables, and all. But that wasn't the real Bubba. Trish had only seen Bubba hurt women, but these past few weeks she had seen a completely different side of him. He had saved her career and possibly her life from Brock Lesnar and The Big Show and he had saved her from being molested by Paul Heyman. He was always so concerned for her. It was like he truly cared. She had been the only Diva to see that side of him and the other Divas didn't understand why Trish hung out with him. But there was something about him. Not even she could figure it out. Trish decided to return the favor and help Bubba beat The Big Show by using her womanly ways. But other than that that was it.

They saved each other and hung out, they were friends. But sometimes Trish always felt like she wanted more although she would never admit it out loud some of the Divas thought she was crazy already especially after what happened to The Dutchess of Dudleyville Stacey Keibler. She could only imagine what they would think if she and bubba became more than just friends. She had usually thanked men for saving her with a kiss. Such as The Rock and Jeff Hardy, but for some reason she hadn't with Bubba. Maybe it was fear of a near by table, although she didn't think he would hurt her. But it was too late to thank him now. She had already done it with words. As she thought about all of this there was a knock at the door and it slowly cracked open. It was Bubba.

" Hey are you, um decent?" Bubba asked "Yeah come in" Trish smiled "So what's up?" "Well I know you need a partner tonight for your mixed tag-team match against Molly and if you want I'll be your partner" Bubba offered "Actually I was just getting ready to come and ask you that" Trish said. She smiled as their knees slightly touched. What the heel was wrong with her? This was Bubba! He's put every Diva on the roster through a table including herself! "Great so I guess I'll see you out there?" Bubba asked "Yeah see ya then" Trish replied as Bubba got up and left.